Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Perfect Day

This past Sunday we decided to visit Disneyland for a few hours and then go see Gage! It was a Perfect Day at D~Land...not to crowded and not to hot :) Grant and My Parents went to ride the new Star Tours and Gavin and I headed to Toon Town!
Mickey and Minnie Were Happy to See Us
Steering Daisy's Boat House
10am California Adventure opened and we ran to see Ariel
These pics are all for Gavin...he loves this ride and will look at these pictures over and over
Happy Boy and Happy Grandparents
Gavin's Favorite Ariel with her Hair Going Up lol
Big Bad Ursula
You've Gotta Kiss The Girl
We got to meet Handy Manny
Grandpa Bruce, Gavin & Grandma Carol
Waiting in line for the Aladdin Show...Love This Show
It was a great time at Disneyland/California Adventure...I even convinced Dad whose scared of heights to go on Tower of Terror or as he says I FOOLED HIM into getting on LOL

Time to Visit Gage
Grandma & Grandpa with their Grandsons
Grandpa and His Boys
Throwing the Peace Sign
Mama & Son
Perfect Day....The End

David & Michelle's Wedding

I never thought I'd see the day....DAVO GOT Lovely Michelle this past weekend!!! I'm so excited for the adventure they are beginning...including just getting the keys to their first home and a Baby Girl on the way :)

David's Parents live in Riverside at a Gorgeous Huge House...we sat on the tennis court for the was Beautiful!
David & Michelle
You May Kiss the Bride
Mr & Mrs David Sewell !!!!
Melanie and Beefcake
Jill whispering sweet nothings to Joe lol
Jill & Joe
Cindy and Kyle...the Next to be Married in September...can't wait
Tim & Rachel
Grant & Shalyn
Dori, Melanie, Cindy, Shalyn, Deanne, Rachel, Jill and NICHOLAS
Just Us Girls
Josh & Deanne
Dori & Victor...Perfect Match :)
Nick, Joe, Josh and Grant
Davo & Grant
Thanks for inviting us to share your special day Mr & Mrs Sewell! Congrats

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Month Old

I've been trying to play catchup with my blog and just posted 5 blogs so please read all the ones below this :) I know I should be better at posting since I'm on Maternity Leave...however I honestly feel like I have NO TIME and I'm always tired. Gage is awake alot longer during the day so I'm at the hospital for longer periods of time. Gavin and I wake up around 8:30-9:30 whatever time Gavin wakes up (don't judge I'm up three times at night pumping and I'm tired) we eat breakfast, take showers and go to the hospital, get home anywhere between 3-5 and call it a day lol I have so many things on my To Do List and it's getting longer and longer. I'm working on Thank You Cards and catching up on this blog so I don't forget things or get to behind on pictures.

June 22, 2011 ONE MONTH OLD!!!
Gavin and I got to give Gage a bath so he smelt so good and his hair was no longer greasy. His hair looked alot lighter after his bath and had a reddish color in it.

Gage and his Crazy Brother
Changing the tape on his face so it was nice and clean
Happy, Clean boy after his bath which he loved by the way
3lbs and 10ozs at One Month Old! I can't wait to bring you home little guy. Gage had his eye exam today and everything came back great. He is maintaining his body temperature and will be moving to a crib very soon!!! The exercise program is going well and besides an few occasional spells (more than usual today because of the eye exam) he's doing great and growing at a wonderful pace. We are still looking at 3-4 more weeks before he can come home.

Marsha's Retirement Lunch...Grandpa's Turn

Monday was Marsha's Retirement Lunch at Cal State San Bernadino! Grandma Marsha Loves her job and the program she's been working with the past few years didn't receive funding this year so she is going to Retire and enjoy being a Full Time Grandma and Volunteer! Gavin, Amanda and I joined her on campus for lunch.
Opening gifts...Beautiful Blanket!!!
Check out the Smile in this picture...must be a San Manuel Bingo Gift Card!!!
So Happy We Could Join Her and Put Faces to Names
Marsha packed the room with those who loved her and they all told such wonderful stories of her and how much they enjoyed working with her with the occasional funny or embarrasing story during her roast LOL
Shelly, Dori and Marsha
I was informed this is my Future Father In Law from Ireland lol
The Campus is Gorgeous
My Happy, Handsome Boy
Gavin did great sitting for two hours during lunch with the occasional whine but great for a 3 year old. Thanks for inviting us Marsha and we can't wait until your home full time! We walked around campus a little bit (it was HOT) we visited admissions for Amanda to ask questions because she will be going to school there next semester!

Once I got home Grant and I headed to the hospital to visit Gage and guess who showed up...Grandpa Bruce!!!
My Dad stops by the hosptial on his way home from work most days and still hadn't even touched Gage so he was very excited to be there at the same time as us and Finally get to Hold Him!
Happy Grandpa
Congrats Grandma Marsha!!!