Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Angel's Gamesssss

My work has a event at the Angel's Game ever year where we have free food and beer and great seats for a cheap price for our members...this year was amazing. The food was excellent, the weather was perfect and the Angels won the game in Overtime!!!

Our attempt at a family photo, I swear I wasn't choking him LOL

I was Lucky enough to get tickets for my parents :)

Dana & David (My Fantasy Football Teacher) Shhhh don't tell the boys

Stephanie & Brandon.....We Can't wait for the Tool Concert w/u guys!

My Favorite Angel Fan...don't you just Love that Smile?

Josh & Wayne were at the game too! No we don't know the smiley guy behind us and no Josh doesn't have a Mullet even though this pic looks like it LOL

My Boys......Love Them :)


Thanks for the Thunder Sticks Brandon

Because I'm going to beat you up with them LOL

Okay, I'm sorry for beating you up you accept my apology?

Stephanie was so sweet and since Dana loved her rally monkey so much Steph wanted to buy Dana one of her own....she got her pink...we arrived back at our seats and David had already bought Dana one. Nice friends and a Nice Hubby....Now Gavin has a Pink Monkey. Thanks for the Monkey Steph :)

Go Angels....It's Rally Monkey Time!

Excitement, Overtime & Victory!!!

Gavin learned and loved the Wave

Gavin showing Steph and Dana how he does the wave LOL

We had a blast and couldn't wait to go a few days!

Grant & I bought tickets for the Saturday game, we had great seats but it was HOTTTT We ended up moving into the shady seats so Gavin wouldn't melt. He Loves watching the game & cheering! Just pulling up to the stadium he got excited!

This crazy guy ran on the field, he got arrested, a $3000 fine and a felony on his record. It was amusing to watch though.

Family Photo

I'm so happy he loves baseball like his Daddy :)

Now that I finished this post I will be doing another one on more serious issues, updating everyone on Gary's health.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Carol..Disneyland

Sunday was my Mom's Birthday (I know right, it's been a crazy b-day weekend) we took advantage of her getting into Disneyland for free!!! Grant and I decided to buy season passes so please let us know if you have one so we can meet up. We got there about 9:30 am and decided to eat breakfast at the bakery outside the entrance, it was a yummy way to start the day.
Waiting in line for Buzz lightyear

Smile Grandma & Grandpa

Waiting for a dance party parade to start...

Here come's Mickey & Gang....

Dance Party

He was soooo happy to see all the characters

Gavin's Favorite Ride...2nd Place would be the Jungle Cruise

Look at all the singing dolls LOL

Seriously...Look at the Smile...It just melts my Heart

Going down the slide at Goofy's house in Toon Town

The Birthday Girl and her Prince :)

It sure was a HOTTTT Day but we had a Wonderful Time. The Grandparents enjoyed seeing Gavin's face light up on all the rides and the excitement when he saw his favorite characters walk by. I can't wait to start using our passes. Happy Birthday Mom, Thanks for taking such good care of Gavin everyday! We Love You XOXOXO

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess Mia

I can't believe it's already been ONE YEAR since Mia Pearle Mendez has been welcomed into this world! It's gone by so quickly and has been such a joy watching her grow up. This was her one year ago.....

Proud Uncle Grant holding You for the First Time...

First Official Cousin Shot LOL

First Time Wine Tasting...Gavin, Mia & Dean

First Fantasy Football Draft...I'm Sure There Are Many More To Come

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Celebrating Uncle Grant's B-Day

Mia's First Christmas

First Time at the Cabin in Big Bear for Valentine's Day

First Time in the Snow

GG's 92nd Birthday in March at the Aquarium in Long Beach

Hanging out with Grandma & Gavin at your First Walk for Charity LOL

Beautiful Bunny on your First Easter

Show & Go...eating Gavin's toy

Family Photo at the Show & Go

Pictures with Gavin for Mother's Day...Jacob was sick :(

Eating Chocolate on Memorial Day...Yum

Eating at Pollys blowing kisses

Showing off your Belly at the Picnic in the Park

We Celebrated her Birthday this past Saturday!

Pretty Girl...Don't you just love the new walls decorations Marsha did?

Showing of her huge pinata to Gavin

How old are you turning?

The Cutest picture of the little swimmer that I stole from her Mama

This is what she did for almost 2 hours after swimming

Mia taking a swing at her pinata

Swing Gavin...before Mommy almost poked your eyeball out

High Five...Good Job LOL

Big Brother Jacob to the out Pinata...I'll show u whose #1

Isaiah destroyed the pinata and everyone went crazy

How about some Yummy Cake? Amanda makes the cutest cakes..You should all order one!

Cute Cupcakes...Lady Bugs for Mia and Daisies for Gwenett whose Birthday was Saturday

Blow out your candle....and make a wish!

Awww Messy Girl, she was loving her lady bug LOL

Grandma, GG, What do you think about this whole Messy Cake thing??? LOL

Let's open presents!!!

This one looks cool lets play with it NOW....

One to many Mike's Hard Lemonade or just really Happy? Happy Birthday Auntie G

I want the it's mine....let the fighting begin

What's wrong Gavin? It's Mia's B-Day Be Happy, she'll share her toys!

Auntie G and her Friends Celebrating the Birthdays!!!

The Beautiful Birthday Girls! Like Mother, Like Daughter :)

I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday Princess! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us. You are Beautiful and Full of Energy!

Happy Birthday Auntie G! You are the Best Auntie in the World and We Love You Very Much XOXOXOX

PS. This is my 100th Blog Post..Woo Hoo