Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Holiday Weekend! It's been super busy at work these past few days so I didn't have time to post.

Friday night I made chocolate cupcakes for the BBQ we were going to attend on Saturday! Isn't every Mom supposed to let her child lick the beater?

Gavin's Loving the Chocolate :)

Saturday morning we went to Gymboree and then to Grant's parents house for a BBQ! Gavin was not liking the swimming pool at all so we ended up hanging out with GG inside the house all afternoon while every went swimming outside.

Here's Mia's first time in the pool :)

Gavin and Grandpa Gary we tired and decided to take a little nap...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mia also enjoyed the chocolate...I Love her hair :)

Jacob enjoyed the cupcakes too....all the cousins are chocoholics!!!

Gwenett, Nadia and Princess Mia

The BBQ was tons of fun, the food was delicious and it was nice meeting all of Marsha's students she talks about so often.

Sunday morning Grant, Gavin and I headed to Oak Glen for the afternoon! It was so beautiful outside. First stop was the petting zoo. While walking towards the petting zoo there are cages with a bunch of different birds in them. Gavin thought it would be a good idea to stick his finger in one and promptly was bitten. Poor little guy.

Grant feeding the big Piggy!

Gavin & Daddy feeding the Llama!

My Handsome Son & His Happy Mommy

Deep in Thought....

My Handsome Boys looking for trout in the pond

This Peacock was all up in my grill when he saw food in my hand LOL

We went to the little museum that has some animals in it...nothing big it takes like 10 minutes to walk through. Gavin kept shaking the key latch on this huge lizards cage and he was Pissed Off at Gavin. This lizard went crazy and kept trying to lunge towards Gavin and kept sticking it's long tongue out. Gavin was nice enough to do it back HAHAHA This is my new favorite picture...makes me laugh :)

We had such a relaxing, fun afternoon! Yes Auntie G we ate the yummy mini donuts just for you LOL I can't wait to go back!

Monday afternoon Grant and I went to the movies and saw Terminator-Salvation (I lost the coin toss so he got to pick) Josh met us there and everyone seemed to enjoy the movie. You could tell every single guy in the room got so excited when the terminator music started HAHAHA Christian Bale is always nice to look at so I can't complain too much even though he did have that weird batman voice. Hate that voice. That evening we took Gavin to the park to play.

Mr Independent likes to climb the stairs by himself like a big boy

Annie also relaxed at the park and didn't bark at all the kids for once.

Tuesday evening we had a board meeting at work. Stephanie came in wearing the cute new shirt she bought and what do you know...Dana walked in a few minutes later wearing the same one HAHAHA I must have missed the memo :)

Tuesday was also Grant & My 2nd Anniversary....Awwww Mazatlan :)
This was one of the most Wonderful days of my life.....
We Danced........

We Laughed.....

We Starred Adoringly Into Eachother's Eyes........

We Smiled......

We Partied oh How we Partied....

I can't wait to take Gavin to Mazatlan one day! Thank You Grant for the Best Years of my life and giving me our Beautiful Son. I couldn't ask for a better partner and father for Gavin! You're the Best....My Husband of Two Years! I Love You :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Working @ Convention & Disneyland Visit

Hi Everyone! This weekend past by quickly and I'm still trying to recover. I have Friday's off every week (we work 40 hour, 4 day week) however this weekend was different. My work was hosting a Hospitality Suite for our Members at the Dental Convention so I had to work Friday & Saturday. I started coming down with a cold Thursday so I was already tired and run down before the weekend began. I had to be at the convention center at 6:30 am so Thank God for Starbucks!!! Our room was set up perfect and we brought the wii for our dr's to play in their down time between classes.
Stephanie and Dana welcoming our members...

Inside the room before it got super busy

The overflow into the hallway when the room was packed for lunch

This picture is for you Lacey...Someone planted herself in the middle of this pic

Samson, Stephanie and I working hard...or hardly working LOL

My friend Heather had a booth at the convention and was kind enough to give me her Twilight ticket for Disneyland! I bought Grant a Twilight ticket online and we got there around 5:00 pm. Bethany was there for Ellie's B-Day so she met up with us at the entrance.

Bethany, Ellie, Gavin & I......So Glad we met up :)

Gwenett, Isaac, Jacob and Mia have passes to Disneyland so they were just getting off Small World when we arrived. We met them and decided we would go on Small World while they proceeded to Toon Town. Gavin Loved Small World, he couldn't stop smiling and pointing the entire time!

We met up with the Mendez in Toon Town who had met up with other friends (I guess it's the cool thing to buy season passes these days) said good bye to Bethany and we decided to eat some dinner. We walked around Toon Town after dinner....

Sitting on Minnie's Couch...

Gavin & Mommy

Jacob & Taylor in line for Pirates of the Caribbean

Isn't it Tradition to buy your child a Mickey Mouse ears hat on their first trip to Disneyland? Isn't he sooo cute?

Mommy trying on the Mickey Hat..

Even though I was sick and tired we still had a blast. By the time 9:30 rolled around Gavin was tired and I took a "night time" cold pill so I was falling asleep walking back to the car. We are definitely in serious discussion about buying passes so we can just go play for a few hours. We got home around 11pm and I had to get up 4:30 to get ready and back to work.

Saturday at work was busier than Friday and all of us girls were tired but we can't wait to get our paychecks!!! Grant took Gavin to Gymboree on Saturday and over to his parents house for a few hours. I got home around 5:30 and crashed. I can't wait to go back to D-Land :) Our Anniversary is coming up soon and we got passes to Glen Ivy so we're both really looking forward to massages and relaxing in the sun :) Have a Safe Memorial Weekend Everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Mother's Day Weekend

Hi Everyone! Happy Belated Mother's Day To all you Wonderful Mama's "Outings are so much more fun when we can savor them through the children's eyes." ~Lawana Blackwell, The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter, 1998

Friday evening we had plans to meet the Mendez Family at the mall to take pictures of the 3 kiddos for Grandma Marsha for a Mother's Day gift. Unfortunately Jacob was sick with the flu so he wasn't able to join us. Grandma Marsha got pics of Gavin & Mia and we will have to go back soon and get some of Jacob and the whole family.

Dancing and Banging on the drums. Gavin cried until we sang LOL

I Love This Pic of the Whistler and the Maraca Player HAHA

My Handsome Son, I don't know why his teeth look kinda weird in this picture

Last But Not Least The Rober's Family Picture :)

Saturday Morning we took Gavin to his first Gymboree class. It was a lot of fun! We got the "Don't Be Surprised if he doesn't participate" speech because most kids are shy until the 3rd class, Thankfully the teacher took her speech back right away because Gavin was all up in everyone's business and wanted to volunteer for all the activities.

The Theme was "Rock & Roll" they had to roll the tubes
Crawling through the tunnel to find Daddy

Balance Beam that leads to slide

Playing & Singing with Daddy

Hitting the Log with Mommy

Parachute Game, this is how they always end Gymboree

We have a lot of songs and dances that we need to learn so we can be the "cool" parents LOL Gavin loved interacting with the other kids, Thank God RSV season is over so he can participate. Grant will be taking him alone this Saturday because I have to work. They will get some Father/Son bonding :)

Saturday afternoon we went to Carter's First B-Day! Heather & Jason's house is so Beautiful and they have Wonderful Family & Friends :) Unfortunately someone (i'm not going to name names) left my camera in my car and we took the truck to the party so I don't have any pictures. Happy Birthday Carter!!!

Sunday morning I got to SLEEP IN!!! Well sort of, I could still here Gavin talking up a storm but at least he wasn't bothering me wanting to wrestle in the bed (his new favorite activity) he even gets a loud wrestling grunt before he elbows you in the head. Grant & Gavin bought me some new sunglasses for Mother's Day and I Love Them, Good Job Honey! We decided instead of someone having to clean house and cook this Mother's Day we would all meet at the park and bring our own lunches. Gavin loves the water park!

The Reason I'm a Mother & get to Celebrate this Special Day!

My Boys~Love Them

Princess Mia Enjoying the Water

Jacob fell in the water and hit his head right when they got there so he just rested under the EZUP most of the afternoon. I think he was still not feeling 100% and just needed to take it easy. Hopefully he will want to visit the park again this summer and get to enjoy it like Gavin & Mia did :) Marsha bought me a beautiful Bracelet with Gavin's name and birth date engraved on it. My Mom also found an adorable necklace charm with Gavin's name on it. Thanks for the gifts everyone and Happy Mother's Day!

I would like to Thank Gavin most of all for making me the Happiest Mother on this planet. I Love You Baby Boy and I'm So Blessed to be Your Mama!

I also wanted to say Happy Birthday To My Cousin Amanda! I can't wait until you move closer so we can hang out more and I will have a babysitter, opps I mean shopping partner LOL Love You :)

Please pray for Kayleigh's Family...I have followed her blog when she was born a 1 pound micro preemie and has fought through many surgeries with such courage and determination. Sadly, she lost her battle yesterday and there is a New Angel in Heaven. Please pray for the Freeman Family to stay strong through this difficult time. Kayleigh has truly been an inspiration. Life is so fragile, don't take it for granted, go home and give you child a hug :)

Have a Blessed Week :)