Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Bear

Jamie and I have been Friends since we were 4 years old! We have been to eachother's Weddings and watched eachother become Mother's and I'm Thankful to still have her in my life. Often times friends come and go and we have been there for eachother from the beginning. The first day I met her (my babysitter was on vacation and recommended Jamie's Mom) we became fast friends and I spent the night at her house and we played barbies till the wee hours of the morning LOL I always knew she was a Keeper! My parents bought our cabin 13 years ago...Jamie is my only friend that has NEVER been there LOL Thankfully that all changed this past weekend :)

                                     Jamie & My Little Man :)                      
Ashley is so Good with Gavin!
I Love this Little Guy Soooo Much :)
Eating dinner at La Montana...Yummy!
The Dude's
The Silly Gals
Casey & Jamie
The girls decorated their beds right away LOL....Alyssa's Bed
Ashley's Bed
I Love this picture Jamie took of Gavin
It's Snowing!!!
Ice Cream in the Snow...that makes us Good Moms!
Jamie & Ashley

Trying out the auto picture on Jamie's Camera..don't know why we thought we had to duck hahah
Snow Bunnies
Aren't they Adorable
Grant, Casey & Alyssa snowboarded in the morning while Jamie, Ashley, Gavin and I walked around the village. We met them at the slopes for lunch and Ashley slipped into Alyssa's clothes to take a turn snowboarding. Grant said both Girls Rocked Boarding...So Did Casey!

Alyssa & Ashley tearing up the slopes
The Gang...Minus Me, the Picture Taker
My Two Favorite Guys

Our Lovely Kiddos
Gavin loves watching his Daddy Board
The Griswald Family
The Robers Family
It Snowed and was Beautiful! Thanks again for coming up Griswald's...I hope it doesn't take 13 more years for you to join us again :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Perfect Day

Monday was President's Day so we didn't have to work!!! We woke up early and headed to the beach to ride bikes and play in the sand. It was a Beautiful Day, you would think it was Summer!

Gavin didn't like the waves but he finally came around to playing in the sand!
Pointing out all the Seagulls
There were tons of Dolphins swimming
Sand Toes
Cheese Balls
I Love how these pics turned out :)
My Happy Boys
Flying through the Air
Of course he didn't want to look at the camera
He was very generous with Kisses though
Family Photo Attempt
We got some yummy ice cream
Gavin decided against the spoon
Perfect End To Our Day
The Beach is Soooo Nice right now, you would never believe it is Winter. We are changing the scenery this weekend and heading to Big Bear so Grant can Snow Board :) I am so excited that 11 people have registered for the walk and 5 are Newbies. If you haven't registered yet and would like to participate (hint hint family members) please sign up on my blog. Have a Wonderful Week Everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Gavin woke up to some gifts from cupid :) Minnie & Mickey Pez dispensers, Teddy Bear and of course some Chocolate! He was so excited and ran to find his Santa Pez right away.
Daddy made us Heart Shaped pancakes for breakfast...Yummy!
I made them dress up in Red for a picture then I ended up changing and Grant got mad LOL
The GoMacho's invited us over for a Valentine's BBQ!

Sweet Sabi
Mia Posing
Trying to get a photo of these 3 Cousins is Soooo Hard
This was the best one and Gavin looks scared
Mia playing in the Dog House
Amanda allowing Gavin to shovel frosting in his mouth
Decorating Cookies aka Eating handfuls of frosting and sprinkles
This one is for Jenn :)
Mia talking on the phone
We forgot Gavin's Sippy Cup and he wanted milk, I looked through the cupboards for a plastic cup and this was the only one I could find
I Hope Everyone had a Wonderful Valentine's Day! Thanks for having us over GoMacho Family, the food was excellent as always :) Grant said he's good with you guys doing that every year HAHA