Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkins & Cousins

Saturday morning we decided to visit Tom's Farms for lunch. Grant wanted to take Gavin to the Pumpkin Patch since he wasn't there last time we went.

Lately Gavin wants to give everyone Eskimo Kisses!

We took Gavin on the train ride and carousel, he wasn't very amused by either :)

Sunday we had the pleasure of babysitting Jake and Mia!!! It was so much fun watching the cousins in action :) You can tell these boys are going to be trouble!

This one's for you Dean, she likes to stick out her tounge too HAHAHA

Gavin and Mia

Mia beating Gavin up HAHAHA

I attempted to get a pic of all 3 kids....That was nearly impossible, this was the best I could get

It was a interesting day with the kids. Jacob decided he wanted his entire room to be covered in baby powder, that was fun attempting to clean up. I think when he grows up he will be a photographer, I taught him how to use my camera and I'm now the proud owner of 25 pics of chicken nuggets LOL at least he was practicing different angles and techniques. I will spare you the photos, they will be saved for Jake when he's older HAHAHA I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Josh's 30th B-Day Party

This weekend was busy! Saturday afternoon was Curtis and Emily's Wedding Reception/Shower Party. They are tying the knot in Vegas on the 15th and unfortunately not everyone can make it to the wedding so we all attended the party instead. They had a Taco stand which was delicious!
Here's a pic of the Good Ol Boys! Isaac, Joe, Scotty, Victor, Grant and the Groom-to-be Curtis :)
Gavin and Auntie G
Auntie G, Gavin, Grant & Mia
It was a nice afternoon catching up with old friends and watching Jacob run around like a Mad Man in the bounce house with all the big boys!

We then hurried home to put on our Halloween Costumes for Josh's 30th B-Day Party! Josh's Band was playing by the time we arrived.
They we're rocking out and Josh lost his voice. Here's a picture of the girls. Shalyn~Cop, Lacey (Barb-Wire), Gwenett~Meow and The Naughty School Girl Jamie!
Lacey and I Kicking Eachothers Butts HAHAHA
Phil, Josh Schroeter, Josh Myers and I have been friends since High School
As the night grew longer the shots came out, Josh's Mom knows how Party!
The Crazy Boy Gang! Need I mention Drunk Boy Gang?
The Ladies~Everyone is of course looking at different cameras :)
Cindy, Kiera, Genard (whom forgot to dress up BOOOOO) and I :)
Scotty, Braveheart, Davo the Pirate and My Favorite Convict
The Cop and the Convict (The costume pants were too revealing so Grant opted for dickies) HAHHAHAHA
Pammy Anderson and Her Husbands
Josh and his new Dream Girl, Kristen! He's in LOVE HAHAHA
I think it's safe to say Josh had the Best Time at His 30th! I didn't say he would remember having a good time HAHAHA
I Hope You Had A Wonderful Birthday Josh! Good Luck Curtis & Emily At Your Upcoming Wedding, We Wish We Could Be There.

I also want to say Happy Birthday Dad! You are the Best Dad and Grandpa we could ask for. Sorry I have a meeting tonight or I would take you out to dinner. We Love You!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunny San Diego

Sunday night Darren and Laura came back to our house for one last night of visiting. It happened to be super windy that night so we didn't leave the house. We ended making some carne asada burritos and watching Knocked Up after Football was over of course. With how popular the movie Knocked Up is over here I was so suprised not only did they never see it but they never even heard of it. We all had a good laugh.

Monday morning it was still super windy outside (why is it always windy on trash day?) our entire neighborhood was covered in trash. We had plans to visit Chelsea in San Diego and go to her work. Chelsea works for San Diego Harbor Excursions so we went on the Harbor Cruise around the bay. Chelsea was a Wonderful hostess and her work was very accomodating, free ride, free drink, free group photo it was Fabulous! Thanks Chelsea we Love You :) This is what Chelsea see's everyday, so Beautiful!

Gavin and Auntie Chelsea

Gavin and Grandma Having Fun. Did I mention it was Beautiful NOT WINDY AT ALL :)

Laura, Me, Gavin and Chelsea ~ Pay Attention Gavin

My Handsome Son ~ I just Love this Picture

Salute, I have no idea what Darren is doing.

The cruise goes past the military base so these Old Guys from Texas came to see it. Doesn't the one next to Chelsea look like he belongs on King of The Hill LOL

Darren and Laura practicing with Gavin ~ Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink

Gavin Loved having Laura and Darren around, they always played with him!

Gavin's First Trip To Dick's Last Resort :) He Loved The Rudeness HAHA

Chelsea & Darren Being Dorks! This One is for you Amanda LOL

Darren the Disco Dancer and Laura his Lady Love!

The Day was Amazing! Everyone had a Wonderful Time:) Darren and Laura are spending the night at Chelsea's, going to Aunt Linda's for a few days and back home to England. I had so much fun hanging out with you guys and will Miss you Mucho! Come back again soon or better yet we'll plan a trip to London!!! Thanks again for the Amazing Day Chelsea, Love You :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Friday Morning Gavin had a Dr's Appt. He is now weighing 17 lbs 11ozs, the doctor is amazed at how well he's doing and how big he is! He wasn't to happy with the flu shot he received but he's such a good boy and just cried for a second.

After the Dr's Appt Gavin and I met Amanda and the Girls for lunch at Tom's Farms. We ordered the Best Pizza ever and Lacey, Bubba, Chad and little man Dean showed up just in time to help us eat it all up. They were passing by on their way to Bubba's mom's house in Elsinore. After lunch we shopped for a bit, parted way's with the Donatelli's and headed to the Pumpkin Patch!

I tried to put Gavin in the pumpkin circle for some cute pics, he however was not impressed and in mood for photo's LOL

Finally a Smile, even though it only lasted a second.

Come on Gavin Smile and stop eating your sweatshirt HAHA

Catrina, Gavin and Chloe showing some cousin Love :)

Wait a Minute is that an actual smile?

~Amanda and her Beautiful Girls~

That evening Grant, Gavin and I went to Costco to pick up some formula. They were giving flu shots for 20 bucks so Grant and I decided to get ours, it was a family flu shot day.