Monday, November 24, 2008

Installation Dinner & Lazy Weekend

Wow...what a week! Thursday night was the Installation of Officers Dinner for my work, our next President for the year was installed as we bid farewell to our Immediate Past President. This year we changed things up a bit and held a silent auction during the reception hour with proceeds going to the Orange County Dental Health Foundation! The event was at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach. It's a Men's Only club therefore the decore was very manly, lots of wood and a huge library. There were many private dining rooms with different themes and even a grill that was outside overlooking a beautiful lake with swans and weeping willows.
This is Dr. Vahdani our Dental Health Foundation President and Dr. Fawaz, Our new OCDS President in front of our auction tables.

Stephanie and Myself selling raffle tickets for the auction :)

The busy reception area with eager bidders for our auction items!

The whole evening was running an hour late, which I guess we should expect at these type of events, the speeches were long but the food was good :)

After dinner there was a Hypnotist for entertainment. We have been very excited to see him since he keeps sending me emails bragging that he was on LA Ink last week hypnotizing Kat Von D. Needless to say there were 12 people that volunteered and it only worked on 3. Thankfully one of them was Stephanie, my co-worker so we are still having a good laugh about the whole thing.
This is all the volunteers lined up trying to be Hypnotized

The Hypnotist wouldn't let us take photo's so Grant got in trouble for trying. Stephanie did a great job and entertained the whole crowd. Who knew she could sing and rock out like PINK? HAHAHA He made her believe she was Pink and she was singing "Get the party started" telling everyone to "Keep on Rocking" It was hilarious. Stephanie also won the booty shaking contest hands down!!! Once she woke up she said it felt like a very vivid dream, she remembers him telling her to do things, she wanted to tell him no but once he snapped his fingers she did what he said. That must be a weird feeling, don't ask me to try it, I'm not as brave as her.
Here's a picture of Stephanie and the Hypnotist at the end of the evening

A few pics of my Co-workers and Significant Others! Dana & David

Stephanie & Brandon

Grant and Myself

My Lovely Co-Workers! Stephanie, Yours Truly and Dana :)

It was a Wonderful Evening and I think all of the Dr's and Families thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

This past weekend was very boring. With RSV Season in full swing we can't really leave the house with Gavin so we take turns running errands and spending alone time with the little guy. Grant bought Guitar Hero World Tour the complete band set for our Wii so we are practing with that so we can have a concert on Thursday with the whole family! I bet Jacob will Love singing.

Denisse bought me Twilight for my Birthday and I spent the weekend reading the whole thing. I Loved it sooooo much, it was an amazing read a I highly recommend it to all you hopeless romantics out there. I just know the movie can't be as good so I'm a little scared to watch it, but I will!

I am just glad the Installation dinner has past so things will slow down at work and we can get back into the swing of things. I look forward to having Thursday and Friday off and can't wait to see the family, count our Blessings and Shop til I drop!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone:)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy Busy

So...Where do I begin? This past week has been very eventful. I apologize ahead of time for the long post. Wednesday night was the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards for Marsha's School, CSUSB. Marsha was nice enough to invite Grant and I to help her out during her silent auction and setting up. The awards are given out to Entrepreneurs in the Inland Empire. It's really inspiring to hear the stories of how these people came from living on the streets to following their dreams and having successful companies. Dr. Randall Pinkett was the MC for the night, he won season 4 of the Apprentice. He was a great MC and told many funny stories of working for Donald Trump "yes his hair is real" HAHAHA The man of the night (at least in Grant and everyother younger guys mind) was Charles "Mask" Lewis whom created TapouT clothing for MMA Fighters. His story was really inspiring, he was homeless leving out of his car so he could follow his dream and now has a company worth over 200 Million dollars. Mask has a reality show along with his crew Skyskrape and Punk Ass (nice names LOL) we had the opportunity to meet the crew and take a few photos. Here's another one with Punk Ass, Skyscrape, Grant and Mask Here's a Photo of the Beautiful Tables that Marsha Decorated. Here's Grant and His Dad and another of Grant and His Mom, Marsha Everyone had a Wonderful Time, the food was excellent and Marsha did a Wonderful Job with the entire evening! Thursday was My 29th Birthday! Oh man it's the last year of my twenties, hopefully it's a good one! I had a Wonderful Birthday! My Husband bought me a Beautiful Jacket, it's been in the 90's in November which is unheard of so I haven't got to wear it yet, I can't wait! I received so many wonderful gifts (I now have enough Best Buy cards to buy my iphone) Thanks to Everyone for everything:) Thanks to Dana and Stephanie my Home Girls at work whom spoiled me with gifts and balloons, as did my Hubby with Flowers and Balloons at work and he even brought us lunch!! Thursday night the Robers/Feaster/Mendez clan joined me at Don Jose's for a Yummy Dinner!

Friday Night we had dinner with Friends at the Cheesecake Factory! The girls shopped while the boys chatted it up at the bar waiting for our table. My Husband was Sneaky and ordered me a Birthday Dessert with my name on it, YUMMMM Apple Crisp! Lacey and I enjoyed it very much :) Okay I know our seating is a little unusual, the boys are all sitting together and the girls are together, it was difficult to split dinner with our husbands (or sneak food off their plates) but it was nice catching up with everyone! Thanks everyone for coming to eat with us! Dinner was excellent and we all passed around dessert. We decided to take pics by the giant Christmas Tree outside before parting ways and going home. Ya, we know we're Big Dorks! HAHAH We didn't bring Gavin with us to dinner because it's RSV Season so he missed hanging out with Dean :( Gavin is now obsessed with balloons (I know kids can choke on them, I was watching him carefully) he had so much fun playing with the balloons and trying to eat them. Sunday was Football day with Daddy of course! It's definately Grant's favorite day of the week hands down. He Loves sharing the excited with Gavin. As you can see Gavin and I Love Football So Much It's Exhausting HAHAHA That Sums Up Our Exciting Week! Thanks to everyone for all the gifts and helping me celebrate my Birthday, I Love You All!!! I did come home last night to a bit of a shocker, Baby Boy Fell and has his first BLACK EYE. Gavin was sitting on the ground next to his excersaucer when he tipped sideways and hit his eye on the side of the saucer. My Poor Little Man, I Feel So Bad for him.
At least he's still smiling even if he does have a Big Black Eye.

We Still have a busy week ahead of us. Thursday night is our Installation of Officers for my work. It's at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach and we are having a hypnotist so it should be a good time :) I can't wait for Thanksgiving and the Holidays that are quickly approaching!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 Months Old

Our Baby Boy is 10 Months Old! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. It seems like yesterday that Gavin was born and in the hospital and I was soooo sad to leave him there everyday. Grant and I stare at him every night in amazement and Thank God for Blessing us with our Perfect Child! Gavin Brightens up my day and his smile just lights up the whole room :)

Gavin got 6 teeth within 2 weeks! They just kept popping out of nowhere :) We had to go get his first set of RSV shots on Friday and he now weighs 18 lbs 11 ozs !!! He is getting to be such a big boy. He is really starting to eat all the table foods and loves everything!

Here is Gavin and Rusty lounging on the floor. Gavin Loves all the animals :)

We are looking forward to the Holidays! They will be here before we know it, Thank God we have finished alot of Christmas shopping already. I can't wait for Gavin to try real Turkey and Sweet Potatoes on Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat, I'm Asleep

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe Halloween! Gwenett & Isaac brought Jake & Mia over so the cousins could go Trick or Treating together:) Marsha and Gary also came over and Marsha made some Yummy Chili and Cornbread to fill our tummies! This was the first Halloween I remember it being so Hot outside that we didn't even light the fire pit. Gavin was a monkey and his costume was so heavy duty that the poor little guy was sweating to death. We ended up taking off his head piece so he could be a little cooler.

He was sooooo not feeling his costume.

Mia was an Adorable Little Kitty

Smile Pretty Kitty

Jacob was a Jedi but I don't have any good pics :(
We took the kids around the block, this was Jake's first year that he understood what was going on and was excited to scream Trick or Treat at all the houses.

The Mendez Family

Gavin and Mia ended up falling asleep halfway through the block, we kept going for Jake even though we looked like greedy parents that wanted candy HAHAHA

Here's another close up of the Fallen Soldiers

I just love this little girl! She's going to be a Heartbreaker!

Meet the newest addition to the Mendez Family little Miss Wednesday Adams or as my Dad liked calling her "2 days before Halloween" He thinks he's funny:)

Jacob had a blast, the two little one's fell asleep but overall it was a great time. I can't wait until next year when the kids are a little older and more exciting!