Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Play

Friday morning we drove up to Big Bear hoping to avoid the big storm while driving :) When we arrived it was sunny outside with not a cloud in the sky.....then 1 hour later it started to SNOW! We Grant was smart enough to take before and after pictures.
 Once it started to snow
 This little guy loves the snow and was so excited
 It snowed about 12 inches the first night
 Another 12 the second...look at all that snow
 It was so Beautiful

The Icicles Were Giant
 Act like you like us Gavin
 We wanted to remember this date it was exactly 1 1/2 years since Grant's Dad passed away we Miss him Dearly
 The snow on the deck after night two of snow!!!
 Grant trying out Dad's new electric snow shovel
The ramp in the backyard
 My Handsome Boy
 With Grandma & Grandpa getting ice cream in the village
 Sledding down the ramp
 Gavin was so brave he wanted to go down alone...even on the snow skate
 We made snow angels
 Belly Pic in the Snow
 Family Picture
Grant and I
 Gavin Loved the Snow So Much he wouldn't even eat dinner in the house he wanted all meals in the snow
I wasn't feeling so great on Sunday....I'm glad we decided to stay another night (Thank God for President's Day Off Work) I don't think I would've been able to make it down the hill without getting sick.

I keep reading that your Second Trimester the morning all day sickness should subside...however it's been getting worse and I'm having a hard time keeping food down :(  I seriously can't eat anything without feeling sick...our boss took us to lunch today at a delicious restaurant and nothing on the menu looked good I ended up ordering a plate of fruit and a dessert! I have been eating really healthy because that's all that sounds good to me which I guess is great for the baby LOL My next appointment is Monday the 28th with the Specialist and I get to give more blood (my favorite)  then we find out the sex on March 7th...I can't believe it's only 11 more days until we know if we're having a boy or girl...that's exciting!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Sunday afternoon Gavin and I made our Valentine's Cake
I had to work on Monday and Grant had the day off so he took Gavin to the Wild Animal Park
There were so many cute
I Love how the Wild Animal Park doesn't have that "caged in" feeling
Meeting of Great Minds
Grant said all the animals were really active
Gavin won't stop talking about the Big Turtle...Tortoise
Gavin went crazy for the water toys
Thankfully Daddy brought extra clothes
My Wild Animal running around bare foot
They went and saw the Cheetah show
Here Kitty Kitty
Do you see how close my Son was to this wild animal LOL
They also had lunch at the playground
Jumped on the Lily Pads
Got up close with this adorable cub
And really enjoyed eachother's company
I was sad I missed out on all the fun but I'm glad my Boys had a day of Bonding! I hope Everyone had a Wonderful Valentine's Day :)

Visiting Grandma Pearle

Every evening when I get home from work I run into the house to see Gavin's Smiling Face run over and give me a hug. I came home last week and the boys were gone....Grant came home from his bike ride and told me to get the camera...little man was passed out and didn't wake up the rest of the night.
It was a hard work week last week...mentally & physically exhausting. I came home Monday night to a sleeping boy so I didn't get to spend time with him...Tuesday night I had a meeting and didn't get home until 9:30 pm...of course he was sleeping. By the time Wednesday came around I missed my little man soooo much. I would hate to have a super demanding job where you never see your kids.

Thankfully we got to spend lots of family time together this past weekend
At one of our favorite places
I Love to see my little man so happy
We always have to go check out the Castle
Dumbo is also a must :)
Saturday morning we headed down to Carlsbad to bring GG some Valentine's
GG was so surprised to see us and couldn't be happier
Our family with GG
Pearle was so happy to see Marsha
I do think her favorite part was getting kisses from this guy
It was a Wonderful visit all the staff is always so nice and helpful and the food is always delicious
We will see you again soon GG

Wasn't it a Beautiful Weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine as much as we did :)