Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catrina's Graduation & Carnival

Friday morning Catrina had her 8th Grade Promotion. I can't believe she is going to be a Freshman in High School next year!!! Congrat's Catrina, we are so proud of you!

Gavin would get scared and start crying everytime someone around us would scream for there family member graduating so we go up and proceeded to run up at down the ramp to the bleachers

He did stop and clap every once in a while when the screams were loud enough

Catrina, Danny, Amanda & Chloe

The Go-Macho's- Lauren, Sabrina, Anastasia, Vanessa, Frank, Catrina, Amanda & Chloe

We headed to Polly's Pie to eat breakfast after graduation! Gavin and Mia were dancing and entertaining everyone before we were seated :)

After lunch Gwenett, Mia, Gavin and I headed to the hospital to visit Grandpa Gary and bring him some pudding :) Gavin and Mia kept dancing in the waiting room and I lost Gavin's brand new shoe somewhere from the car in the parking lot to Gary's room but I couldn't find it. Of course I didn't want him walking around the dirty hospital with no shoes so we didn't stay that long, plus both kiddos were in desperate need of a nap.

That evening we headed to Eastvale's Picnic in the Park, a little carnival they have every year with rides and bands and of course yummy carnival food. There was a Eagle's Tribute band called Desperado playing and they were awesome.

Grant was trying to take everyone's photo and this little kid, must have been about Gavin's age kept pushing him and trying to knock him over, it was hilarious and that's why everyone is laughing so hard in the picture.

These two are always up to no good HAHAHA They are sooo cute :)

Casey, Alyssa & Ashley played some carni games and won a few prizes. Gavin was soooo excited to play with the Stan from Southpark, can you see the Love in his eyes?

The newest walker in the family, isn't she ~A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E~

Mama's & Babies

Jacob was Missing in Action all night because he had a wrist band for unlimited rides and bounce house entry so he was in heaven....a rare Jacob sighting which of course involved dancing LOL

It was a LONG but very Fun day and Little Man was tuckered out on the ride home....

This weekend was HOT, it's finally starting to feel like summer. Sunday we lounged by the pool all day. Grant and I got BURNT, even with sunscreen. Ouch, it made us realize how WHITE we are LOL

Thank God Gavin is super tan and doesn't burn, of course he was lathered in sunscreen. He didn't even burn running around like this HAHAHA

Gavin will hate me when he's older for posting that picture of his cute little booty HAHAHA I hope everyone had a great weekend and Please keep Gary in your Prayers :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Loss for Words

My Mother-in-Law asked me on Saturday "why haven't you updated your blog lately?" My answer was....I just don't know what to say, what's private "family" matters and what I should make available for public consumption. Marsha told me it's okay to talk about what's going on so here it is....

Gary, my Father-in-Law has not been feeling well for the past 6 months....bad cough, fluid in his lungs, Pneumonia ect... After numerous Dr. Visits and prescribing him with different medications we finally found out the problem.

He is going on week four in the hospital and due to him being on Plavix (blood thinner) they couldn't do the biopsy until Monday June 22. That day will forever be remembered in our minds. Gary has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. After the Dr's found spots on his lungs in the x-rays we have known for weeks this was a possibility but actually hearing the word was like a punch in the stomach. Gary started Chemo on Friday afternoon and has since gone through 3 rounds of treatment. His body is responding well to the chemo and he's not in as much pain as he has been lately. I think that's been the hardest thing is watching him in sooo much pain. When he wakes up in the morning he said it feels like a elephant is sitting on his chest and can't breath, therefore the Dr's have to go up on his oxygen saturation which we want to remain low. They are going to do another biopsy on his liver (probably today) to see if the cancer has spread and that's why he is getting frequent UTI's. The Doctor's are anticipating sending him home within the next few days. It will be so great for him to get home and get some sleep without anyone interrupting him every hour. The hospital has already delivered oxygen tanks to the house and they are sending a hospital bed so it's easier for him to sit up and get around. Grant and Isaac have been busy moving the furniture around for all the new equipment that's needed. Gary will be on Palliative Care when he comes home which means a nurse will be stopping by 2-3 times a week to check on him and make sure he's not in pain, the meds are working ect. This also gives the Dr. permission to come to the home in case of emergencies. They don't want him to make frequent trips to the hospital for checkups and hassle with bringing the oxygen tank. He will have 2 weeks off of Chemo then start another round. I do believe the palliative care is the best solution for the situation, if Gary knows the nurse will be at the house in a few hours if he has any questions it will give him peace of mind.

Two days after Gary was in the hospital we spent the day at Marsha's trying to keep her mind off the situation and helping her around the house. A half hour after we got home we got a phone call from GG saying the ambulance came to pick Marsha up because she tripped over her laptop cord and hit her head on the corner of the book shelf. Grant and Gwenett met up with her in ER where they proceeded to give her 6 stitches in her head and glue together the cut above her eye, which we later found out was a fracture in her cheek bone. Her leg has huge bruises and her toes are even bruised and turning black. This was the finshed product......

After Marsha was released they went upstairs to visit Gary :) A Perfect Match!

So, there it is. When it Rains, it Pours. Please feel free to ask any questions or give us any suggestions on care or questions/options for the Dr's. Please pray that his appetite comes back so he can put some weight back on those chicken legs, please pray that the chemo works and shrinks the tumors so he can go into remission, please pray that the pain continues to decrease so he can remain comfortable and please pray that he gets to come home soon :) Thursday is his 63rd Birthday so we're hoping he's home to celebrate.

Marsha, Grant and Gwenett are all being very strong and supportive and make sure he has his daily paper and non-hospital food. Gary has been getting many visitors and we are so Thankful for all of the Wonderful Friends and Family that have stopped by and sent cards and goodies to pass the time. I do believe that his favorite visitors are 3 special kiddos that like to shower him with kisses and eat his hospital food for him so it looks like he's eating it LOL

I will try to put daily updates on here now that the cat is out of the bag :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

San Diego Fun

Wow! What a busy, action packed weekend!

Friday night we went to Grant's parents house to visit his Uncle Gordon and Aunt Dottie whom are down from Michigan and Uncle Greg came from San Diego to pick up Gordon for a weekend in Big Bear. Grant's dad has been under the weather the past month and is battling pneumonia at the moment. Poor guy is in so much pain with the fluid built up in his lungs, please pray for a speedy recovery so he can get some rest and strength back. Here are a few pics of GG and her boys......Greg, Gordon, GG & Gary....See where the "G" names started?

Greg, Gordon, GG holding Mia, Gary holding Gavin

We attempted to get all the kids in the photo, Jacob was not digging it LOL

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to San Diego for brunch with Chelsea and her Boyfriend Chet. We met at Isabella's Cantina in Pacific Beach...it was delicious :)
Gavin & Auntie Chelsea

Gavin, Chelsea and Shalyn

Chet has issues with being in Photos for some reason...Grant was thinking Witness Protection Program HAHAH Just kidding.....This was the best I got, next time Chet please show the world your handsome face :)

Thanks for lunch Chelsea & Chet it was great catching up with you guys :) We headed to our hotel and thank God the weather was nice so we headed down to the pool. Gavin & Daddy :)

Gavin and his White Mama LOL

Cute little guy

The clouds started to come back so I put his sweatshirt on

After lounging by the pool for a while we headed back to the room for a nap and then headed down to Gas Lamp for the Padres Game. Petco Park is awesome and beautiful views surround the park...Seriously though why didn't they just build a bigger stadium for the Chargers and Padres to share?????

The tickets behind the outfield are only 5 Bucks and there is a section where you can take blankets and there's a park for the kids....I would so do that every weekend if we lived close...it looked like fun :)

Gavin will only last about 20 minutes in the seats so we decided to let Daddy watch the game while we explored the stadium

I absolutely Loved these pictures, the color contrast of the flowers and his sweatshirt and the clouds in the background, too bad he didn't want to sit long enough for me to take more pics LOL

This is the view from one side of the stadium, Gavin and I just checked out all the ships and trains coming in...

I asked a stranger to take this picture so of course it's blurry :(

Definitely enjoying the Ruby's French Fries

Hiding his eyes and screaming BOO

Representing the Angels of course :)

Yeah the Padres Won!!!!!

We did a little shopping after the game (of course we had to buy daddy a new charger hat) got back to the hotel around 11pm and counted our zzzz's BTW Baby Boy is 17 Month's Old TODAY!!! Not a Bad way to start his 17th month :)

Sunday morning we met Amy, one of my Best Friends since junior high and her boyfriend Albert for breakfast. Thanks for waking up and meeting us super early Amy & Albert we really appreciate it :) Gavin was loving her necklace.

Gavin with Auntie Amy

Amy, Gavin and my little guy

Amy & Albert holding Gavin whose soooo not cooperating LOL

Thanks for meeting us you guys it was great seeing your faces. We totally need to get tickets to a Chargers game this season!!!

After breakfast we headed to Sea World! Jamie called me when we got there and said they decided to come too!!! Grant was happy now he had someone to go on the "Big Kid" rides with LOL

They have a huge play section for the kiddos...gavin enjoyed this little gym area with tons of huge building blocks...until a little kid pushed him down....Control your mean bully kids you bad parents LOL

Of course we had to take a picture with Shamu

Gavin was such a nice boy that he fed this duck all of his cheerios and puffs

Jamie and I with the Kiddos and Shamu

Once the Shamu show started Gavin started screaming and crying, everytime Shamu would jump out of the water he was soooo scared...needless to say Gavin and I left the show after 5 minutes and went to the deli for some milk for the bottle, it was definitely nap time. Grant did take some photos and video of the show for Gavin to watch in the future!

Casey, Ashley & Alyssa smiling for the camera :)

Shipwreck Rapids

Grant, Alyssa, Ashley & Casey after the Shipwreck Rapids water ride...Grant got soaked and the girls loved laughing at him because of it LOL

Gavin slept while all the action was going on...So Sweet :)

Jamie and I have been Best Friends since we were 4 Years Old :)

Love Them

I love these kiddos :) They were all so good!

Touching the Star Fish, poor things are all deformed.

The Griswald's in front of the smelly Flamingos

Us :)

My Handsome Son

He Loves Picking Flowers LOL

In line for Elmo 4-D...of course we had to make a early exit to this show too....Gavin is such a scaredy cat, and he Loves Elmo.

Jamie and I took Gavin to the little water park in Sesame Land while the Dad's & Girl's went on some rides :) He was so happy!

Why do sharks have such scary eyes?

Such a Happy Boy...Thank God for his long nap :)

Gavin Loved Ashley, she was so great with him. Making him laugh and constantly carrying him everywhere, she even wanted to push the stroller. Thanks for being such a big help Ash :) Come visit us Anytime!!!

Thanks for joining us Griswald's

Jamie, Gavin and I lounging on the grass

The whole gang after a long day, ready to head home :)

This truly was a Wonderful weekend and I enjoyed spending time with friends that I don't get to see often! Thank You everyone for joining us and I can't wait to meet up again. We are truly Blessed to have such Wonderful Friends & Family in our Lives!

P.S. I tried showing Gavin the Shamu video that Grant took and he screamed and ran away, big scary whale HAHAHA Have a Great Week Everyone!!! Sorry this post was so long :)