Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Yes, I know I'm super behind on this post :) I've been really busy at work the past few weeks and haven't had time to post. Thankfully my morning All Day sickness has finally disappeared and I'm finally feeling like myself again! I thought for sure it was a girl with how sick I was but once again the Chinese Lunar Calendar was correct and I'm meant to be a Mama to Boys :)

St. Patrick's Day was also the start of March Madness...therefore Grant only worked half day to meet My Dad and Brother at the Pub to watch the games. Of course for dinner was the traditional Corn Beef and Cabbage Crappage

Love This Picture of My Boys
 Family Photo Time
 Baby Bump
 My Little Miracle Man
 The Saturday after St. Patty's Day we headed to Tim & Jenn's for a Fun Green Party There was Beer Pong, watching the fights and tons of food and goodies
 Gavin loved his headband
 Dean thought it was cool too
 I really tried to get a picture of these was so not happening they were having a blast running around the house and playing with the doggies
 Gavin stole the camera
 Self portrait Dad snuck up on
Gavin took this picture too...Kristin looks bored, Lacey is smiley and Dean is yawning
Thanks for inviting us to the party Tim & Jenn it was a blast and it's always fun to attend parties that are in our hood :) I hope everyone had a Wonderful St. Patty's Day!

The Day before St. Patty's Day this little Guy was Born....Please give a warm welcome to Aiden Frank Gomez all 7 pounds 6 ounces and 20 1/2 inches of him :) 
Aiden is adorable and has the chubbiest cheeks that you just want to bite he was hungry and cranky when I was holding him and I promise I didn't bite him LOL
Congrat's Anastasia he's Adorable I can't wait to squeeze him again!!! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March for Babies 2011

It's that time of year again! 42 days left until we March for Babies :) This charity is very important to me because without the help of March of Dimes we wouldn't have all the advance technology in the NICU for premature and sick babies like Gavin was when he was born at 29 weeks.
 At 29 weeks I got HELLP Syndrome (basically my liver was failing due to high blood pressure) they shipped me by ambulance to UCI where they had no choice but to deliver the baby so I would survive.
 Imagine how scary it is to not know if your child that you Love more than anything in the World will live or die and the first time you are able to see them they are covered with tubes and wires and you don't get to even hold them until they are 6 days old.
That is why We walk for the Babies...What's more important than your Children? You don't realize how many people were born prematurely until it happens to you and everyone has a story of someone who's been affected by prematurity. Thankfully the Doctor's in Corona had the policy "when in doubt, ship them out" and I ended up at a First Class facility with Top of the Line technology and equipment and a Wonderful NICU. I am so grateful to the March of Dimes for all the advances they have made in researching prematurity and I believe that they played a huge part in Gavin only staying at the hospital 48 LONG DAYS and coming home a Happy 4 lb 11 oz baby with no further complications.

This will be our 3rd year walking. I enjoy getting a big team together and the camaraderie as we walk and fight prematurity together. I encourage you to please join our team DaGavinator's and walk with us on April 30th...I understand if you can't walk though and donations are greatly appreciate...even $ 5.00 is helping immensely and greatly appreciated. I will supply coffee, fruit and snacks along with an EZ Up and chairs for everyone to meet before and after the walk. I will be purchasing Family Team shirts so please include your shirt size when you sign up. We encourage you to bring your children so they can learn at a early age about charity and they feel so accomplished at the end of the walk so please give me their names and shirt size...they are a very important part of this team...we are doing this walk for them :) Some people run, some people walk and some people are pushing strollers and wagons taking their time to smell the roses! You don't have to pay to walk but I encourage everyone to donate or get sponsored for $ 25.00 to add to our team cost for children unless they want to get donations.

Here are the teams photos from the past two years where we raised nearly $ 3,000
 2010 Team
You can read my posts about each walk by clicking on the links below

This years walk details are as follows
Inland Empire

April 30, 2011
Riverside Community College
4800 Magnolia Ave Dept 1293
Riverside, CA 92506

Walk Distance: 6 miles
Registration Time: 7:00 AM
Start Time: 8:30 AM
Chapter: Inland Empire Division
Phone: (951) 341-0903

We Truly Hope To See You There! I apologize in advance for the next 42 days of me posting on facebook reminding people to donate...sorry.
The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Disneyland.....Oh Boy

Where is Gavin? LOL We walked into Old Navy to find some pants that actually fit me and he jumped right up there and said Mom take my picture :)
Grant to Gavin to Disneyland last Monday
 Brother Bear Land is his Favorite
 He ate an entire turkey dog....he never eats the whole thing
 Gavin is this the rope you keep telling me you hurt your leg on?
 This past Sunday we went to Disneyland with My Parents and My Cousin Amanda's Girls
We had to get a picture with Tinkerbell while everyone else went on Big Kid Rides
We then proceeded to get a pirate face while everyone went on Big Kid Rides (can you sense how badly I miss big kid rides?)
White Rabbit...are you home?
 I Love My Grandpa
Self Portrait on Small World I was laughing so hard it looks like Grant's an Astronaut...I then cleaned the little boy finger print off my screen for the next photo
Chloe & Catrina
Pirate & Mama
In Jail with Grandpa (this better never happen in real life)
 Gavin & The Girls
 Catrina was very happy to get her hands on this Dole Whip that her Sister proceeded to eat most of even though when asked repeatedly if she wanted one she always answered No
It was crowded. Sorry Mom I just realized I didn't get one picture of you...did you get any? We had a fun family time even though I couldn't go on any Big Kid Rides because of this baby in my belly. Speaking of the Baby we had our ultrasound on Monday and it looks like I am going to be Mama to a bouncing Baby Boy!!! I'm excited that Gavin will have a Brother to grow up with even though he keeps insisting that it's still a Sister LOL Now we are playing the Name Game :) We are sticking with the GPR initials for the boys in the family a tradition that goes back to Grant's Grandparents. Thanks to all my friends on facebook I have tons of good suggestions for boys names that start with G. We are definitely going with Phillip for the middle name to honor Grant's Dad who passed away and is greatly missed. I always wanted to name my Daughter Saige and since that's not going to happen (no way am I having another kid I'm a miserable, mean pregnant lady) I kind of like Gage for a boy.....I also like Griffin and Grady but only time will tell what his name will be. In the meantime we just keep praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy and hope I don't have another preemie. If you have any suggestions for G name please let us know!

Museum of Natural History

Two Friday's ago we decided to drive to Los Angeles to visit the Museum of Natural History. Gavin wanted to see the Dinosaur's that we saw on the website...unfortunately the Dino exhibit doesn't open until July so we didn't get to see all the cool Dinosaurs...we just have to go back this summer :)
Gavin enjoyed looking at all the stuffed animal displays and would always point out the "Big Daddy" in every pack of animals LOL
 Which one is Jacob Black ?
 Almost as tall as a Black Bear!
Wooly Mammoth
 People watching from upstairs
 OMG You pressed the buttons at the bottom of the screen and it would highlight those particular items such as certain bones or feature Gavin and Grant thought was hilarious was once your press the Dung button and poop would fall out. Those boys must have pressed that button twenty times and laughed just as hard eat time :)
Love this picture
Blue Whale Bones
This month is "Insect" month so we got to see tons of disgusting bugs up close and personal
He Loves his Mama
Checking out The Coliseum where USC plays football with his binoculars
The Discovery Center was awesome and hands on for the kids to play
There is a Man that goes inside the T-Rex and acts like one the kids loved it
Sitting on the Alligator
Carrying the Polar Bear on his shoulders
Goofy Boy
 Dinosaur Bones
 I didn't get any pictures of my favorite part of the museum the GEM STONES...they were all so Beautiful and there were so many of them. My Grandpa Mac was from Montana and moved here when he was in the military...every year all his Brother's and Sister's would flock to Quartzsite, Arizona for the winter to leave the snow in Montana and enjoy the sun. Quartzsite also has a huge swap meet where all the "Rock Hounds" meet up and sell/swap different rocks and gems. My Grandpa was at the age where he couldn't drive all the way to Arizona alone so we would often drive him and stay the weekend! I loved Uncle made jewelry and would always give me the most beautiful necklaces and would make me special "clip on" earrings! I have loved gems ever since and could star at all the different rock formations forever. Needless to say Grant and Gavin ran through that exhibit and I could have sat there for HOURS.

The Museum is awesome and we all enjoyed it very much. We will definitely be going back when the dinosaur exhibit opens up :)