Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last Weekend

Hi Everyone! I have been super busy at work and Gavin has been under the weather so once again I'm behind in my blogging. I know excuses, excuses LOL

This past Saturday it was one month since Gary left us. Marsha went to visit him at the cemetary and was pleasantly surprised the headstone had arrived. We Miss him so much and wish he was still with us. He would really be getting a kick out of Gwenett and myself playing Fantasy Football with the boys this year. Gwenett is playing Isaac's team this weekend and Gary would've loved watching Gwenett taking Isaac's Team DOWN LOL

Marsha's worked has been closed on Friday's and since I have the day off we have been meeting at McDonald's for Gavin & Mia to play and eat lunch!

I have to keep telling them to NOT climb up the slide haha

They are both getting so good at climbing

Mia keep climbing the step and jumping out over and over again, driving Marsha crazy!

GG loves going and watching the kids play! She also likes the ice cream :)

Thanks for meeting us for lunch!!! Yes I completely disinfect the kiddos when we leave I can't stand those germy play grounds but the kids love them.

Saturday afternoon we decided to take Gavin to Disneyland for a few hours. We sure have used our passes alot and they have already paid for themselves. Gavin was sleeping on the way there and once we parked and I opened the door he got so excited and started screaming Donald Duck hahah His new favorite character. We went to California Adventure first to watch a show and ran into Minnie Mouse!

Gavin Loves Minnie and was soooo in Awww of her LOL

He even grabbed her nose haha

We visited Bugs Life Land and said hello to Hopper :)

We headed over to Disneyland just in time for the Celebration Parade!

Looks Dad It's....

Donald Duck Woo Hoo

Guess who else is in the parade...

Goofy & Claire Belle

We headed to Toon Town after the parade to check out Goofy's House

Playing Goofy's Piano

Gavin Loves Disneyland and it's so much fun watching his face light up when a character he recognizes walks by and he get's so excited to take a picture with them. We took him on Dumbo this time and I think it's his new favorite ride. We have a Wonderful Family Day :)

Sunday is Football Day! Gavin has more Charger clothes then Grant does LOL Now that I'm playing Fantasy Football this year with the boys it's fun to watch the stat tracker and your team kick butt!!! I am really enjoying it :)

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Weekend!!! Go Chargers!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Playing Catch Up

The past few months have passed so quickly and I have so many things to catch up on. Gary had many visitors from different states before he passed away. I am so glad that each and every one of them got to spend a little time with him before he was gone :)

Paul & Carol have grown up with Gary in Indiana since he was a boy...

Several guys that used to work with Gary stopped by, they loved working with him...

Mia took up drinking, her Grandpa's favorite of course....Coors Light :)

After the Coors Light Gavin & Mia decided to get tattoos LOL

Gavin loved his tattoo and was sad when it came off...

Pretty Princess Mia...

GG and I went to get Pedicures, she loved it :)

Smile...Gavin & GG

Gordon's daughter, Sharon and her Husband Dave drove down from Ohio. They have been on a road trip since June and are expecting getting back to Ohio in January.
Grant, GG, Greg, Gwenett and Sharon standing in the back row...

GG and 5 of her 6 Grandkids..Grant, GG, Conor, Kyle, Gwenett & Sharon

GG and her posse...

Mia standing on the table does she look like shes getting away with something?

I got to babysit Stefanie's kids one Friday and we had so much fun walking to the park. I walked Gavin and the girls both took one of the dogs...
Brooke, Alexis & Gavin...I couldn't get a good pic of all three

Pretty Girls...Come back and visit us soon :)

Gavin was more interested in the girls than looking at the camera :)

Marsha's family came down last Saturday for the funeral after we met them at the airport we all went to Marsha's for a yummy BBQ & swimming!

Adrianna is soooo cute :)

Uncle Gene & Jacob going down the slide!!!

Mia & Isaac, she's a water baby :)

Marsha holding Will, Sabrina's Adorable Son with Big Blue Eyes!

Sunday afternoon Marsha headed to the hotel to hangout with her family! I stole a few photos (Thanks Mindi & Jessica) of the family

Grandma Katie, Richie, Sabrina holding Baby Will, Carol & Del!

Baby Will...So Cute :)

Marsha with her Brother, Sisters & Mama!

Sibling Love...I really wish they lived closer.

Sunday we took Jessica, Cameron and Adrianna to Balboa. If you've never been on the harbor cruise you should check it out sometime. They tell you where all the movie stars live and all the interesting quirks of Balboa.

Jessica, Adrianna & Cameron

Mia, Adrianna & Gavin...they were all in our bellies at the same time!

Jacob & Gwenett

Jacob giving the cruise a thumbs up!

Gavin & Grant looking at the sealions

Stinky Sealions....the kids loved them :)

The Robers on the cruise

The Mendez Family on the cruise

Once the cruise was over we headed to BJ's for some pizza and down to the beach!!!
The Boys in the water...Grant, Isaac, Jacob & Cameron

Once I convinced Gavin it was okay to take off his shoes and get sand in between his toes we took a walk to the boys in the water. The waves were big and the tide was high and he HATED IT.

Mia loved the water and waves :)

Adrianna & My unhappy Son playing in the sand

I really hope Gavin learns to love the beach. He was so scared of the loud waves crashing on shore that I had to walk him back to the car for a nap while everyone got to play a little longer.

Friday evening we met Jamie & Family at Disneyland for a few hours of fun! Lacey & Bubba ended up meeting us there and buying passes again Woo Hoo! Unfortunately by the time we actually met up Dean was snoozing in his stroller and Gavin was so tired and cranky that we didn't get to hang out, but I can't wait to take the boys very soon!!!

The Griswald's

Gavin & His Mama

Alyssa, Gavin & Donald Duck, his new Fav!

Saturday we did NOTHING and it was Great! Grant made filet mignon for dinner and we rode our bikes at sunset to the park for Gavin to play for a while since it was cooler outside. We really needed a day to just lounge around :)

Sunday our Baby turned 20 months old!!! I can't believe how fast he's growing up. The past month he's learned so many new things. Bugs Life is by far your favorite movie, we watch it at least twice a day. You're eating so well on your own with the fork and spoon and just discovered your love for watermelon and crackerjacks. You love to climb on everything and go up and down stairs Over & Over & Over LOL It's an absolute joy being your Mama, I Love You Little Man!

We picked up McDonald's and headed to Prado Park for a picnic. Gavin played in the water park and loved the huge playground!

Gavin chasing the ducks with his french fries, he wanted to share :)

My 20th Month Old!!!

We basically had a lazy, stay close to home 4 day weekend and I loved every minute of it!

Since a lot of you have been asking I just wanted to say that Marsha, Pearle, Gwenett & Grant are all doing as well as can be expected. It's so hard to accept the fact that Gary is no longer with us. It's hard to see something that reminds you of him or that he would enjoy and not be able to pick up the phone and call him or stop by to say Hi. It was hard going to Bingo and not having him call the numbers or not ask us what we wanted to drink during the game because he was always concerned with our thirst and hunger LOL Bingo can make you work up an appetite :) Marsha went back to work today so hopefully everyone can get back into their routine and find our new "Normal" if that's possible. Thank You for all your continued prayers, phone calls, little notes on facebook and support we all appreciate them greatly!