Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary To Us

Three Year's Ago today I Married my Best Friend!!! We decided on a destination wedding to Mazatlan, Mexico and were so grateful that 50 of our closest friends and family joined us :)
I Do
One of my favorite pictures
They Guys looking like the Mafia
My Beautiful Ladies...I ordered roses and was surprised when they showed up with long stems...I kind of like them though.
Seriously this is the only group shot we got...I can't believe I didn't even notice at the time. It's so unorganized...oh well, it makes me laugh :)
Grant's Side of the Family
My Side of the makes me laugh how shiny we are
Love this picture..besides the shiny faces. I know we weren't that shiny but I think in Mexico (since that's where the photographer was from) they like it shiny..Our photographer was awesome though :)
Beach Bums
Love This One
Jacob our tired Scream Bearer...Yes he screamed and was dragged down the aisle by his parents. It was hilarious and adorable :) I can't wait for Gavin to be in his first wedding LOL
We couldn't have asked for a better Maid of Honor & Best Man
Durning My Dad's toast...he was so drunk at this point he said I would like to Purtose a Poast LOL See what happens when you get an open bar? I Loved all the toasts :)
The Best Man Nick with his shirt tucked out and hat on, Dad who had too much tequilla and my Handsome Groom...can't say anything bad about him. This picture makes me smile.
Grandma Pearle thinks she caught the boquet...she also had a little too much to drink. My cousin Chelsea and Denisse were fighting over it...they ended up on the ground with Chelsea winning and I didn't buy the throw away boquet because they wouldn't let me take mine home through customs anyways so I just threw my heavy boquet and durning the fighting for it a few flowers flew through the air and Grandma caught them!!! Grandma 100% thinks she caught the boquet and we will Never tell her the truth...she loves telling the story and even thinks it got her a date LOL
Smoking our Cuban Cigars...not really
Lovely Ladies...Cindy, Jamie, Shalyn, Denisse & Jill
Last Picture of the Night...A few people had already gone to bed
We seriously couldn't have asked for a better wedding. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to Mazatlan and share our special day :) I wish we were there right now!

While in Mazatlan we had a blast...there are so many fun things to do there!

We traveled to the airport in style!
We ordered room service so we could eat on the balcony of our room and stare at the ocean
We painted numerous items..mine is a picture frame I cherish
We chased GIANT Iguanas and liked spotting them in trees like Where's Waldo
The Boys Golfed
Layed around the Pool...yes my dad has a flower behind his ear LOL
The girls went sight seeing with a crazy taxi driver!
The boys Fished and caught these...the hotel cooked them for dinner
Senior Frog's for Rehersal Dinner
Do you think they had too much to drink?
Mazatlan has soooo much good food...Grant Loves the Lobster
Love the Food
They gave everyone Poppers at the dinner table where they put tequilla in your mouth and shake your head all around. Some people were snuck up on and didn't expect it...the peer pressure got to them
After...Dazed and Confused lol I love Isaac & Kyle's expressions
Nick's Turn
Dancing the Night Away
Someone Spilt drinks on me haha
More Dancing
You can't beat the Romantic Sunsets
I have this picture in the frame I painted that has our wedding date on it
Looking at all these photos brings back so many great memories! It was so special to go on vacation with all of our friends and family. I can't wait to take Gavin on vacation where we got married and experience all the fun again through his eyes!

Happy Anniversary Grant...I Love You more with each day that passes! Thanks for my Beautiful Flowers they have made our office smell wonderful :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Working Weekends

Working weekends isn't fun...but we try to make the most of it :) This past Thurs-Sun was CDA Presents in Anaheim, the annual dental convention. My work has a Hospitality Suite for our Dentist Members to enjoy breakfast and lunch on Friday & Saturday. Thankfully my boss got us girls a hotel room on Thursday night because we had to start work at 6am and we weren't sure how long it would take us to set up that morning!

I decided to make the most of my first night away from Grant & Gavin and met my friends at Disneyland. Unfortunately I didn't look at the close times online and California Adventure closed at 6pm and Disney closed at 8pm. I went straight from work to check into the hotel then ran over to Ca Adven to meet Lacey & Tamara with just enough time ride Tower of Terror :) The park was closed once we got off the ride so we quickly ran to D-Land to catch the other big kid rides we haven't gone on since we gotten our passes since we usually have the kiddos with us. We went on the Mattahorn (now I remember that it's long and bumpy)

Look at these adorable mama & baby ducks we saw once we got off the ride....soooo cute :)
Then we ran to Splash Mountain
Christina showed up just in time to go on Space Mountain so we ran to the other side of the park to meet her
Once we got off the ride D-Land was Closed :( We decided to head to Downtown Disney for some dinner & drinks and every single place had at leat 1 1/2 hour wait....darn you dental convention and rich Dentist partying at Down Town Disney reserving all the restaraunts. We ended up all going our seperate ways but not without one more picture of the OCDS girls (Love My Old Co-Workers) I miss working with Christina & Lacey and feel so fortunate to stay in touch and remain friends. We were all 3 pregnant at the same time and everyone whose been pregnant while working at OCDS has boys LOL Christina and I were due only 2 days apart, that was until Gavin decided to show up super early LOL

I was starving driving back to the hotel so I bee lined it for McDonald's and came back to Dana sleeping in the hotel room and me stuffing my face with a Big Mac. Once I learned that D-Land was closing at 8pm I told Dana we would just order room service and watch Survivor...of course I didn't get back to the room until 9:30 pm so she told me how good Survivor was and how she cried...but thankfully kept her mouth shut about who go sent home. Did you see the finale on Sunday? I was so disappointed that Sandra won again...not that I liked Russell but I do think he outplayed everyone and deserved at least one vote from the jury. I think Parvati should've beat Sandra. This has been the best season of Survivor and I loved every episode but was very disappointed with the ending :(

This was the view from our Hotel Room...I kept wishing I was in the pool drinking something fruity instead of working in the hot sun getting burnt LOL
Stephanie, Dana and I up early ready to work

The Food was Delicious
Look at that crowd
Heather and Carter stopped by to say Hi...Isn't he Adorable
Heather has one more month until she has Carter's Little SISTER!!!
I'm so glad they stopped by
After our long day we just wanted to crash on the comfy hotel bed but we had to head home to see our families and go to bed early to do the same thing again on Saturday
Wishing we were really on vacation in Hawaii
Shalyn, Dana & Stephanie...I know we're dorks LOL
Sunday was a catch up on sleep and relax day :) pics of my little man this week was all about me lol I promise next week will be pics of Gavin :)

This week has been so long already, we are all burnt out at work and just can't wait to sleep in on Friday!

I wanted to catch everyone up on last weeks blog.

~Gene (Marsha's Brother) had his surgery yesterday to remove his colon and the Doctor's say it was a success. Please pray for a swift recovery and that he can go home in a few days to get some proper rest in the comfort of his home. Gene & Mindi have been living in the hospital for 11 days already...time to go home

~ My Parents Loved the James Taylor & Carole King concert! My Dad always says that everything is "OK" just ok never good but the concert he said was GREAT....that means alot coming from him :)

~Marsha can start moving into her new house this week!!! Hopefully we can have a huge garage sale this weekend and get rid of alot of things that won't fit into the new house.

It's been 9 months today since Gary passed away. I know he's watching and helping us all. I wish he could see his new house...he would be so proud of Marsha and how well she's handled everything and would be laughing at her going crazy telling Grandma over and over that she can only have ONE closet at the new house. I wish he was here to share in Grant's excitement when his new job handed over the keys to a new giant van. I wish he was here to see Gwenett & Isaac's new home (I can already here him complaining and being too tired to walk up the stairs) he would love it and would be making daily trips over there because he had to bring them this or that even though it's 30 minutes away just because he likes to visit. I mostly wish he was here to see the Grand Kids growing up...he would be so proud of all of them. The over enthusiastic way he would be saying  "Way to Go Gavin" when he learned that Gavin's been using the big boy potty or the way he would be playing with dolls and imaginary butterflies with Mia, he would probably have learned how to "transform" all the Transformers by now because that's what Jacob always wants to play with :) The thing I miss most is the way he always said mine and the kids name with his sweet, gentle always knew he truly was concerned with how our day was and wanted to share the joy in our lives. Miss Him <3