Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Bear & Beach Time

Last weekend we went to Big Bear for the weekend! Grant met up with his friend Corey at Bear Mountain and Gavin and I just hung out at the cabin and played in the snow :)
 He thought it was so much fun throwing snow balls at Mommy
 Mommy didn't think it was that funny lol
 Wasn't the Sky Amazing
 Going out to dinner
This past Saturday we headed to Huntington Beach for Amanda's Bon Voyage Bon Fire. We arrived early because Gavin was ready to hit the sand when he woke up in the morning 
 Beginnings of a Baby Bump
 I was told to put my hands down so you could see better
 Happy Little Sand Man
 Throwing Sand, which he was yelled at all day not to do lol
 How many grown men does it take to light a bon fire
 Jacob & Gavin had so much fun!
 Playing football at Sunset
 Gavin, Mia, Amanda & Logan going to the water
 Mia, Gavin & Logan....Aren't They Adorable
 Happy Mia
 Gwenett & Jacob
 Amanda, Catrina & Chloe
Lauren & Sabrina
Grant, Mia, Gwenett & Jacob
Gavin & Mama...Can You Tell it was Freezing by Our Red Noses
Gavin, Grant & Mia
 Jacob & Gavin dancing in the smoke
 Change of Clothes Number 3
 Trying to climb the wall
This boy was covered in sand
 Wrestling Grant
 Time to walk on the wall
 It was an Amazing night surrounded by Loved Ones. I hope Amanda Enjoyed her last night with everyone making smores and BBQing in the freezing weather with the sounds of waves crashing behind us :) The kids all had a blast!  Amanda we Wish you all the Luck in the World on your New Adventure...Come Home Safe and See You Soon. We will Miss You Mucho and I will try and kidnap the kids as often as possible to post pics of them on here for you to see :)

Sunday afternoon Gavin stole my camera and took extreme closeups of everyone...including all of our four legged friends in the house
 Self Portrait
Have a Wonderful Week Everyone! Have a Safe Flight Tomorrow Amanda :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Stay in Vegas

So Remember that Super Awesome Time we Had in Las Vegas on My Birthday? You can read more about that trip HERE We had an amazing time...Gavin got to meet Marilyn & Elvis
Marsha almost lost her head to a Polar Bear
 We were Lucky Enough to go see Cirque De Soliel ~ Love
 The Show was Amazing
 Our Two Best Friends Got Engaged...To Eachother...And...Well....
 Apparently What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas

Meet Our Little Bean Baby! I have never been more Scared and Excited at the same time :) I'm 12 weeks along the due date is August 8, 2011! Most of you know how many complications I had towards the end of my last pregnancy and know I delivered Gavin when I was only 29 weeks pregnant. We are going to UCI again and I am seeing the Specialist the entire pregnancy. My first set of blood tests have come back negative for all the genetic testing and they will start doing blood test more frequently towards the end of the second trimester to monitor my liver enzyme levels so they can tell if any problems are starting. I am trying to remain positive and relaxed throughout this pregnancy and have been feeling great besides the daily spells of nausea (much sicker this time) and being super tired. We find out the sex on March 7th. I will keep everyone posted and would love your daily prayers for a Full Term baby :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend in the Sun

Friday afternoon Grant got off work early so we decided to go to Disneyland! It was amazing...There we barely any lines on the rides so it was nice to go on a bunch :) We had to eat some churros and of course a pineapple spear and watermelon before we rode the Jungle Cruise!
 We waited in line to see Rapunzel once Gavin got up there he was suddenly super shy and wanted his Mama to hold him and take a picture...she was super cute :)
 We spent a good hour exploring Tom Sawyer's Island! I did however notice ALOT of single creepy men at Disneyland....I didn't like the fact they were ALONE on Tom Sawyer's Island where kids are running wild and they can easily be waiting in caves for them....ewwwww.
 Gavin found his Treasure :)
 One of my favorite parts of Disneyland is all the Beautiful Flowers
 Rocket Time
 We decided the night was still young so we went to Disney California Adventure and walked in on this huge Elec"Tron"ica Party...It was like a Rave...dancers and glowing drinks everywhere. Grant was joking that he was waiting for Mickey to try and sell him some Ecstasy LOL We skipped the rave...opted for ice cream then hit the road home :)
Saturday we lounged around the house and went to El Torito and Killarney's for my Cousin Amanda's going away shindig...she's in the Airforce and is headed to Manas, Kyrgyzstan for 4 months. This photo is all the girls at Kilarney's....Amanda is the blonde in the middle with the black belt on :)
 Amanda & Friends
 Have a safe trip Amanda...I know it will be freezing so try to stay warm in your fashionable parka the military issued LOL We are Proud of you!!!
 Sunday morning we met Marsha for breakfast and headed to the Cemetary to visit Grandpa Gary! It's been so Beautiful in So Cal the past week I Love this weather :) When we were on vacation last year we picked up this coin at the Santa Ines Mission in Solvang. We bought it to put on Gary's headstone so he was reminded how much his Grand Babies Love and Miss Him.
 It reads "You're the Greatest Grandpa...Caring and Fun, Honest, and Wise...I feel so glad we share Strong Family Ties" the other side says "I Love You Grandpa" we put that side face down towards Gary and super glued it to his headstone...hopefully it's still there next time we visit :)
 We decided to stop at Cherry On Top on the way home for some Fro-Yo Goodness
I hope Everyone Enjoyed the Sunshine and had a Wonderful Weekend!