Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We spent the last weekend in San Diego! First stop...Ocean Beach :) I was so grateful that Gavin slept the entire way to San Diego so he had a great nap and was happy to wake up and put his toes in the warm sand! We just drove until we found the closest beach to our hotel :)
Gavin hates the water...this is him screaming for me to take him away from the water
Ocean Beach has one side that's a Dog Beach..it was awesome, so much fun to watch all the dogs running around and swimming, none of them on leashes
Loves the Sand, Hates the Water
Running away from the waves
Walking in wet sand, this lasted long enough for this picture
Building sand castles with Daddy
Handsome, Sandy Face Boy
Loves when Daddy does this
We headed back to the hotel for showers and went to Old Town for dinner
Cheesy Smile
Self Portrait
But Mom...Give Me the Camera Back...it's MINE
Old Town Mexican Cafe...Hands down Best Mexican Food we've ever had...I highly recommend it, they have two tortilla stations and it's very affordable
They even come to your table to make Dinosaur Balloon Animals..Rawrrrrrr
Sunday morning we met the family at the Harbor for the Father's Day "Beer & Brats" Cruise
L-R Kaitlyn, Tracy, Chris, Yvonne, Kristin, Marsha, Carol, Shalyn, Chad, Grant, Ross, Caleb, Gavin, Bruce, Jerry, Chelsea & Arie
Chelsea works for San Diego Harbor Excursions...we had 17 people total and they went out of there way to cater to us :) It did help that Chet (Chelsea's Man) was our bartender and everyone was so sweet. The First Mate (Chelsea's Postion) took Gavin to see where the captain steers the boat and all the controllers, even let him talk on the scanner :) So much food I didn't know where to begin...below is Yvonne's plate....Grant started with sushi and crab legs, I stuck with waffles :)
The Gang
Grant & Marsha
Arie, Chris & Chelsea
The singer entertaining Gavin
Chelsea & Caleb
Grant &Marsha Crusing the Ocean Blue
Ross & Yvonne
Gavin in a Grandma Sandwich
Gavin loved the boat
The Wilkinson Ladies
Marsha, Gavin & Grant
Marsha, Gavin, Grant & Shalyn
 My Little Family
My 3 Favorite Men...Dad, Grant & Gavin
Grandpa & Gavin
Beautiful Downtown San Diego
Don't Ask...Don't Know
The Whole Gang
Me, Mom, Caleb, Dad, Gavin & Grant
Dad checking out Gav and Gav checking out Arie..at least Arie's looking at the camera
Loved the desserts
Caleb & I with our Dad on Father's Day
Arie & Chelsea with their Daddy
The Opzeelands...Uncle Jerry was doing a Dutch chant...Go Netherland's in the World Cup
Crazy parents dancing and singing haaha
They have been Friends Forever
Everyone went to Check out Chelsea's house after the cruise...we walked down the street to PB
Aunt Chris and her Grandson Sebastian
Grant, Gav, Carol & Shalyn
Chelsea and her Son
Chelsea & My Son
We couldn't have asked for a better weekend! The weather was beautiful and the company was priceless :) Thanks to Chelsea & Chet for oraganizing such a fun cruise and your hospitality. Thanks to Chad & Tracy for buying the tickets on base at a discount rate...Happy Birthday Chad! I'm so glad everyone could make it and hope it's a yearly gathering that's even bigger next year...hint, hint Mendez Family :) If you've never gone on a Harbor Cruise I highly recommend it, SD has a beautiful skyline!

This was our first Father's Day without Gary. It's been one year since he was first diagnosed with cancer and our lives were forever changed. Gary would have loved this cruise, I could just hear him telling us all about the ships, submarines and helicopters that were on the Navy base we passed in the water. I love that the American Flag is behind us in a majority of our pictures because it makes me feel like he was there with us :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Two months ago my friends and I tried to get tickets for the Jimmy Kimmel Show to be in the audience for the Eclipse special he was filming. We were all very disappointed when we all got letters of denial :( Last Friday morning we got an email saying for those who previously tried to get tickets they were offering 750 tickets to a outside Q & A up for grabs that night at 10pm. Those who know me well know that's wayyyy past my bedtime but I stayed up and tried to get the tickets. I tried until 11:30pm as did Lacey and the we kept getting error messages and it said the server was too full. I assumed during one of my many times hitting refresh I missed the tickets so I opted to get tickets just to see Peter Facinelli on a different date...I was okay with that, I Love him as  Carlisle Cullen and Dr. Cooper on Nurse Jackie :)
The next morning Lacey texted me saying she got another email saying they had technical difficulties and they were releasing the tickets at 10am that morning. Stephanie, Lacey and I all tried to get tickets...they both got e-tickets right away saying them and one guest got in...I once again got DENIED, I think it's because I got the tickets to the other show :(  It's okay now I get to do BOTH SHOWS!!!!!!
Stephanie was so kind to take me as her guest and Lacey brought Zelda :) Our boss had been on vacation for a couple weeks and wasn't coming back to work until Tuesday so I emailed her in the early morning asking if she would please,please,please let Stephanie and I leave at lunch, leaving Dana alone to man the office the rest of the day. Fortunately Laura called that morning giving us the Ok :) We left after Dana returned from lunch and headed down to Hollywood...Lacey texted us saying that she keeps reading all the people in the studio audience get to see Eclipse before the taping of the show...we ran down to studio and begged and pleaded to let us watch Eclipse but they weren't being very nice hahaha

We decided to go around back and wait in line with all the other Twi-Hards...there were people lined up since 4am. I would say we were probably 100 deep in line at this point when they started handing out wristbands. It was very unclear if we were going to be able to take cell phones in...every security guard had a different answer. Our car was parked far away so about 4pm we put our purses and phones in the car and we get back to the security saying Yes you can take your cell phone in....OMG our car was way to far. Fortunately we made some new friends with the girls in line with us and they gladly sent us pictures and Zelda went back to the car for her phone!!!

While we waited in line they were giving out free rockstar drinks, handing us all questionaires and Cameron Mathison from All My Children the soap that Stephanie and I watch religiously on our lunch break was walking around interviewing people for Good Morning America.
I finally got enough guts to ask him for a picture and he said no problem but hurry, hurry. This is what I got...Steph at the last minute wanting to be in it and giving him a mustache with her hair LOL
Him quickly leaving us because he said hurry and the damn cell phones taking to long to snap pics :(
We were right by the gate they would open to let the guest drive in so Ashley Greene aka Alice Cullen ran up to the gate and talked to all the fans....makes me like her even more :)
What do you think of her blonde hair?
After Sweat, Sunburns and Aching Feet we are Finally Let In!!!
Getting Set Up
Taylor Lautner & Bryce Dallas Howard
Peter Facinelli Waving to Us :)
We were soooo excited for the show to begin
Xavier Samuel who plays the Newbie Vampire Riley is in the top right corner, he's from Australia and is Super Hot...Let me tell you everyone was so much cuter in person!
However I am so in Love with Peter Facinelli, he's adorable and seems so down to earth
The wolf pack behind Dr. Cullen
The only ones not there were Emmett & Jasper :(
Love that smile
So Serious
Stole these from someone's elses blog...they must have snuck a camera in our, cell phone shots were so crappy. Peter was joking with Rob that he's the pony express for Rob's fans...they always come up to him and say oh Peter we Love You...can you give this to Rob LOL So Rob said I actually have something for you from a fan and handed him a letter :)
I don't even know where to begin with Kristin..she wouldn't stop figeting..biting her lip, bouncing her knees and every time someone gave her a compliment she would make a sour face....girl you are way famous now, take classes on how to not be a nervous wreck on talk shows.
R-Patz is such a charmer
Everyone Saying Good Bye
Jimmy Kimmel...Thanks for tickets to the most amazing night! It said online that it was just Rob, Kristin and Taylor and instead you gave us the entire cast. We were so pleasantly surprised and I still feel like it was all a dream. Thanks to our boss that let us leave work early so we got to be right up front and had hundreds of girls behind us. Thanks to our new friends Renee & Terry for entertaining us in line and sending us the pics you took on your cell phone. Zelda...I'm so glad you brought your purse/wallet even though it said you weren't allowed to so you had to go all the way back to the car to drop off your purse and pick up your CELL PHONE for pics. A HUGE Thanks to Stephanie for taking me :) I still can't stop smiling!

PS. How Bout Them Lakers!!! Let's get the Win on Thursday :)