Thursday, October 21, 2010

Injuries & Big Birthdays

Monday morning we got a call the GG fell and broke her hip :( Of course worried Grant headed to the hospital on his lunch break and they had scheduled surgery for Tuesday evening. The surgery went great and now she's in a rehabilitation center to learn how to use her new hip
 My Favorite Picture of Gavin & GG
That same evening (Monday) our little poodle "Annie" ran outside to use the restroom and was bite by a dog. The woman had 3 huge dogs and didn't even stop to see if Annie was ok...she was spraying Annie with something (we think pepper spray of some sort) and just kept walking...I'm so mad.
We headed to the vet...Thankfully they were still open and we had to leave her overnight for surgery. The vet said she was in shock and couldn't feel the pain yet because her adrenaline was still pumping strong but he was glad we took her in right away because once the shock wore off and the pain kicked in most little dogs end up dying of heart attacks. We picked her up late Tuesday night and she has a ton of stitches and a drain.
 Poor little sad girl. We have to take her back to the vet on Saturday to get the drain tube removed and then the following weekend to get the stiches out. Once a day antibiotics and a warm compress 3 x a day.
The craziness that happened at the beginning of the week brought us to make the decision that Las Vegas for Dad's 60th Birthday had to be postponed a couple of weeks :( I feel really bad and wish we could go but will GG and Annie both being under the weather it just wasn't happening. Please Pray for a Speedy Recovery for Grandma Pearle and Little Annie Girl

60 Years Ago Today My Dad was Born...I don't have any pics on had of him when he was little so I have his wedding picture...Dad in Platforms an Bell Bottoms with long hair.
My Parents just celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary
My Dad walking me down the aisle at my wedding 3 years ago
Our Family at my Wedding in Mazatlan
When Gavin was born and in the NICU for 48 days my Dad would stop by the NICU almost everyday on his way home from work to say Hi to his Grandson and tell him he loves him
 My Dad loves playing with and spoiling Gavin...they were having a stick fight in Yosemite
 When I was young my parents would pile my Brother and I in the old honda station wagon and take us on awesome vacations every year. Yosemite was one of our favorite spots and last year we took Gavin!
This was Father's Day 2010 Harbor Cruise in San Diego..Dad & His Babies
 Of course I must end this post with My Dad and his Favorite Person in the World
Happy 60th Birthday Dad! Thank You for being such a great example, hard worker, fantasy football advice giver, sneak candy to grandsoner but most of all Thanks for being one of my Best Friends I'm Proud To Call You My Dad! Love You

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkins & Skeletons

Friday afternoon we met Heather, Carter & Morgan at Tom's Farms for pizza & pumpkins
Gavin & Carter
Gavin loved sticking his head in all the cut outs..this was his favorite he kept waving saying he was Cinderella
Carter & his baby Pumpkin
Gavin loved all the spooky decorations
Beautiful Morgan with her big blue eyes & fair skin
Happy Boys
Going to eat pizza
Daddy was in the area and suprised us
Saturday night we went to Jenn's 21st Birthday/Halloween Party
Gavin is going to be Woody from Toy Story for Halloween so Grant and I were going to dress up at Jesse & Buzz Light Year...I went to 5 costume shops and couldn't find those costumes so we decided on dio dey los muertos costumes and Gavin just wore his pajamas
Gavin was so excited to get his face painted until we got to the party and Dean was screaming for his mommy so scared of us and our painted faces. I had to remove Gavin's face paint so he could play with the kids and not get the paint everywhere
Learning Early lol
Lacey & Her Mama
Gavin & Dean playing the drums
Gavin & Grant...My Scary Guys
It was so hard to paint your own face...don't judge our bad paint jobs lol
Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care
Gavin & Mama
Jenn the Birthday Girl, Lacey, Zelda & Scooter
Minnie & Mickey Mouse (I stole some pics from Lacey & Kristin)
Happy Birthday Jenn! Thanks for having us over to celebrate :) 4 More Days Until We Head to Vegas for My Dad's 60th Birthday...Wish Us Luck!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little of This & A Little of That

So I know I'm a little behind on here so I have lots of pictures to catch up on.

2 weeks ago Gavin started Pre-School!!! 2 days a week for 3 hours a day there are 8 kids in his class and he seems to be enjoying it! I have him help me make his lunch at night and he's so excited to show me his art project and sing the songs they learned in class that day. They learn one Letter a week and he already seems to be learning so much :) I look forward to hearing his school stories when I get home from work!
1st Day Of School
These pics are kind of old...I needed to get them off my Mom's camera from the day Trina & her took Bella & Gavin to Disneyland
Trina & Bella
 They look so Happy :)
My Mom, Gavin, Bella & Trina...I met them for dinner so I could take Gavin home and they could finally go on the Big Kid rides...of course Gavin & I ended up closing the park
 My Mom & her friend Heidi took Gavin & Kierra to Disney on Ice a few weeks ago
 Pretty Kierra dressed like TinkerBell
The kids loved the show..I want to go next time. Thanks for taking Gavin with you guys :)
Last weekend my parents took Gavin to Irvine Park to the Pumpkin Patch. They rode the trains, went in the bounce house, went to the zoo and fed the animals
Gavin really isn't in to picking out pumpkins he would rather run around
I've never been to Irvine Park...We've had a few friends that had Birthday Parties here and unfortunately we have never been able to go...look how gorgeous it is...I will be going soon
My parents said the park is full of little holes in the ground and since Gavin is OBSESSED with Alice in Wonderland he looks down every single hole for the rabbit lol
Of course Grandma & Grandpa spoil this boy and took him for ice cream after the park :)
While My Parents were nice enough to spend the day with Gavin at the Park we were in Murrietta watching James & Nadia Tie the Knot
Nadia is one of Gwenett's Best Friends and one of the Sweetest Girls I have ever known.
 Grant & Gwenett after the wedding
Isaac & Gwenett
Old Friends Since High School
(Gwenett, Ernie, Kristi, Emery and Khouri)
The wedding was at 2pm in Murrietta and the reception was at 5pm in Cherry Valley so we headed to Morongo to kill the hour in between
I was a big loser as was Marsha but Grant was very lucky and Split 4 Aces hitting Black Jack on every single one...he also won 50 bucks on the Wizard of Oz machine I hope he brings that Luck with him to Vegas this weekend and gives me a little :)
The Happiest Brides Made Around :)
Serious Grant, Marsha & Gwenett
Silly Grant, Marsha & Gwenett
Amanda & Shalyn
Amanda, Gwenett & Shalyn
Gwenett & Dettie
Khouri, Kristi, Ernie, Gwenett & Dettie
Khouri, Kristi, Emery, Ernie, Gwenett, Dettie, Eric & Isaac
Love the ambiance in this picture
The reception was in Cherry Valley at The Highland Springs Resort you can see the website here it was under a tent next to the lavender fields and smelt so wonderful. It was surrounded by pine trees and beautiful! This is the center piece at our table I thought it was beautiful...loved the under water effect :) They gave all the guests yummy caramel apples it was very festive with lovely fall colors!
Marsha dancing to "All The Single Ladies" by Beyonce..we had to get a pic LOL
The Blushing Bride & Handsome Groom..Mr & Mrs James Daughters
The pictures I took of James & Nadia turned out blurry so I had to steal this pic from Dettie. Thanks for inviting us to your special both looked amazing and we look forward to your happy life together and lots of babies running around :0 Have fun in Europe on your Honeymoon!!!

The next morning we all met up at Gwenett & Isaac's for lunch and football! I love seeing Gwenett so happy with all her good friends in her house reliving old stories from the good old days :)