Thursday, March 25, 2010

3 X The Fun

This past weekend we went to a 1st Birthday Party for our friends Triplets!
Sophea went to town on her cake right away! Eric is such a nice daddy that he decided to shove the cake in the face of Andrew & Priscilla LOL
3 X The Fun
They had a huge bounce house
Of course Gavin had to bring his princessess with him
Elisa is so sweet with Gavin
Joe holding little baldy Andrew
Yummm Ice Cream
Seriously the kids LOVED this giant thing
Opening Presents
They really got into opening the gifts and ripping the paper
Thanks for inviting us to your first birthday! They have come a long way from the teeny preemies they were!

Sunday we decided to plant some flowers while Gavin practiced his swing!
He loves Water

Messy Boy
Helping Dad organize his tools for his New Job!!!
Nice work goggles
Wearing Dad's Hard Hat
The princesses were nice enough to help LOL
Saturday morning Gavin and I went to Target to buy New Moon...these Princess toys were on the end aisle by the movies and he HAD to HAVE Them. He was walking down the aisles singing the Sleeping Beauty song and it was just too cute. As you can see they have all been in the mud, car wash soapy bucket, bounce houses and on dad's dirty tool cart. They are all scratched up and he just loves them. Is it wrong that I let my son play with dolls? I don't know what to do, he gets so excited for them that I just give in and buy them. They watch movies with us and then he lines them all up on his pillow at night and kisses them good night. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy 93 GG

We celebrated Grandma Pearle's 93rd Birthday this weekend!
Look how excited she was to blow out the candles!
Making a Wish
Look who else was excited to eat cake or maybe just the frosting LOL
Sleepy Mia just woke up...isn't she beautiful? (look at that sneaky little boy stealing food in the background)
This kids hates having his socks & shoes on in the house
They're both pleading with me to take Off the socks
Free at last!!!
The Pink Ladies
Mia was showing Gavin how to work the Princess Keyboard
Mia showing me her Princess Barbies
Isn't she Adorable
Look at my Snow White Shoes
Caught Red Handed LOL
Wednesday Chilling Outside
Pearle, Conor, Greg, Kyle & Sue
My first attempt at using the timer on my camera...I guess I could've tried a higher table
Look at those screaming boys haha The 3 in the front row look happy & proper not knowing the chaos going on in the background hahaha
My Favorite Picture of the Day
Happy 93rd Birthday GG! We Love You So Much and are so Grateful & Blessed to have you in our Lifes :)

Visiting Grandpa & Airplanes

Friday morning we planned on going to Disneyland but Gavin woke up feeling under the weather so we didn't want him around a bunch of people, we decided to go visit Grandpa Gary instead! They have put new sod down around him so the cemetary was so beautiful and Spring was in the air! Gavin decided to pull out a yellow flower to leave Grandpa :) It's okay if Gavin stands on the Tombstone, I told him it's like he's sitting on Grandpa's Lap which Grandpa Loved :)
You can't really tell in the picture but Gavin was blowing Grandpa Kisses
Aren't they Adorable? It was a beautiful day and it was nice to tell Gary what's been going on in our lives lately even though I feel like he's always present :) We Miss You & Love You XOXO
Gavin seemed to be feeling okay so we decided to go check out the airplanes at the March Airforce Base museum, we've never been there and it was Awesome!
Gavin got to fly a plane!
There are so many old planes here
He may be a future pilot LOL
This one has Dumbo & Mickey on it LOL
This is what Gary used to drive to rescue wounded soldiers
Gavin's Favorite part by far was Watching...
The Planes Take Off...
From the Base Nearby...I could watch all day :)
We had an awesome day...only there about an hour because the tylenol was starting to wear off. We will take Gavin back soon when he's feeling better :)