Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Dawning of the New Year.. New Hopes, New Joys, and New Beginnings. Here’s wishing each new day brings for you.. happiness, prosperity and continued success!

Now that's a quote that I hope rings true this year! Gavin woke up sick from the Wild Animal Park. He is feeling a little better today than yesterday but he's still not well enough to leave the house (or his mama's arms) so we are going to have a boring New Year and be stuck in the house. It's not so bad, at least I'm with my two special guys!

Here's a picture of Gavin on his new quad from Santa...can you tell he's in love

I Hope Everyone has a Happy & Healthy New Year! XOXOX

Wild Animal Park

I am so Blessed to have a job that gives us the week in between Christmas and New Year's off work...PAID! Gavin, Jacob and I met up at the San Diego Wild Animal Park with Aunt Linda, Uncle David, Trina, Jesse, Bella, Roxanne and Casey yesterday!

The Kiddos ran right to the crafts!

Trina is helping Gavin with his "frisbee"

Petting Zoo

Jacob feeding the goat :)

Casey, Roxanne, Bella, Trina, Jesse & Jacob

Jacob, Bella & Gavin in the Bird Nest

They are Adorable

Roxanne is Finally as tall as Casey LOL

Could they be any cuter?

They even look cute from the back LOL

Jacob was soooo excited when he saw his name on the sign LOL

The birds kept landing on Roxanne's hair because it matched them LOL

Jake feeding the Lorikeets

The bird decided to poop on Casey's head...Jacob thought it was Hilarious

Trina feeding the birdies

Gavin & Aunt Linda :)

Roxanne & Bella, Casey & Jacob, Shalyn & Gavin

The kids decided to get their faces painted while Trina & Jesse waited in the massive line for the tram ride. I was really surprised that Gavin actually wanted his painted and sat super still for it to be painted LOL

Mama & Gavin

I Love that all the animals can roam free :)

Endangered Rhinos

Jacob telling Bella a story LOL

Cute Giraffes...New to the Park

Gavin played with pipe cleaners during the tram

Big Lion

This picture is for Trina...La Leon & La Luna...La La La Ha Ha Ha

Gavin being a big boy and walking down the tunnel in the playground by himself!

Jesse and the Beautiful Background

Gavin rolling in the Flinstone's Car LOL

Best Friends :)

Roxanne, Rhino & Me

Trina, Jesse, Aunt Linda & Uncle David

Bella & Jacob

Gavin watching the Giant Silver Back Gorilla's

Gavin and Jacob were so worn out that they were sleeping before I left the parking lot :)

We had a Wonderful Day! Thanks to Everyone who spent the day with was Great seeing all of you XOXOX

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to eat a Cup Cake

Saturday morning we headed home from Big Bear for another Christmas gathering at Amanda & Frank's house! Amanda of course made lots of great food and since I was too busy eating it and talking I didn't take that many pictures. We played the "white elephant" gift exchange game and everyone had a wonderful time!

Time to open gifts!!!

Oooohhh a Car's Ball Pit :) Thanks...Frank..Amanda & Girls!

Thanks for the Cars Aunt Sandy & Uncle George

Time to sing Happy Birthday and Eat Yummy Cupcakes

Those Chocolate Ones Look Good :)

Let me teach you how to eat a cupcake! First you stick your finger in it to taste....

Then you stick your whole face on it....

Nah..maybe it's easier to use a fork LOL

Thanks for the invite Amanda and Frank...and all the yummy leftovers!!!

Christmas Day in Big Bear

Gavin slept until 8:30 am Christmas morning....that was unheard of when I was a kid LOL I anticipate next year will be different and we will be having a earlier Christmas! The Mendez Family arrived at 9am with Starbucks in hand!!!

While we waited for them to arrive Gavin opened his stocking!

Time to open presents!

GG opening her annual Velour outfit LOL

Smile Grant

Beautiful Mia Pearle

Gwenett & Isaac Sledding!

Jacob being Brave

Jacob was having fun until he hit the tree

Smile Everyone and act like it's not freezing LOL

Marsha & Mia

Gwenett, Mia & Marsha

Princess Mia loving the snow

Mamas & Babies

Gwenett, Mia & Isaac

Daddies and Babies

Isaac hitting the rail

Isaac hitting the ground LOL

Matching Sleeping Beauties

Jacob's face after he hit the tree on the sled...he's so tough :)

Wednesday and Dad resting after opening so many presents LOL

GG Playing with her Favorite Little Boys!

The Ladies playing Jenga

Grandma Marsha with Jacob & Mia

Jacob & his Daddy putting a face on the snowman!

Jacob and his Masterpiece

Gwenett & Isaac caught in a Blizzard LOL

Trying to get a cute cousin shot...hopefully Gwenett's turn out better :)

Jacob being brave again and going sledding with Uncle Grant

Mama & Mia

The Mendez Family on Christmas

The Robers/Mendez Family...I think the light shining on us is Gary from Heaven looking down on us...he wanted to be in the picture :)

We didn't get a Feaster Family picture since Caleb and Tiffany left early in the morning to go see her family.

We had a Wonderful Christmas and everyone enjoyed themselves very much. GG woke up Christmas Day and thought it snowed and kept telling everyone how Beautiful it was outside...we will just let her think it snowed LOL Thanks to our family for coming up to Big Bear to celebrate. Thanks to everyone for all of our gifts! Marsha got my blog printed quarterly into hard back books! I can't wait to get them and have them for Gavin to read when he's older! Gavin has more gifts than he knows what to do with and with his Birthday coming up I know he will be getting many more.

Once again Christmas wasn't the same without Gary there. He was missed greatly and would have truly enjoyed Christmas at the cabin. We Miss You and We Love You Gary xoxo