Monday, March 30, 2009

Biking at the Beach

Hi everyone! What a crazy, busy weekend we had. Friday I was taking Gary to a Dr's Appt to check on his kidney stone. Last week was a very painful one for him. Thank God he passed it and is feeling so much better now. He said the pain was worse then when he was shot in war so it must have been very painful. Before his appointment Grant received a call from Chalance, Marsha's Boss saying she fell while miscalculating the chair she was about to sit on and hurt her tail bone. She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance (which she was embarrassed by the fuss everyone made) where they took X-Rays and determined it's just a bad bruise. Cold compress and stay off your booty for 4-5 days. Thank God the In Laws are both okay and seem to be felling much better!

Since Marsha was at work when she fell her car was still there so I took Gary to pick it up on Saturday. On the way home I called Denisse since I was in her area and never get to see her. Thankfully she was at home relaxing so Gavin and I stopped by and we decided to waste her extra tickets at Fiesta Village. Ariel and Gavin had fun playing games, eating ice cream and going on the one ride that Gavin wasn't really tall enough to go on but the guy didn't check his height. Thanks for having us over Denisse, DK and Ariel, Gavin had fun playing with all your toys :) Gavin was so exhausted when we got home, it was a long day!

Sunday morning we woke up early and decided to ride our bikes at the beach! Since it was so hot on Saturday we assumed it would be warm at the beach on Sunday, boy were we wrong. It was so overcast and cold. Here's a picture of Gavin in his shorts and sandals ready for the warm, sunny beach.....

We rode from 38th Street in Newport to the Peninsula! We ate lunch at Ruby's Diner on the Pier, it was delicious!

Gavin was NOT liking the sand between his toes.

Finally accepting the sand if even for a brief moment LOL

We will definately plan another beach biking trip soon:) Hopefully there is more sun next time!!! This is just another cute picture of Gavin in his car.

Have a Great Week Everyone!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

St. Patricks Day and Visiting with Friends

I've been a bad blogger lately. I just can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing. It's almost April ahhhh 2009 is going by fast. 2 weekends ago Grant was doing a side job at my work, Gavin and I came with him so we could stop by Lacey & Brandon's new house on the way home. Here's Gavin helping Grant pull wire :)

Uncle Josh stopped by to say Hi! We don't get to see him enough.

Once Grant finished the job we headed over to Lacey & Bubba's new house!! It's adorable and they have worked so hard to make improvements and renovations, all there hard work has paid off :) Congrats on your new place, we look forward to spending some warm summer nights over there.
Here's Dean showing off his room to Gavin :) Gavin thought Dean was a cat and keep petting his hair saying Meow.

Cutie Dean and Singing Barney

Gavin learning how to skateboard

Thanks for having us over :) The BBQ was Yummy and the Boys are so cute together!

Wow what a difference a year makes! St Patrick's Day last year (this was my due date)

Our Tiny Little Guy Just came home 2 weeks before

Family Picture this year! Gavin is soooo Big :)

Yes, we know we're in the same outfits LOL Our only green clothes :)

This past weekend Grant and I went to Pechanga with Jamie & Casey! It was great to see them and hang out, even if we did all come home LOSERS :) Next time we are going to the new Piano Bar in town! Sadly I have no pics :(
Here are a few random pics of Gavin and his new cars

Cool Guy in his car with his shades on :)

Notice his friend "Buddy" in the back seat LOL

I hope everyone is having a Great Week! One more workday until I'm done for the week WOO HOO! Thanks to everyone whom has signed up or donated for the March of Dimes walk, we truly appreciate your friendships and can't wait to walk for this cause we believe in!!! Please sign up to walk if you haven't already!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cheers to 14 month Tears and 92 Years!!!

The past few weeks have been very busy! We got a net for the pool so we don't have to worry and lose sleep over Gavin somehow getting outside and going swimming. It was a one day install and it only takes about 5 minutes to take on and off. This is a picture of Gavin testing the new net.........

Last Friday 02/27 my Cousin Amanda and I went to the mall to shop a little and get lunch. I decided to get my makeup done to find a new foundation. Gavin didn't want the lady touching me and screamed and cried the entire time, he was so cute and protective. I ended up finding a new foundation I love and the lady felt so bad that he cried the whole time she threw in some free makeup bags and a lot of samples LOL! Here is Amanda and Gavin saying Good Bye :)

Okay, back to my title. Wow what a weekend! My baby turned 14 months old on Friday the 6th. It was also our last synagis shot until November Woo Hoo! I hate taking him to the Doctor's office, he cries every single time anyone come into the room. It just breaks my heart, the Dr. didn't even check him because he was so anxious, she said he looks great, do you have any concerns, okay lets do the shot and move on with this day LOL At least she made it quick. Because Gavin is a preemie they won't make you sit in the waiting room forever, they will take you in a room right away if it's busy. When we arrived there was just 1 little boy in the waiting room and they started playing together it was adorable then all of a sudden a mad rush entered the room and there was like 10 kids. I gave the lady a look like Um Hello get my kid out of this waiting room full of germs and she took us back, there was enough time for Gavin to walk up to every single person and give them the "What's Up" nod and move his eyebrows up and down. Everyone was cracking up and asking where he learned that. Good Daddy teaching your son to nod his head instead of touch germy hands LOL.

Grant went to supercuts that night and we thought we would try to get Gavin's hair cut. BIG MISTAKE, he cried and screamed the entire time. The lady did have pink hair and now his hair is so crooked and messed up. Let's all pray it grows back fast and we will just cut it ourselves next time.

Daddy and very Unhappy son with new hair cuts

Saturday was Grandma Pearle's 92nd Birthday! We celebrated by going to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. I thought it would be a nice change of scenery and I knew it wasn't too big so it wouldn't take that long to see everything. Here's Gavin and My Parents before we entered the Aquarium

The Birthday Girl, Grant & Gavin

My Boys and Me

Caleb & Tiffany

Gavin and Mia

The Sea Lions were awesome. There we little balls that you could roll on the outside of the tank and they would follow it

My Beautiful Niece Mia Pearle Mendez

Gavin and Grandpa, this is one of my Favorite Pictures

Grandma Marsha & Jacob looking for Nemo

Gavin didn't quite understand the whole concept of lightly touch the sting rays, he just wanted to splash the water

Marsha, GG, Grant and Gavin trying to attract the Sting Rays

Gavin Loved playing in the water, he ran right into the line of fire!

Jacob and Isaac touching cool things in the mini tide pool

Next we went to feed the Lorakeets. Grandma was sooooo excited to feed them.

Isn't She Just The Cutest Grandma Ever?

Grant & Grandma and there colorful birdies

Gavin enjoyed looking at the HUGE Crab

Everyone had a Great time at the Aquarium and all the kids really enjoyed it! We decided to walk around the bay and eat lunch at Parker's Light House. We had a great view and the food was delicious. They brought Grandma some cheesecake for her B-Day!

Mia kept giving out free kisses

Our Group Shot overlooking the Bay

The Mendez Family! Doesn't Mia looked like her Mommy in this pic?

Our Cool Guy that fell right asleep once we started walking

We are truly Blessed to have such a Wonderful, Loving Family! It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time:) Grandma Pearle sure knows how to party for 92! Happy Birthday GG We Love You :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

March for Babies 09' Come and Walk

Hi Everyone! All of you know that our son Gavin was born 11 weeks premature. Every year the March of Dimes has a walk around the country called March for Babies to earn money to fight prematurity.

When you walk, you give hope to the families of babies born too soon or sick. The money you raise supports programs in your community that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies. And it funds research to find answers to the serious problems that threaten our babies. We've been walking since 1970 and have raised an incredible $1.8 billion to benefit all babies.

Grant and I have started The "G" Team this year to raise money for this cause we believe in so deeply. We are walking in Riverside on April 25, 2009. Please join our team and come walk 6 miles with us. Gavin will be joining us in his stroller. There is no fee required to register to walk however we want to raise as much money as possible for this cause so we are telling everyone to pay $ 25.00 to walk. With this tough economy we know that people can't afford to donate a lot of money, any little bit helps and we appreciate it greatly! If you don't want to walk but would like to donate please click on the link below.

Event Site
Inland Empire
April 25, 2009
Riverside Community College
4800 Magnolia Ave Dept 1293
Riverside, CA (92506)

Walk Distance: 6 miles
Registration Time: 7:00AM
Start Time: 8:00 AM
Chapter: Inland Empire Division
Phone #: (951) 341-0903

One Day All Babies Will Be Born Healthy! Please Join Us In The Fight To Get There! If you have any questions please ask :) Join The "G" Team at You don't have to pay to register now, you can pay on the day of the walk so please join now! Aren't the Then and Now pictures of Gavin Amazing?

With the help of the hospital and wonderful Neonatal Doctors and all the new technology all preemies can grow into healthy, happy boys like ours :)