Saturday, April 24, 2010

March for Babies 2010

Today was our Second Annual March for Babies!!! Thank You to all of our wonderful team walkers that showed up and joined us bright and early this morning! We really appreciate all of your support :)


Getting ready to walk...loading up on breakfast & coffee
Freida & Adorable Tristan
The Dove Release in Remembrance of all the Angel Babies that have been lost
Our Team holding up our "Lincoln" in remebrance of Lincoln Garman if you want the story on Lincoln please read here which is a message from his Father, a local radio dj we all love or here where I blogged about it and talked about Grant's idea about taking a picture with the penny
Oh kiddos you know you want to look LOL
Annette pushing Alora, Melissa pushing Kayla & Freida pushing Tristan
Judy, Melanie, Shalyn pushing Gavin, Ryan, Dana, Stephanie & Brandon
One Mile Woo Hoo...Only 5 More To Go
Gavin was already snoozing by One Mile
Stefanie, Alexis & Brooke with the ducks :)
Best Friends since High School xoxox
I can't believe that Mia actually kept her shades on ALL day
Gavin & Ryan
Grant and I with Our Miracle Boy
Beef is so strong pulling Tim & Lilly in the stroller
Hannah was such a good girl
Gavin & Grandpa
Alexis finishing the walk getting her "I did it" sticker
Dr. Vahdani was sooo happy to finish!!!
Gavin doesn't look so excited to finish LOL
Tim, Hannah, Melanie, Stefanie & Brooke
Melanie doing her Happy Dance :)
Rachel with the help of Starbucks and Lilly finishing the walk
Gwenett & Jacob
Gavin, Lilly & Mia
Mother's & Daughters...Carol, Shalyn, Judy, Melanie & Charmaine
Stefanie, Gavin, Alexis & Brooke
Love at first chocolate donut
Gwenett, Mia, Jacob & Gavin
Beef & Melanie...So Excited for their was fun talking about it!
The reason we walk...these beautiful children and the many more that will bless our lives in the years to come. I Adore each and everyone of them :)
Grandpa & Gavin trying to recover from all that walking
I would like to Thank those who gave me donations towards this wonderful cause. Your generosity and friendship amazes me....I'm the Luckiest girl in the World :)

*Heather Ackermann*Amy Harpin*Jamie Griswald*
*Wayne & Brianne Willette* *Sean Willette*
*Yolanda Sanchez*Joelle Gonzalez*
*Yvonne Widel*Marika Zoetemelk*Betsy Paradise*
*Lacey Donatelli*Denisse Silos*Debbie & Jerry Armstrong*
*Jenn Swain*Jaime Reppond*

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! from the Bottom of My Heart <3 U Guys

Thanks to all of our team walkers and our generous friends and family that donated Da Gavinators raised a Total of............$ 1,395.00 for babies :) Pat yourselves on the back on a job well done!

Good Times

Once again I'm playing catch day I will have more time and be able to update more :)

Gavin still loves the princessess and dancing to the song from Sleeping Beauty...he tucks his hands by his cheek like they do in the live show and likes to grab my dress when I'm wearing one and swoosh the bottom around like they do in the movie. I decided to let him wear my top since it's perfect dress size and he was sooooo happy dancing around LOL No Grant didn't agree with me letting my top as a dress but we all got a good laugh :)
Who knew my top would make a perfect toddler dress LOL
A few weeks ago it was Grant's friend Jesse's 30th Birthday :) Jesse recently moved to San Jose and all the guys miss having him around. His Wonderful Girlfriend Marisa rented him a party bus and they all headed to a club in Hollywood to celebrate!
Jesse & Genard
Big Pimping Genard LOL
Nick, Jesse & Grant
The Whole Gang
Drink Up
This is my OLD MAN on the way home SLEEPING hahaha
Last Saturday Marsha made 100 sandwiches for the Volunteers at the Veteran Parade in Riverside.  I know Gary would've been so proud of Marsha for making the sandwiches to keep his memory alive and feed the Veterans
Love the sound of bag pipes marching up the road
Gavin looks so small at the huge court house
Grant is wearing Gary's jacket from Vietnam :)
Making his Grandpa Proud waving his flag with Pride
<3 These Two Kiddos
Shalyn, Mia, Gavin, Marsha, Gwenett & Mima
We added Jacob in this one but I guess we should've all gotten closer together LOL
Team 40 :) It's hard to see them in those uniforms...
Gary walked the parade last was one of the last big things he got out and did before he really started feeling sick. We really, really Miss Him...
It's so hard to get everyone looking at the same place
Gavin loving the cheerleaders already LOL
Last year at the Veteran's Parade...Jacob, Gary, Gavin & Grant :)

The parade was awesome! Much bigger this year than last. I highly recommend checking it out next year, especially if you like old airplanes, helicopers and war vehicles :)

Sunday morning Gavin and I woke up bright and early and headed to Disneyland with Denisse & Ariel! We met up with Anna, Matt, Andrew, Xavier & Jeremy at California Adventure for a hour of fun :)

Gavin & Anna...first time meeting
Gavin & Ariel
Ariel, Gavin, Xavier & Jeremy (we missed you Bethany..X is getting so big and he's so sweet and polite and Jeremy is adorable and a perfect gentleman, you're doing a great job with them)
Denisse & Ariel, Shalyn & Gavin
Denisse and the kiddos
They were both sooooo good
Thanks for going with us to Disneyland,  Denisse & Ariel we can't wait to go back!

While Gavin & I were at D-Land... Grant was Snowboarding with Nick & Jaime :)
Grant and his BFF Nick LOL Jaime and I joke about their Bromance hahaha
So happy together LOL
Good Times!!!