Saturday, April 25, 2009

March for Babies Walk 2009

I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart all of our Friends and Family that joined us this weekend and Marched for Babies! We had a fabulous turn out, 24 registered walkers and 8 children :) The weather was perfect for walking and the area we walked through was very beautiful!

This is my Shout Out to all our Walkers, listed below in Alphabetical Order.....

*Carter Ackermann*Heather Ackermann*Jason Ackermann*Annette Barkenhagen*Amanda Camacho*Catrina Camacho*Chloe Camacho*Bruce Feaster*Caleb Feaster*Carol Feaster*Jaqui Franklin*Anastasia Gomez*Frank Gomez*Lauren Gomes*Sabrina Gomez*Stephanie Gonzalez*Frieda Hall*Tristan Hall*Gwenett Mendez*Isaac Mendez*Jacob Mendez*Mia Mendez*Stefanie Rivera*Gavin Robers*Grant Robers*Shalyn Robers*Tiffany Theunissen*Bryce Walker*Gavin Walker*Nicholas Walker*Seth Walker*Tiffany Walker*......Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

This is Gavin before we left for the walk, I'm explaining how excited I was and how everyone is going to walk and support Him. Of course he's rolling his eyes at me LOL

Amanda & Her Gang of Gorgeous Girls.....

Frieda and I with our Boys.....I wish they were looking LOL

This is the entire group, The "G" Team, decent pic for how many people are in it :)

All the Purple Ladies and Mr. Tristan Man :)

The Guys.........Can you please stand a little closer together? HAHAHA

Grant and I with our Little Miracle Man!!!

Caleb & Tiffany

Heather, Carter, Gavin and I...The Boys are soooo cute :)

After looking at my pictures later in the day I realized we needed another.....

Gavin, Shalyn and My Lovely Co-Worker Stephanie that drove all the way from OC <3 U

Stephanie and her Cousin Jacqui whom also has a Precious Preemie

Stefanie, My BFF since High School and my Son who's Sooo over the paparazzi

Grant & Gavin looking at the ducks in the pond :)

The Go-Macho Family, Minus Sabi, Plus Jacob HAHAH

The Mendez Family, Plus Sabi~The Missing Go-Macho. Gwenetts new Nanny :)

The Ackermann Family, Jason, Heather and Adorable Carter

We Did It!!! 6 Long Miles :)

Woo Hoo, now can you rub my tired feet Honey? LOL

Gavin slept the first half of the walk and Carter slept the 2nd Half.....zzzzzzz

The Robers & The Walkers with a few Mendez's Sprinkled In :)

Amanda and I Breastfeeding from Stefanie HAHAHAHA She's so Freaking Tall...I Love It!

Hence the Reason she scrunches down in EVERY Picture LOL

Chloe, Jacob, Amanda, Gavin, Catrina & Lauren

Grandma Marsha was cheering us on when we crossed the finish line.......Thanks :)

Grandma Marsha & Her 3 Angel Babies

What better way to end this post then the way I started, once again my son rolling his eyes....Thank God this time it wasn't at me :)

We had such a great time. It was fun meeting everyone's Families and letting the kids finally meet and play together. The best part was that The "G" Team made....... $ 950.00 WOO HOO if I had known how close we were to $ 1000.00 I would have thrown in the additional 50 myself!!! I am soooo proud of everyone. In addition to everyone that walked and paid I personally would like to Thank Grant's Mom, Dad and GG for donating and Uncle Gene and Aunt Mindi for donating, we truly appreciate the support. Next Year I hope that we have a Bigger Team and we Raise More Money towards this great cause :) We are so lucky to have such Wonderful Friends & Family in our lives!

Veteran's Parade

This past Saturday Grant's Dad was in a Veteran's Parade in Downtown Riverside! I don't really know why the parade was so early in the year, it's no where near Veteran's Day but it was still alot of fun!

Grant and Gavin looking at the huge Fire Engine!!!

Gavin and Daddy trying to stay cool in the shade :)

Since the parade Gavin Loves Planes...He screams plane and points everytime he sees one. We're going to eat breakfast at the Corona Airport so he can check out all the planes taking off and landing!

Our attempt at a family photo in front of the beautiful court house.

Army Dude's in a Huge Tank :)

Gavin and I trying to take a picture in front of the tank :)

Grandpa Gary all dressed up in uniform!!!

Grandpa & His Boys :) Doesn't he look Snazzy?

Gavin & Daddy playing in the grass looking for flowers

My Handsome Son <3 Him

Trying to put his hat on backwards like a "Cool Guy"

After the parade we ate lunch at yummy Applebees. Gavin & Mia had a huge mess under their high chairs....

Cousins~ Mia, Jacob & Gavin...of course they can't all look at once :)

Gavin, beyond irratated that his Mom keeps yelling at him to look at her to take a nice picture HAHAHA Is it bad that he already rolls his eyes at me and thinks I'm annoying? What's going to happen when he's a teenager?

We had a Wonderful Family Day and So Proud of Grandpa Gary :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4 More Days Until We March for Babies

Hi Everyone! Many of you have been asking questions about the walk that's happening this Saturday so I am going to try and answer all of your questions. Our internet at work has been out of commission since last Tuesday and that's where I usually blog or have time to go online shhhhhhhh......don't tell my boss LOL The tech just left the building and Thank God we are officially back online Woo Hoo :) Okay so back to the details for Saturday....

The walk is at Riverside Community College the address is

4800 Magnolia Ave Dept 1293
Riverside, CA 92506

Registration Time: 7:00 AM
Start Time: 8:00 AM

We are going to get there early and set up a EZUP Tarp in the parking lot. When I spoke with the March of Dimes last week they said they are supplying a BBQ lunch to everyone whom walks. Grant and I will bring a ice chest with water and sodas. We will bring some chairs for the EZUP but if you would like to bring your own to guarantee a seat then please do. I ordered the "Family" T-Shirts that were on the March of Dimes website for everyone that was registered as a walker. Boys are a Sage green color and girls are Lavender so if you haven't registered to walk yet and plan on showing up you can wear that color shirt if you want to match LOL I am praying the shirts arrive on time, they know our walk date but they still aren't here.

If you would like to walk and haven't yet signed up please register here to join our team

It's free to walk, however in the hopes of raising money for the cause I ask that all adults (kids are free) that are walking please make a $ 25.00 donation under your name as your personal goal. You can pay with your ATM once you register or you can bring a check to the walk made out to the "March for Dimes" please write the "G" team in the note so we get credit towards the team. If you have any questions for the March of Dimes please call the number below. If I'm adding correctly for all the donations already received and the walkers signed up that still need to pay we will have raised approx $ 700.00 not bad for this economy :) I want to Thank Everyone whom has donated towards this cause or is joining us on Saturday to walk, we really appreciate all your Love and Support!!!

Inland Empire Division (951) 341-0903

If you would like to donate toward our team please click here

I know everyone is struggling in this economy and every little bit counts, even $5.00 can make a difference in a babies life :)

The money we raise for March for Babies will help: all-important research offering preventions and solutions for babies born too soon or with birth defects

...educate women on things they can do to increase their chances of having a healthy baby

...provide comfort and information to families with a newborn in intensive care

...push for newborn screening and health insurance for all pregnant women and children.

Please help our team help babies— click JOIN THIS TEAM at the top of the page and get started!

The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

Here's a picture of Gavin when he was born...

With the help & research of March of Dimes here's my Chunky Monkey now......

We hope to see everyone Saturday! Please e-mail me for my phone number so we can meet up at the walk.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Busy Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Friday was a day of pampering for Amanda, Jamie, Stefanie and Myself at Glen Ivy! It was so relaxing and fun to just hang out with the girls and catch up on each others lives. We all got massages, went in the mud bath, ate a wonderful lunch and relaxed in the grotto. It was too hard to take pictures because of all the mud and stuff on your hands. Here are a few that I did take.

Amanda, Stefanie & Jamie in the Mud :)

I want to go back with the Husbands for Father's Day, I really think Grant would Love getting pampered and a massage :) Lord knows he deserves it :) Stefanie picked up her girls and came over to see Gavin after the spa.

Nice Finger Placement Stefanie LMAO

Gavin showing the girls his toys

Group Shot....Stefanie, Alexis, Brook, Gavin & Shalyn.....I think Gavin saw something exciting going on elsewhere LOL

Saturday morning Gavin and I shopped all morning for Easter Brunch Food....I love shopping for food HAHA We came home and decided to color eggs.

Oh Man not a good idea he just grabbed the eggs and threw them into the different colors, I think he cracked 4 eggs in the process LOL

Gavin Loved waking up to Baskets from the Easter Bunny!

So many new toys to play with....

We went to the new park in the morning and played.

In the afternoon the whole family came over to eat and have an egg hunt!

Bunny Princess Mia in her Cute Pink Dress

Gavin & Mia playing with their baskets & new toys

Jake showing Gavin how to use the trucks

Time for the egg hunt! Gavin and Mia weren't really interested so Jacob ran around and passed them out to the little ones LOL

What a nice Big Cousin

I just LOVE his little preppy boy :)

Our little Family, Gavin doesn't like taking pictures anymore.

The Mendez Family, Jacob doesn't like taking pictures in this family.

Auntie Amanda & Gavin

The Robers/Mendez Family :)

Great Grandma Pearle holding Mia & Gavin, of course they wouldn't look at us

Amanda & Shalyn before she left early, sniff sniff(they had to go visit her Mom)

Chelsea got here late because she had to work and didn't get off until 3pm. We're so happy she made it though, we Miss You Chelsea :)

Chelsea blowing out her B-Day Candles! She will be 26 on the 25th:) We have the March for Babies walk that day so we can't hang out with her but we will be with you in spirit :) Love You Chelsea

We had a Wonderful Weekend! I can't wait until next Easter when Gavin & Mia understand the egg hunt better :) Thanks to everyone for all of Gavin's new toys and outfits!