Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CA Adventure With Uncle Josh

Sunday morning we work up early and decided to go to California Adventure for a few hours. Grant was going with us until he realized the Chargers game was on at 10am instead of 1pm so he promptly changed his mind. Josh was itching to use his pass so he went with us :)

Gavin was excited to take a pic with Lighting McQueen!

He Loves Airplanes, we want to take him to the local airport soon for breakfast!

Brother Bear land was awesome and these bears were so cute with Gavin and picked him up and gave him Bear Hugs!

The 3 of us with the Bears!

Gavin really enjoyed running in the hollow logs!

Gavin and Josh running on the rope bridges.

Josh was able to go on a few "adult" rides because there was no crowd and the lines were super short. Gavin and I went on the carousel a few times while waiting!

Isn't he so cute? I had so many guys come up and tell me the score to the Chargers game because Gavin has his Charger clothes on. See honey you could've came :)

Little Man was wiped out and sleeping before we hit the tram! Thanks for going with us Uncle Josh!

Monday, October 26, 2009

~*Willette Wedding*~

After 6 long years of dating (I know, I've been there LOL) Wayne & Brianne FINALLY Tied the knot!!! The wedding was Beautiful and was held at the Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa :) Everyone looked amazing, the food was wonderful and there was magic in the air....full of laughter and happy tears!

We tried to get a nice picture with Gavin before we left...of course he wouldn't look or cooperate. It's okay he didn't have shorts on anyways LOL

With this Ring I Thee Wed!!!

Mr & Mrs Willette...It's Official!!!

Josh, Grant, Sean & Andy All Dressed Up!

The Two Best Friends a Girl Could Ask For...My Hubby & Josh :)

The Myers Family (missing Tom) Steve, Josh, Jill, Josie & Andy

Speech Time...Wayne gave the sweetest speech, Thanking everyone for coming!

Josh giving his Best Man Speech...of course the word mullet was in it LOL

The Cake was Beautiful and Yummy Red Velvet!

Time to Cut the Cake!!!

Be Nice Now....

Time to get the garter....

Where's Wayne? HAHAH

All the Single Guys Lined up to catch it!

The Throw...Brianne's brother jumped up and grabbed it before Wayne could throw it! His Girlfriend had caught the bouquet :)

The Beautiful Bride :) I Love her Dress!

Josh, Shalyn, Wayne, Brianne & Grant

Josh and a wedding guest that was seated at our table :)

Josh, Wayne & Jeimar

Brianne & Her Girls

Thank You for letting us share your special day! I can't wait for you to have lots of friends for Gavin LOL We Love You Guys...Hope You're having a Blast in Cancun!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch & Aid's Walk

This weekend was a blast! Saturday afternoon Grant, Gavin and I met Marsha at the Pumpkin Patch :) It was such a fun place, off Live Oak rd in Redlands, live music, corn maze, petting zoo and tons to eat and do :)

Gavin & Grandma Marsha

Attempting a family photo

Grandma has Pumpkins on her shirt!!!

Gavin found this pumpkin on the ground and held it for 5 minutes before throwing it at some poor lady and hitting her leg.

Grant took Gavin in the petting zoo...

Those goats were crazy and running everywhere almost knocking kids down...

Grant took Gavin on this obstacle course bounce house...Gavin loved it!

We walked through the awesome corn maze!

This is mine and Gavin's scary grrr face

Gavin loved taking off through the corn and ditching us :)

Sitting by the tractor :)

Attempt at family photo # 2

He's such a butthead and wouldn't take anymore pics...

The Pumpkin Patch was so much fun! Thanks for meeting us there Grandma Marsha, next year we have to go with Jacob & Mia :)

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early to participate in the Aids Walk in Los Angeles ;) Amanda put together a small team and we all had a great time! It was amazing to see the amount of people that showed up!

You know I got up front to take pics LOL.....Felicity Huffman-Desperate Housewives

Mary Louise Parker and George Takai :)

CSI Girl

Latoya Jackson

MLP and Takai again :)

Massive Crowd of walkers behind us...

Massive crowd of walkers in front of us....40,000 Strong :)

Catrina and I with our certificate :) We lost Amanda, Frank, Chloe and Renee because they were slow poke walkers and Mom, Catrina and I kicked butt!!!

It was fun seeing all the drag queens congratulating us once we completed the race! Our feet were killing us but it was well worth it for the cause. Next year we will put together a huge team to earn lots of money and earn Amanda a T-Shirt & Crown for being a Star Walker!!! Thanks again for inviting us Amanda!