Monday, November 15, 2010

Love in the Air in Las Vegas

 Wow...What an Amazing Weekend we had in Las Vegas...Where do I begin? We drove to Vegas Friday morning and arrived around 2pm, checked into our rooms and headed to the strip for lunch/dinner!
 I had to take a pic of this Giant Heineken advertisement taking over the Luxor for My Dutch Family
 Best Vegas Pic Ever
 M & M Factory
 Gavin thought it was like Disneyland with all the characters to take pics with
 The light is so bright..hard to take pics
 Driving a Harley
 Vroom Vroom
 Grandma Marsha getting crazy and standing up riding the Harley
We visited the Coca Cola Store and I can't stop laughing at this picture and Marsha's Reaction
Gavin wanted to go dancing
Love Them
Does anyone see a Giant Lizard? Anyone?
Saturday morning we went to the Mirage to Seigfried and Roy's Secret Garden
Guess who met us there.....
The Newly Engaged Couple
Denisse & DK!!!!!!
Bling Bling Ring
We're Soooo Happy For You Two
Dolphins at the Secret Garden are soooo Friendly
Gavin Loved It
My Handsome Son
Denisse We look so Blue...Have You Been Drinking? LMAO
Mean Faced Leopard...Gave Me So Many Dirty Looks
This Lion was Pacing Marking His Territory
There were Two Cubs that were 4 months old...I want one
There was a Green Screen and I had them pose and take this pic to insert this background. They think it's cheesy...I think it should be their Christmas Card...I Love It...Fireworks are Awesome
We bought tickets to see Cirque De Soliel Love
We took lots of pics while picking up our tickets earlier in the day
Loved this background it was so cool
Jump Gavin Jump
After we picked up our tickets we headed to the Silverton for lunch and the Mermaid Show
This Tank was Awesome
We got ready and headed to The Venetian to meet up with the Love Birds before our show...we opened up the bottle of Champagne My Parents bought them to Celebrate
A Toast To You Guys
DK Surprised Denisse with a Suite at the Venetian
Love You Guys
Look at that least she tried it LOL
Our Happy Guys
We were joking that they look European with their tight pants and shoes
My Bestie
Love Was The BEST Cirque Show we've ever seen....We've been to a few...Mystere, O, Ka and I Loved this one so much it was Amazing...Go See It NOW
Grant Loved the show so much that he wanted to leave and buy tickets for the 9pm show. The only part that bummed us out was knowing how much my Mom would've Loved it since she's the biggest Beatle's Fan I know...Next Time they're going for sure
After the show we headed next door to Ceasars for a re-enactment of the proposal
They had gone to a show that evening and were walking back to their hotel. It was freezing outside and they walked into the closest hotel door for warmth. They ended up inside Ceasar's Palace near a beautiful fountain. They sat down near the fountain and she realized they were standing in front of Harry Winston jewelers...she told him it was a sign that he should buy a ring...she looks down and he's on his knee with one
Denisse was Soooo Surprised...I had a feeling it was happening soon
They met on My Birthday 5 years was their Anniversary...One they will never Forget
Sealed with a Kiss
DK Did great picking out the Perfect Ring
The Crime Scene (Denisse's words not mine LOL)
I'm So Happy for You Two
Can't wait to see you as the Blushing Bridezilla
The Venetian has a Madame Toussauds Wax Museum. Whoopi and I share the same Birthday
The Venetian is a giant maze and it's sooo hard to get to the rooms. The rooms were nice but I will never stay there because it should'nt take 20 minutes to walk to your room. The boys headed to the room to put our things down and Denisse and I tried the Oxygen Bar. It was Awesome :) They give you 3 different types of massages while you're sniffing the flavored oxygen...just what we needed after breathing in all the smoke in the hotels. I forgot how smoky Vegas eyes still burn :) We waited 30 minutes and the boys weren't coming down from the room. I called Grant and he said We're down in valet with Brendon and Rachel.
We walked down there and they were driving off. Grant and Brendon were friends in highschool and he was recently on the TV Reality Show Big Brother. On the show he fell in Love with Rachel, she's from Las Vegas. We heard they were in town in a poker tournament at the Palm's but that was too far to drive to find them in our action packed weekend. Grant and DK were talking and Grant saw Rachel walk by...of course he ran up to her and told her he's friends with Brendon and she said he's picking me up in valet right now come with me. The boys waited with her in valet and Brendon pulls up surprised to see his old high school friends with his Lady :) They invited us to meet them later and Grant got Brendon's number. We wanted to meet up with them but Grant got on a Black Jack winning streak :)
1:30 am Grant had lots of moolah in his wallet and they finally changed dealers so we went to Lavo the club at the Venetian. Denisse had VIP Passes because they had a suite at the hotel so we didn't have to pay or wait in line. It was sooooo packed you couldn't even walk around.
Downstairs there was a lounge area with good music so we decided to hang out down there instead
We had such a great night with Our Best Friends
The Big Winner
The canals are so Beautiful
The boys had a little...ok a lot to Drink and I told DK to try on Denisse's jacket...he was a tiger hahah
I couldn't have asked for a Better Birthday Weekend! I've never had that much fun in Vegas :) My eyes are burning from the smoke and I didn't get much sleep but it was such a Wonderful Trip that I can't complain one bit. Thanks to Everyone for the Birthday Wishes I felt the Love for sure and appreciate it. Thanks to My Parents and Marsha for helping out so much with the little guy...He Loved Vegas and keeps asking when we're going again. Did I mention we all came home WINNERS!!!!