Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy 30th to Me

Friday the 13th was my 30th Birthday! I was very blessed to be surrounded by loved ones :) The celebration started Wednesday evening when Grant took me to Best Buy to pick out a new camera! We decided on the Canon PowerShot SD960 and I Love it! Not to mention the Beautiful Flowers that were sent to my work on Thursday afternoon from Prince Charming!

Thursday evening the family went to Don Jose's to eat a yummy dinner and celebrate! The Robers/Feaster families always have Birthday dinner's there and this was the first time since Gary passed that we went there. Gary ALWAYS got there early to get us a seat and way ALWAYS sitting at the bar with a Big Smile when we walked in and I really missed that this year. I know he would've had some joke about me being old and welcome to the over the hill club HAHAHA It's funny how much you miss the simple things that you never thought as significant before.

Marsha & Mia

Gavin loves to say "Cheese" LOL

Singing the Birthday Song to me....GG stole my Flan LOL

Jacob the Monster...Look at Gavin in the background laughing!

Princess Mia

These two are going to be trouble

They ran around the restaurant laughing

Smile Kiddos

Aren't they all Adorable?

I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have been blessed with such a wonderful family!

Friday morning I woke up ready to relax!!! Jamie, Stephanie and I went to Glen Ivy for some relaxation! I got the temescal stone massage and it was heaven! The lunch was wonderful and the company was even better! Thanks for going with me Jamie & Stephanie :) That evening we had "Adult Night" at Disneyland! I always feel bad going without Gavin but it was fun actually being able to go on the roller coasters! My new favorite ride is Tower of Terror...if you haven't tried it yet you are missing out!

Bubba, Lacey, Grant, Me, Jamie, Amanda & Frank! Josh & Deanne met us there later :)

Bubba & Lacey

Jamie & Me

Grant & Shalyn

Frank's eyes are closed in his picture so I didn't post it. Tower of Terror is my new favorite ride and California Screaming was awesome! Thankfully the lines were all short! We headed to Disneyland to meet Josh and Deanne and ride some more roller coasters!

Josh and I doing 30 year old gang signs LOL

Josh & Deanne...isn't the castle so beautiful!

Small World all decorated for Christmas...Except the one corner without lights...why?

This picture is one of my favorites! Love You Girls :)

Grant and I in front of the giant X-Mas tree!

I want to say Thanks to my wonderful Husband for all my gifts and for making my day so special. I am so lucky to have you in my life! Thanks to Stephanie & Jamie for having a relaxing spa day and lunch with me, not to mention the giant Twilight blanket Stephanie got me...I Love It! Thanks to Amanda, Frank, Bubba, Lacey, Jamie, Josh & Deanne for meeting us a Disneyland for Adult Night!!!

Saturday morning Grant, Gavin and I headed up to Big Bear for a night at the cabin! It was so beautiful up there with all the leaves changing colors! However it was freezing...I can't handle the cold in my "old age" LOL

Grant wanted to finish his ramp before the snow starts falling...

Gavin like playing under the ramp...Josh suggested putting a door on it so the kids can play inside :)

Isn't he just the sweetest?

This was a Perfect Weekend! I hope everyone is having a good week :) We're getting pictures done this weekend for our Christmas Cards...I'm excited!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Denisse

Monday was Denisse's Birthday and we both worked half day and headed to Disneyland to get her season pass :) Once we walked in Disneyland we saw tons of dancers and TV cameras & production crews and realized we walked right into the filming of a NBC Christmas Special. Ryan Seacrest was the host and Demi Lovato was singing down main street! Denisse Love's Ryan and was soooo happy to see him :)

Demi & Ryan

The Birthday Girl and Her Man Ryan (I swear he's way back there...zoom LOL)

Denisse & Crazy Cruella DeVille

We ate a yummy lunch in New Orleans and ran into amazon Lisa Leslie from the LA Sparks...the first woman to dunk a Basket Ball and her family, they are all so tall! We weren't quick enough with the camera for pics of them. We headed to California Adventure to hit up a few rides before she went home to celebrate with her family!

Look how big Sully is...

Mr. Incredible

Seriously he jammed my head into his plastic pecs and it still hurts LOL

We had a blast and got to ride some rollercoasters!!! Happy Birthday Denisse....I can't wait to go back to D-Land with you and the family! XOXOXO

Visitors from Norway & Halloween

Our cousin Philip & his Lovely Girlfriend Hilde came to visit from Norway this past week! Phil is in the movie industry (behind the scenes, turning all 35mm film into digital) so he had one week of meetings in LA and decided to come a week early for Holiday to visit the family :) Mom, Gavin, and I met them at the wineries on Friday afternoon in Temecula! Amanda, Chloe & Anastasia were nice enough to meet us there!

Hilde & Phil

Mom, Hilde, Phil & Me

The whole Gang :)

Amanda headed home after the 1st winery and we headed to South Coast for one more tasting :)

Hilde, Phil & Gavin try to sneak in the back of their photo LOL

Gavin loved the big gold bear inside :)

My sweet little boy & Me !

Gavin was such a good boy! The wineries are so beautiful. We headed back to Corona after South Coast Winery so they could check into their room and we ate dinner at Wood Ranch BBQ.

Saturday morning My Parents, Caleb & Tiffany took Phil & Hilde to Balboa for the harbor cruise. They really wanted to see the beach! Gavin and I stayed behind to make jello shots for the Halloween party LOL

The Gang at lunch!

On the Harbor Cruise

Walking on the Beach

Thankfully the weather was warm and beautiful for October!

That afternoon Gavin & Grant carved Pumpkins!!!

Gavin loved playing with the pumpkin was straight to the bath once he was done making a huge mess LOL

Finished Product :)

That evening we took them to celebrate their first Halloween! Thankfully our costumes fit them from last year so they didn't have to buy anything. The party was at DK's parents house and they went all out with the food & decorations! They had a haunted house that everyone says was scary and very well done!

The Cutest Mario You Have Ever Seen!

Grant was Luigi, Gavin was Mario and I was Princess Peach!

Jerry, Debbie (Denisse's Parents) and Mom & Dad :)

Hilde & Phil...Hot Cop & Convict :)

Two Hot Cops & Bad Boys...Hilde, Phil, Denisse & DK

Frankenstein & His Beautiful Bride...Jamie & Nick

The reason I didn't use the restroom All Night LOL

Victor, Joe, DK & Grant

Mario & Grandma Marsha

Isaiah & Jill

Mario Partied so much that it led to his arrest LOL

Phil in the "Electric Chair"

The Whole Gang

Special Thanks to the Killian Family for putting on a Awesome Party!!! The Haunted Houses were amazing and the decorations everywhere were great! Thanks for visiting Phil & Hilde it was wonderful visiting with you, hopefully we can make it to Norway in the next few years :) Halloween was awesome!!!