Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mickey & Nemo

Friday afternoon we visited Disneyland for a few hours! I Love Halloween Time :)
We found Snow White hiding near the castle...All Alone..seriously she was so nice, talked with Gavin for 5 minutes in her annoying Sweet Snow White voice and told him to tell Jack & Sally she said Hi!
 These Pumpkins are AMAZING
 So much thought and time put into every single decoration
 Grant picking up on pumpkin chick LOL
 My Mom playing poker with the Pumpkin Heads
 Petting Zoo with the Happiest Goats on Earth
 Woody is always hanging out
 Haunted Mansion Time
 Gavin loved the Haunted Mansion with the Nightmare Before Christmas Theme...that's one of his favorite movies and he sang the songs the entire time at D-Land! It was HOT outside that day...had to be over 100% so we only stayed about four hours...fortunately the lines were short and in that time we went on 8 rides and ate lunch! Another successful Disney trip :)
 Loved this pumpkin they were working on...Awesome
Saturday Morning we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. My work is a non-profit organization and the Aquarium offered two free tickets to each employee...of course I snagged two extras
For Our Friends....The Donatelli's
The Guys...Grant, Chad & Bubba
The Little Guys....Dean & Gavin (with Elmo & Cinderella)
Gavin sure looks Happy...Not sure about Daddy
Look at all the Pretty Fish
Sea Lions...I could watch them all day
My Boys
 Dean and Gavin had so much fun together
 Gavin didn't want to leave the sting rays and sharks he loved touching them
 Catching Waves
 Beautiful Tank with little eels in the sand the boys loved it
 Playing outside in the water...both ended up soaked
 So soaked that Dean ended up walking around in a diaper...I should've warned them to bring a change of clothes...been there done that LOL
We all agreed to have lunch a Bubba Gumps
 Life is Like a Box of Chocolates 
 I ordered the kids Do-It-Yourself came in a little tray with different toppings for them to put on the ice cream. It was a deal at only $ 2.99
 This picture cracks me up...these boys are adorable
 Of course we (well Lacey...I stole some of her pics) had to get a pic of Bubba @ Bubba Gumps
Thanks for meeting us Donatelli's is was great catching up with you guys and watching the boys play!

Have I told you lately how much I Love My Co-Workers? We've been having a blast the past few weeks at different work events such as
Membership Mixer @ Alcatraz Brewing Company
this was before the Dentists arrived :)
 We had a Board Meeting on Tuesday night and couldn't believe we all wore black and white...while everyone was in the meeting I attempted to set up the self timer on my camera to take pictures...we couldn't stop laughing long enough to get a good one. This one I didn't make in time LOL
 We kept debating on how to put our arms and which way to turn LOL This was the best we got before Dr's kept coming out of the board room and we had to clean up.
Thanks for cracking me up all day make me laugh so hard my teeth almost melt :)

The next few weeks/months are going to be really busy. I have another few late night work meetings, weddings, Installation/Fancy Dinner for work, tickets to see Perfect Circle at Kimmel, Birthdays, Halloween  and the one I'm most looking forward to is VEGAS for My Dad's 60th in a few weeks! Have a Great Weekend Everyone :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally...A Walsh Wedding

Saturday Evening we had the pleasure of attending Tim & Rachel's Wedding!
The kids walked down to a song from Snow White....Gavin was so excited when he heard the song and starting jumping up and down for Snow White! Hannah & Lily are Tim & Rachel's Daughters and the Ring Bearer is Rachel's Nephew...they were adorable. Hannah stopped right where I was sitting and decided she didn't want to walk anymore LOL
Daddy had to come get her
Rachel Looked Amazing...AKA Snow White
Love Her Dress and the Smile on both their faces
You May Kiss the Bride
Mr & Mrs Walsh
The Wedding was Vintage and every table had so much love put into it
The drinks were in mason jars :)
The Table holding the mason jars said Eat, Drink and Be Cute
My Cousin Amanda made the Cake & Cupcakes...Great Job Amanda...Thanks
My Happy Little Man
Rachel's Sisters
My Boys
Uncle Josh & Gavin
Michelle, Liz, Josh, Shalyn & Melanie
Cindy, Brandon & Melanie...whose wedding will be next???
Love Birds
Gavin & Melanie's Daughter Sophia
Kissy Kissy
Moms & Babies
Gavin was a Dance Machine...First One on the Dance Floor!!!
Had his choice of Women
Dancing with Cindy & her Niece Alexa
Isn't he Adorable in his Suit
The Dudes (Dk, Kyle, Tim, Grant, Davo, Josh, Nicko, Joe, Vic & Beef)
Cindy & Kyle
Cindy, Rachel & Shalyn
Denisse, Shay & Jill...Yes Everyone Jill Snuck Out Early lol
Rachel dancing with Lily & her Niece
They cut the cake (yes smashed in the face but my pics aren't good) and told the kids whoever wants a cupcake you can have one while the cake is being cut...Gavin grabbed one first and ran away
Such a hard life being surrounded by girls all the time lol
Gavin followed Rachel around and wanted a picture with the Princess like at D~Land!!!
We're so Happy for you guys...Thanks for letting us Share your Special Day XOXOX
I think my Son is going to be a Wedding Crasher...He Loved it and won't stop talking about it :)