Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gage Update

I haven't had much time to blog lately and everyone has been asking me for updates so I thought I'd quickly try and write what's been going on. Friday morning my Mom drove me to see Gage and Grant and Gavin stayed home trying to fix things around the house. I was sooo excited when they told me I could Finally hold my boy for the first time at 5 days old!
I didn't want to put him back...I could've fallen asleep with him so comfy in my arms. I Love this little guy soooo much and it's so hard to just visit him everyday and not being able to bring him home or hold him whenever I want to. Now that I know this is my last baby I will never put him down when he comes home.
Daddy was super excited Saturday morning because it was his turn to hold Gage! He even shaved his chest so he could do skin to skin. Gage was so comfy in Daddy's arms and he was awake and staring at us for 40 minutes before falling fast asleep on Daddy's chest.
Looking at Mommy for my picture :) We were so happy that he was awake and super active...when I was holding him he kept raising his head, he's really strong for such a tiny guy!
Gavin wants to hold him sooo bad...He was very excited to see Brother out of his condo
The Three Loves of My Life...My Boys
Gage was so relaxed on Daddy that he made a dirty diaper for Mama to change
Notice his 6 pack...the CPAP pushes air into his tummy so everytime he eats they have to suck air out of his stomach before feeding him so he gets these little bumps on his belly. Gage is on room air but needs the CPAP to help him breathe...the Respitory Therapist said he's doing most of the breathing on his own so their job is easy :)
Holding Baby Brother's Hand
I just Love these little feet...he loved to kick in my tummy and he loves to kick now. Gage likes you to push on his foot so he can kick you back and the Nurses all say how feisty he is and if they put blankets on him he kicks them off...just like his Big Brother!
I feel bad his poor feet have been poked so much for blood tests but aren't they adorable
 Sunday Grant wasn't feeling well so Marsha brought us to visit Gage and I was so disappointed to find him back under the light for Jaundice. We knew this meant we wouldn't be able to hold him again for a few days :(
Cindy and Kyle came to meet Gage on Monday!!! Cindy thinks he looks like Gavin and he kept making funny faces and getting mad at me for trying to get the little fuzzies from bandages off his skin. Of course Mom wants him clean : )
I Love the fact that in this situation we find ourselves in again that I didn't think would happen and I wouldn't wish on anyone it helps me that Gage has the same Doctor's as Gavin. Today he had the same Nurse and she was so excited to see Gavin all grown up...she was amazed. The Doctor always jokes with me that he doesn't want to create sibling rivalry so Gage will be there the exact amount of days that Gavin was...not a day more or less. I keep telling him that Gage needs to come home sooner than Gavin's 48 days.  He also jokes that I planned my pregnancy and NICU stay around RSV season (not true) and I keep asking for a repeat customer discount since I just finished paying him off LOL I feel comfortable here and it makes it so much easier to go through this again.

Gage is on 1.5 cc hourly Continuous feeds at the moment...they seem to move him up .5cc's a day. Hopefully he will be on full feeds soon. They do a routine brain ultrasound to check for brain bleeds, a common preemie problem at a week old...because of the holiday weekend they will be doing it tonight or tomorrow. The Doctor's and Nurses all think there is no problem and think it will come back negative but it's routine to check so I'm praying it comes back good. The jaundice light was off today and he was at 3 for the billi count and it's supposed to be between 4-6 so they will check again in the morning to see if he needs to go back under the tanning bed light. Hopefully I get to hold him tomorrow...it's so hard to just stare and him and hold his hand when I just want to hold him so badly. I owe alot of people phone calls and Thank You notes...My Neighbor gave us a double stroller (the same one you have Gwenett) that was so nice of her...she has twins now so she can no longer use it. If I don't answer the phone I'm in the NICU or Pumping (every 2.5-3 hours) or sleeping because I'm still in pain and waking up to pump so I'm exhausted and I will try to return calls and emails soon, we're still trying to get into a routine and hopefully I can drive next week so I can be more independent. Keep praying the little guy gets stronger and starts eating more to put on some weight (he weighs 2lbs 6ozs now) so he can come home soon...I miss him so much when I'm not with him and it's so hard to stay for long periods of time with a 3 year old. Gavin has been amazing and is so good at the hospital...I'm so proud of him. Grandma and I took him to see Kung Fu Panda today and he Loved it. I'm trying to give him so special attention now because when Gage comes home it will be harder to have one on one time.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Face Time

Thankfully my liver levels went back to normal and I got to come home yesterday (Wednesday) I was at the hosptial for a whole week and it was so hard to be away from Gavin for so long. I would cry everyday when he would leave it would just break my heart. I'm so grateful that the hospital let's kids come to the Labor and Delivery rooms to visit and that they have a huge kids play room that keeps them entertained. They clean and sterilize all the toys daily and they even have a free service daily to watch siblings in the playroom so you can spend time in the NICU. The NICU has moved over to the new hospital and it's Amazing. Every baby has their own room, with a pumping station and Gage's view is of Disneyland...he gets to see the fireworks at night :) I know that's he's in the Best NICU around and it's all state of the art brand new....they even have new tiny little mattresses in the isolette's and all the equiptment seems so much more advanced than when Gavin was there. Once the Dr's and Nurses learned that this wasn't our first NICU experience they all gave a huge sigh of relief. Gage even has the same main Doctor as Gavin which makes me feel so secure that he can get my other boy home just like he did Gavin. It's awesome that the NICU let's Gavin go see his Brother I don't remember any kids being allowed inside when Gavin was born.

My Three Boys
Little Miracle Man
Auntie Chelsea & Uncle Chet
Mama & Daddy Love You
Tummy Time
Before I was released yesterday I would pump like a mad woman (thankfully my milk aka liquid gold has started coming in) then take it to Gage and visit. Luckily I stopped by at the right time when they were putting in a new CPAP and cleaning him up
I got to see his face and hair finally with no mask on. He's adorable and I fall more in love everyday. His poor eyes were swollen from being on his tummy and he kept trying to open them to see his Mama!
Crying :(
This was our little guy today...snug as a bug...his color looked great today and the nurse said he was having a wonderful day! Grow little Buddy Grow!
Today was our Fourth Wedding Anniversary. We spent the afternoon at the hospital as a Family! Gage was doing Great today and the Doctor's said he looked great and no changes on his treatment. Just sleep, eat and grow. He gained 10 ozs which in preemie land is alot! It was very hard to leave the hospital for the second time in my life without my baby...it's just not normal or okay but I know he's in the best place and I'm optomistic he will be home soon! Love You Buddy! I got to hold Gavin for the first time when he was 6 days old and I hope I get to hold Gage very soon! I have posted a few blogs so please look below :)

Meeting My Son

Due to the fact that I was still on Magnesium Sulfate in my IV to keep my blood pressure down and the fact I was just cut in half...I didn't get to see Gage the day he was born :(  When I was in the recovery room (aka the nurses clock in station) several of the nurses that had been taking good care of me during the week before I had Gage were in shock when they clocked in that morning and saw me lying there in recovery...they were all very sweet, giving me hugs, congratulating us and reassuring me that Gage was in the Best NICU so I should try not to worry. The anesthesia made my face itch like CRAZY I have never in my life been that itchy. They gave me benadryl that evening and it knocked me out...along with some other pain meds and I did wake up with my face peeling so I must have had a bad reaction to the anesthesia or maybe the magnesium. I got a good nights rest and the next morning the IV came out, Gavin and Grant showed up and Gavin and I were ready to finally meet our Fourth Family Member...Completing Us :)

The NICU has an Awesome Sibling System where they try to make them feel comfortable by showing them everything that you'll see on the baby by putting it on a baby doll explaining what everything does. Angie who did the presentation for Gavin first brought him a Special Present from Gage.
 Angie showing Gavin what to expect on the baby doll
 Gavin loves his present from Gage and doesn't want to put it down
Meeting My Son for the First Time...I'm in Love
 Gavin meeting his Baby Brother
 Can't wait for them to meet eachother outside of the NICU
 Auntie Thelma
 Using her RN Expertise to ask questions
 Gage's First Nurse
 My Sweet Boy Getting a Tan lol
 Auntie Jamie rescued Mama by bringing some lunch, snacks and snickers :)
Auntie Stefanie brought you some cute outfits
My Friend Janelle also stopped by to meet you but Daddy didn't have the camera on him. Lacey and Christina also stopped by but Gage was getting a PICC Line (A peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC or PIC line) is a form of intravenous access that can be used for a prolonged period of time A PICC is inserted in a peripheral vein, such as the cephalic vein, basilic vein, or brachial vein and then advanced through increasingly larger veins, toward the heart until the tip rests in the distal superior vena cava or cavoatrial junction.) placed when they stopped by so they couldn't go meet Gage.  Gavin also had a PICC Line when he was in the NICU and it's so much easier than having to get poked so often or keep putting in IV's.

 Thanks to Everyone who came to meet Gage and visit Mama....We're so Lucky to have so many people that Love Us!  Keep Praying for Gage to Grow Up Big and Strong without complications and gets to come home sooner than Gavin did (Gavin spent 48 long days in the NICU)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Quickly Things Change

If you read my last blog that was posted Saturday Evening at 8:30 pm you would've known that I felt great and was very optomistic about going home within the next two days to be on bedrest....my how quickly things changed. I fell asleep around 10pm and woke up 30 minutes later with that horrible upper abdominal pain again. The Dr's thought it may be constipation and gave me tons of different ex-lax type things thinking my gall bladder did have some "sludge" in it on the ultrasound. It did give me temporary relief and when I woke up again about two hours later in so much pain they immediately took blood and had the Anesthesiologist come in for me to sign off on a Epidural on go over risks. It was 3:00am when I called Grant to hurry and come now. Grant barely made it and we were having the baby. My liver enzymes had raised dramatically and the only way to relieve the pain was deliver. I got an epidural (last time I had a spinal) it took a while to work and they had to keep increasing the amount because the Doctor's were ready to operate and I could still feel them poking me. Finally they let Grant in and it was Go Time. I hate getting Anesthesia...felt like I couldn't swallow or breathe and I was so tired but felt like I would never wake up if I feel asleep. 5:03am on Sunday May 22, 2011 Gage Phillip Robers was born 2lbs 9ozs 15 1/2 inches long. Gage came out crying alot so I knew he was okay...Gavin only cried a tiny bit and was only 2lbs 4ozs when born.

They stuck him in a "turkey bag" to stay warm while they worked on him
 Taking him to the NICU...Daddy was right behind him
 Checking his vitals and putting him on the CPAP in the NICU
 Under the light to prevent jaundice...do you like his shades? Babies usually don't open their eyes this early unless it very dark in the NICU
Stats...they later lowered it to 2lbs 9ozs
 Look at all that hair
 Happy Grandma Carol
 Proud Grandpa Bruce
 Grandma Marsha & Auntie Gwenett
Daddy is sooooo in Love
 Stephanie & Brandon stopped by to meet him
 Uncle Isaac
 The sign on his Isolette...or preemie condo :) We had discussed using Giraffes for Gage because we used Elephants for Gavin and the Nurse made him this...it finalized our decision
All of the Men in Grants family have the initials GPR...Grant Pierce Robers, Gavin Paul Robers...we had a very hard time deciding on Gage...we knew the middle name would be Phillip after Grant Father, Gary Phillip that passed away almost two years ago and since we had decided on the name Saige for a girl we agreed on Gage for Our Son :) I Love it! BTW during the C-Section I got a Tubal Ligation aka tubes tied so this will be our final child unless we adopt. Obviously this would happen to me again considering I got sick the exact same time both pregnancies and the Doctor's strongly encouraged me to tie my tubes while they were right there working on me anyways.

While I was stuck in the Hospital room the Family all went to lunch to Celebrate :)
A Huge Thanks to Everyone who has texted, called, wrote us on facebook and mostly Prayed for Our Little Miracle Man. You have given us so much strength as we begin our second journey on the NICU rollercoaster ride.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hospital Bedrest Update...Oh Joy

So....I posted on Tuesday that all my blood tests came back negative for preeclampsia and I was doing a happy dance. Well it was a very premature happy dance....Tuesday evening around 8pm my upper abdomen started hurting (this happened when I started getting sick with Gavin) and I started getting flu like symptoms that evening. I slept on the couch and was throwing up and visiting the bathroom all night. The next morning I told Grant that we need to go to the hospital because we would rather be safe than sorry.

We got to the hospital around 9am they quickly started an IV and took some blood due to my history. We then got the news that we would have to deliver the baby because my liver enzymes were once again rising. Thank You Liver for failing me again even though I have never once in my entire life abused you. I was quickly admitted and they administered my first steroid shot to my thigh to develop the babies lungs quicker. Ideally they would like you to get two steroid shots 48 hours apart to for the babies lungs to develop at a rapid rate in hopes they can breath on their own when born. I was put on magnesium sulfate IV which made me sick at first which lowers your blood pressure and makes you not have seizures. Once the IV was finished I started feeling better and the Dr's said the liver enzyme levels were stabalizing so they wanted to postpone delivery until the second steroid shot was given. The second shot was given on May 19th at noon and since then my enzymes and blood pressures have remained the same so they have decided to wait on delivery and give this little guy some more time to cook in my belly.  I have been on bedrest in the hosptial since Wednesday morning on the 18th and I'm going crazy. Thankfully they took me off the IV this afternoon so I can finally go to the bathroom not connected to a machine and I can walk around my room a little to stretch out my legs. Steroids stay in the Mother's System for 5-7 days so basically I am stuck in the hospital until the steroids wear off which is Mon-Wed and hopefully I'm Praying, Praying, Praying that the liver enzymes stay low along with my Blood Pressures and I can go home for bedrest instead of staying here. I want to keep this little guy cooking in my belly as long as possible...today I'm 28 weeks 5 days pregnant...I delivered Gavin at 29 weeks 5 days...this could just be the beginning of the problems that I had with Gavin and caught super early...at this stage I went from severe preeclampsia on Wednesday to mild and I hope it stays that way and doesn't elevate to HELLP syndrome like I had with Gavin. I feel great...no pain like last time I'm just going crazy being in the hospital.  The worst part was that I didn't eat since dinner on Tuesday evening and I was starving....because they thought delivery was going to happen they didn't let me eat until Thursday afternoon finally...let me tell you best turkey sandwich Ever lol Yesterday morning they had me do a ultrasound on my Gall Bladder to rule out Gall Stones...it wasn't that and I had to lay in the hallway for like 30 minutes for someone to come bring me back to my room...talk about uncomfortable.

I Miss My Son and Husband Sooooo Much. They come to visit everyday...Gavin did amazing today just laying in bed with Mama all day but it hurts so much when it's time to say Good Bye. It's hard not to cry yourself to sleep when you can't tuck you little guy in, make sure he ate his dinner, give him baths, snuggle and give him kisses goodnight. I am so Grateful to My Wonderful Husband who slept on a cot the first night when we didn't know what was going to happen (he snored the night away) while I was poked and woken up every three hours (it's so impossible to sleep in the hospital) and I have no veins left to get poked. Grant is my rock and I know it's hard on him too...scary to think about having another preemie and I'm Thankful that I have him as my partner in crime in this situation...I Love You Honey! Hopefully we're not spending our Four Year Wedding Anniversary in the Hospital even though it's looking that way at this moment. Thanks to My Parents for taking care of Gavin and coming to see my Everyday...I know Gavin is in the Best Hands Possible and I know it's not easy on you guys either. My Dad has been stopping by to keep my company on his way home from work and I've been learning all kinds of stories I had never heard before (he had Pneumonia at 13 and spent 45 days in the PICU as a child) he also fell off a ladder when my Mom was pregnant with me and cracked his head open requiring brain surgery....talk about scary surgery...he was very alarmed when they kept talking about the wrong side of his brain...thankfully he asked for a second opinion and got the proper side to have surgery...scary. Dad and Grant have toured the new NICU here at UCI and say it's the Taj Mahal compared to the old one that Gavin was in. Hopefully we don't have to stay there long but it's in God's Hands at this point and all the Prayer's Everyone has been sending have been working wonders. Thanks to My Mother  In Law Marsha for stocking me up on magazines galore and trying to plan a babyshower while I'm stuck here...I really appreciate it. Thanks to ALL the Call, Texts, Facebook Messages and Prayers Sent Our Way...They Are Getting Me Through the Day and I know I'm doing what's Best for the Baby! I also want to Thank the Amazing Doctor's and Nurses here at UCI for a Job Well Done...they make me feel so comfortable and I know they are doing what's best for Mama and Baby. The Nurses seriously get me through the day with their care and compassion and the evening Nurses get me through the lonely nights while sitting and watching American Idol with me and talking about their kids. I have a whole new appreciation for Nurses now :) I will just wait, rest and pray now that my enzyme levels maintain and I can go home for some bedrest...ultimately it will be up to Dr. Major the Specialist I've been going to the entire pregnancy whom I trust with my life :)

I wanted to let Everyone Know I got a newsletter from March of Dimes with our Final Numbers for the walk and Our Team Da Gavinator's Raised $ 2,441.00 how Beyond Awesome is that? Now more than ever with the situation we find ourselves in at this moment you see how very Important March of Dimes is to my Family and I wanted to Thank Each and Everyone of You that Joined us to Walk and Donated to Our Cause It's Appreciated more than You'll ever Know. Keep the Prayers Coming and I'll try and keep you updated on Baby G! XOXOXOX

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dinner and Dental Convention

The Dental Convention was in town last weekend. We have a huge Hospitality Suite at the Hilton Hotel for our Dentist Members to come eat breakfast and lunch and just relax in between classes. Our Boss got us a hotel room on Thursday night at the Hilton because we had to be downstairs at our event at 6am. It was the perfect night to go out to dinner with the girls! We decided on Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney because of all the Great reviews it's received. I had the New York Steak and it was Amazing...Everyone Loved their food...Especially the Beignets for Dessert!!! I ordered the large order of six and our waiter brought the small order of four because the six weren't done yet so he ended up taking so long that he brought us out six extra and gave us all of them for FREE! Best Beignet's Ever Please Go Try Them!!!
 The OCDS Girls of Past and Present....Stacy, Christina, Lacey, Shalyn & Stephanie
 Christina and I were Pregnant and due two days apart with Gavin and Jonas...Except Gavin was born early so they are almost 3 months apart and here we are Pregnant together again :) I'm having another Boy and she's finally getting her Girl (she has two boys) I'm Soooo Excited for her! I gave her the tutu I won online for her Daughter to enjoy when she arrives! Every single person that has gotten pregnant while working at OCDS has had a BOY...Finally she quit and broke the trend!
 We had over a Two Hour dinner talking about kids (we all have boys) except Stephanie whom I think we scared into never wanting kids and Husbands...It was Great seeing Everyone and Catching up! I Love all my Past and Present Co-Workers :)

Stacy and I headed back to the hotel to sleep and wake up bright and early to the FREEZING cold weather at our event. I swear my hair looked better than that when I left the hotel room. It was so cold both days that they ordered blankets and a fire pit on Saturday. The event was a huge success and we were all beyond tired from the past two weeks at work preparing for the event. My body was hating me for making it wake up early on Fri and Sat which are normally days off LOL
Sunday I slept in and relaxed all day! Thankfully Tomorrow is Our Friday at work because our Boss was kind enough to give us Thursday off and Glen Ivy passes for a day of Relaxation! Enjoy your week Everyone :)