Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time Off Work

I'm fortunate enough to have a job that gives us the week in between Christmas & New Year's off....PAID! One thing on my To-Do list was taking a trip to San Diego to visit Aunt Linda & Uncle David, My Cousin Chelsea & Chet and I really wanted to check out Grandma Pearle's new home in Carlsbad! Tuesday morning Gavin and I woke up early...first stop Vista to pick up Aunt Linda for the days activities :) Unfortunately once I exited the freeway we got stuck behind a detour that took about 50 minutes to get to Aunt Linda's house which usually takes us 15...no bueno...especially with a Little Guy who needed to use the potty. Gavin was super happy when we arrived to Linda's and ran to the potty. We brought lunch to Aunt Linda's neighbor and headed to Belmont Village in Cardiff by the Sea to see GG's new place. I took lots of pics of her room.
 She has her own kitchen! The bathroom door is locked and she must call for assistance before entering which is very reassuring since that's where she fell and broke her hip.
 Her Boys
 Her dresser with all her pictures and little Christmas tree. GG used to have a roommate and the room is big enough for one but she didn't have one when I was visiting.
 When we walked in GG was upset because she didn't know where she was...I'm so glad we walked in when we did to see her smile light up. We took her to the dining room for lunch :) It took a long time I guess that's the funnest part of the day for the elderly so they try to stretch out lunch for a long time. The food was delicious..Aunt Linda and I both got yummy salads and GG ate every bite of her Turkey Sandwich. They didn't have Kid Meal options but I suppose there aren't a lot of little kids around. We did get to sit with two other ladies that told us all about the place and how much they enjoy living there!
 I'm Looking at You GG
 Aunt Linda, GG & Gavin
 GG sure was enjoying showing Gavin off to all her new friends. There are many activities and fun things to keep her occupied (you should see the Physical therapist...Antonio Banderas look alike) the old ladies were telling us he's the "swimming" instructor and in "good shape" LOL We had a wonderful visit and can't wait to go back soon with Grant!
 Next stop...Carlsbad for Frozen yogurt with Chelsea & Chet
 Gavin sure was excited to open more presents! Aunt Linda put him in this British Phone Booth to make a call to our Cousins in England lol
 The one thing he kept asking to do since he knew we were visiting Chelsea was go to the Beach! Thankfully it was such a Beautiful (non-rainy) Day! Look how Happy Gavin is!
He Loves putting his toes in the sand
 Gavin & Auntie Chelsea...she saved him when he fell in the water :)
 Chelsea & Chet
 How cute are they? Seriously Chet is sooo good with kids...hint hint hint
 Gavin & Aunt Linda were looking for seashells and clumps of sand to throw at Me
 Gavin & His Great Aunt Linda
Trying to get the sand off the little man and put him in some dry clothes
It was seriously such an Amazing Day! I'm so glad I was able to visit My Family and take Gavin to the Beach! Thanks for going with us Aunt Linda and Thanks for meeting us Chelsea & Chet you guys are Awesome :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

When I was little I remember waking my poor parents up at 4am being so excited to see what Santa brought for us :) We were allowed to open our stockings while Mom made her morning coffee and got the camera. Why on earth did I have the one child that did NOT want to wake up on Christmas morning? I had to attempt to wake him up at 8:30 am because I was so excited for him to see his presents and he started yelling at me to lay back down and go to sleep...I told him don't you want to see what Santa brought you...he told me he didn't care and I needed to be quiet and go back to sleep. Why is my child so hard to bribe? He's so strong willed and stubborn and if he doesn't want to do something all the bribery in the world isn't going to make him do it. I finally said well Mom & Dad are going to see if Santa came we will see you later when you wake up and he jumped up to come with us...not very happy of course. We had a very grumpy walk down the hall which then turned to Excitement when he saw all the presents and his Bike from Santa!
Seriously he was so excited about all the candy in his stocking and the little toys
Every time you asked him what you wanted from Santa he would say Sleeping Beauties Castle from Disneyland...I know some of you may argue that I shouldn't buy him "girl" toys but he's my Son and I want to buy him what makes him happy...if he loves princess toys then so be it. I don't have many pictures from Christmas morning because we opted to video tape the excitement instead.
 This is what it looks like in all it's Glory
We got dressed and drove to Gwenett & Isaac's to Celebrate with the Robers side of the family...Marsha surprised Gwenett with her Sparkly Pink Heels she's been eyeing :)
All the kids were excited to open their new Pillow Pets
GG was so happy to spend Christmas with her Dog Spanky
Amanda and I helping the kids put together some toys.
My Little Brat
Amanda & Mia
Grant and his Grandma Pearle
I wasn't going to post this but if you look closely at my Son's finger...
Group shot with GG
 Playing so nicely at the table
 Amanda & Shalyn
 Do you like his shirt LOL
 The whole gang eating Gwenett's Christmas Feast! It was her first time making turkey and she did a Wonderful Job it was Delicious :)
 Time for the Gift Game
 Obviously GG is trying to get Gavin to sit on her and Mia & Gavin are looking at someone else's camera saying cheese but it was the best picture I got
 I was looking online at this LAMB purse forever...My Honey bought it for me but online it looked leather and I don't like that string thingy in the front. Luckily he didn't mind that I returned it for....
 This Beauty...I Love It

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas like we did! It's still seems strange to not have Gary there to celebrate the Holidays with all of us :(  I know how much he would've enjoyed the kids this year they are getting so fun. I'm Thankful that we still get to spend the Holiday's with his Brother Greg's Family and Grandma Pearle.
Thank You everyone for all the Wonderful gifts and Thanks for having us over to celebrate Gwenett & Isaac!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is also My Brother's Birthday...This Year was the Big 29! We celebrated with a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake :)
 I'll help you blow out those candles
 I'll give you Birthday Kisses too! Happy Birthday Caleb!!!
 Time for bed...leaving Santa some cookies
 I think Santa Stopped By :)
To Be Continued....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Baking

 We did tons of Christmas Baking...Thankfully I have such a good helper!
 Time to make the Ginger Bread House
 Dad....say Cheese
 Finally they're both looking
 Finished Product on Faulty Foundation...the roof collapsed instantly but it sure was fun making it :)