Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vegas Baby

We left early Sunday morning to Las Vegas for Isaac's 30th Birthday! Gwenett, Isaac, Grant and I drove together in a free rental car that Marsha got us:) We stopped at state line on the way to eat some lunch and watch the last quarter of the Viking's game! Thank God the Viking's won in the last 30 seconds or it would have started Isaac's trip off on the wrong foot!!! We arrived in Vegas around 3:00 pm and dropped Gwenett & Isaac off at their hotel and proceeded to ours. Traffic was bad and it took us an hour to get from Luxor to Bellagio. Grant and I decided to stay at the Bellagio since it was a Sunday, Monday night it was cheap. We never really stay at a nice hotel and figured it's the same price we normally pay at Excalibur on the weekend and we'll probably never be able to stay here ever again since it's so pricey on the weekends when we usually go, we just thought lets stay somewhere nice. The room was Beautiful and the view was amazing. It would have been perfect for New Years, we had a great view of the Paris hotel and the ramp that Robbie Madison was doing his motorcycle jump on Arc de Triumph.

The Night Time View From Our Room

Once we checked into our hotel room we had about 30 minutes to get ready and head over to the Mandalay Bay to meet up with everyone for the Chargers Game! We hurried out to the taxi line and it was sooo long, Grant really wanted to bet on the game so we ran to the Mandalay Bay. Thank God for the monorail half way there. We made it just in time. Gwenett & Isaac were already there and we met up with Wayne and Breanne and Wayne's friend Josh whom were in town for the UFC fight the previous night. Everyone had fun betting on the Game, Thank God the Chargers kicked the Bronco's Butts and made it to the playoffs! I had fun catching up with Breanne and talking about her Graduation and Wedding Plans. Her ring is Beautiful (Good Job Wayne) she is going to make a Beautiful Bride!

Once the game was over we decided to walk around a little through the Luxor and ended up gambling a little at Excalibur. Everyone was tired (since the little ones all wake us up before 6am) so we decided to call it a night.

Grant and I stopped at our hotel to take a few pics before going to bed. This is a chocolate shop in the Bellagio by our room called Jean Phillipe. The chocolate fountains were so beautiful and looked so yummy. These pics are for you Denisse :)

The hotel was still decorated so beautifully for Christmas, here are a few more pics of the atrium.

The next morning Grant and I went to eat breakfast in a cafe inside the Paris hotel. It was the best French Toast I've ever had.

Here are a few pics of the jump that Robbie Madison was doing on New Years Eve. Scary

We caught a cab to the Sahara to meet up with The Mendez Family to play so cheap craps and black jack. There were dollar margaritas at the bar so Jill decided to sit there for a few hours and drink about 14! Lets just say she was feeling real Good LOL

We all parted ways to get ready for dinner and met up at MGM for Sushi for Isaac's Birthday dinner.

Saki Bombs for those Brave Enough.

Isaac, Gwenett, Joe and Jill had tickets to see Zumanity after dinner so we walked with them over to New York New York. Taking plenty of photo's along the way :)

Grant and I gambled a little at NY NY and decided to call it a night. It's actually sad that we finally get out with no baby for a few nights and we're still in bed by midnight. We woke up early the next morning and ran over to Paris to pick up a few yummy pastries to bring home, picked up Gwenett & Isaac, stopped for the buffett at Mandaly Bay (no Bueno) and headed back to Cali. It was a great trip but we were all ready to get home and see our babies :)

Gavin's First Christmas

Christmas was so much fun this year! It's amazing to see it through your child's eyes with the joy and excitement we all once had. We woke up about 6:45am and waited for Caleb and Tiffany to come over to open presents. Mom made her traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Chile Relleno, it was sooooo good.

We bought my parents new bikes (Gavin bought us new bikes too) so we could go on family bike rides to the beach and around the lake at the cabin. They were very suprised and excited. We bought Gavin a babyseat to go on the back of Grant's bike and a helmet with knee pads, we can't wait to go riding.

Gavin got a little Giraffe Bike :)

Do you like my Christmas Pajamas?

My Parents bought Gavin a castle with a slide and swing to play on outside. He loves standing and spinning the wheel and the swing.

We saved Elmo Live for last, we knew he wouldn't even attempt to open any other presents if he saw that first. He was so excited when he saw elmo, we got it all on video and I can't wait to watch it. Elmo dances and tells stories and jokes!!!

After we got done opening presents with my family we headed over to Grant's parents house for the Robers Family Christmas!

Gavin was much more interested in playing with the bows on top of the presents and eating the wrapping paper then what was actually inside the paper.

Mia is getting sooo big and looked so Pretty in her Princess Christmas Dress.

We attempted to take a picture of Gavin and Mia, unfortunately they didn't want to cooperate at the same time LOL

We tried to get Jacob in the pics too, sooo not happening.

Look how big Gavin's getting!!!

Daddy showing Gavin how to use his new toys

Gavin and Grandma Marsha

Grandma & Grandpa Robers bought Gavin the GO BABY GO, He Loves It!

We had a Wonderful Christmas! Grant's Mom made Delicious Prime Rib for dinner and the kids enjoyed playing with eachother. Thanks to all our friends and family for all of our gifts, Gavin has sooo many new toys now. We hope everyone had a Great Christmas and Look forward to 2009 :)

Monday, December 22, 2008


It's Sooooo Cold Outside!! It's been raining and windy all morning, I just wish I was at home by the fire with some hot cocoa and my little man instead of working. Thank God for Warm Boots:)

Friday night Jacob had his first performance at preschool! The performance was outside so it was freezing, we had Gavin all bundled up.

GG didn't know it was outside so she didn't bring a jacket. We made due with a few items from everyone LOL

Jacob did a Great Job, the pictures turned out dark so you can't see him to well, he has on the grey beanie and orangish jacket

Mia all bundled up with a big smile

Gavin and Auntie Gwenett

Don't make fun of my Hat! At least he was warm :)

After the performance we drove around looking at Christmas Lights, I Love those people who go all out :)

Saturday was Feaster Family Christmas in Simi Valley. We stopped at City of Hope on our way so Grant could donate blood for one of my Doctor's at Work whom was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, please pray for a speedy recovery. We finally made it to Simi about 1 hour late and ate some delicious Tri-Tip YUMMMMM
Gavin and Auntie Chelsea, he Loved Playing with her necklace

Gavin Loved playing the piano, he's going to be a musician when he gets older

Trying to steal Uncle Caleb's Beer ~ You Have to Wait 20 more years Buddy!

Some of the Family Watching "The Game" to see whose gift they want to steal

Gavin starring adoringly at Taylor, he can't wait to go snowboarding with him:) Taylor just got accepted to Cal State LA in the Fire Academy, Congrats, we're so proud of you :) I'm sure we will see him on a Firefighter calendar in a few years LOL

Chelsea and I posing! We Missed you in our cousin shot Amanda :(

Chelsea and her baby Jasmine whom gives Big Slobbery Kisses

Arie and his girlfriend Jamie playing with the little man

It was so good to see everyone and catch up!

Sunday we watched the Chargers win and did a little shopping! Tired guy in his stroller.

Little Man in his Mafia Lounge Suit yelling at me in Applebees

My 3 Favorite Men! Dad, Gavin and Grant trying to keep Gavin safe in his chair!

He's getting soooo big! I love his little dinosaur pajamas :)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!! I can't wait to see everyone's X-Mas Pics! I also want to Congratulate Wayne & Breanne on there ENGAGEMENT!!! It's about time, we are so excited for you both :) Welcome to the Club!