Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beach & Birthday

Grant was working up North all last week. I hate when he's not home and Gavin constantly stares at the door waiting for him to walk in. I told Gavin Thursday night before bed that we could go somewhere fun on Friday and he picked the Beach!!! We decided to go visit Laguna Beach, Gavin's never been there and I love the drive down the highway :)
It was sunny when we left home and cloudy at the beach. Check out the hotties behind me LMAO
Grandma spinning Gavin around
Surf School
Gavin and I kept throwing gold fish at the seagulls and this one would catch them mid air
Gavin & Grandma
Gavin loved the water this time! Normally he freaks out and doesn't want near the water or waves and this time we couldn't pull him away. We will be going back very soon :)
Hopefully next time it's sunny but being overcast was still wonderful! I just love putting my toes in the sand and listening to the crashing waves :)
Saturday was Mia's Princess Party! The Princess hitting her castle pinata :)
Gavin hitting the pinata
Love this action shot Jacob
Get the candy kiddos
Isn't the Princess Adorable
Beautiful Cake Amanda Made
Yummy Cupcakes
Blowing out her candle
Gavin wanted to borrow the tutu
Aren't they adorable
I couldn't decide what picture I liked better
Mia wanted Toy Story Cookies hiding in the pantry
Mia had a wonderful birthday party and will have a different tutu to wear everyday of the week with all the adorable presents everyone bought her.

Sunday Gwenett & Isaac watched Gavin for a few hours so Grant and I could do some work on the house! Gavin had so much fun and won't stop talking about Mia & Jacob's house and toys :) Thanks for watching him for us!

Angel Game Tomorrow Night Woo Hoo! Have a Great Weekend Everyone :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Mia Pearle

Wow...has it already been Two Whole Years since you were born? I can remember it like it was yesterday :) I can even remember meeting your Mommy at the movies for her 30th Birthday because you were scheduled to arrive in a few days...she decided on a low key birthday :)

You are grow more Beautiful & Smart with each passing day and I'm proud to call you my Niece!
With Papa the day you were born
First Cousins Picture
Valentines Day 2009
Snow Time
May 2009
Memorial Weekend 2009
Your First Birthday Party
Your First Beer lol
Your First Tattoo
August 2009 @ Balboa Beach
Beach Time with Mama
Halloween 2009
Beautiful Snow White with her Daddy
Thanksgiving 2009
Christmas 2009 Big Bear
Family Photo
Valentine's Day 2010 playing soccer
Gossiping on the Phone
Easter 2010
March for Babies Walk April 2010
You walked 6 miles
The kiddos that you walked with
Our Whole Team
Showing me Snow White in your room
I Love this picture with your Mommy on Mother's Day 2010
Sleepy Heads...Helping Grandma Move
Still shy from your nap
Beach Fun
Water Girl
You love chocolate :)
Trying on GG's Hats
Here Comes the Bride
Playing Dress Up
Fourth of July 2010
July 17, 2010
Happy Birthday Beautiful! I hope you have a Wonderful Day with your family and we will celebrate your birth this weekend :) It's such a honor to call you our Niece & Gavin's Cousin! We Love You xoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxooxxoxooxxooxoxoxoxoxox