Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Duh

Five years ago we were at Pala Casino with some Family and Friends and the band playing at the lounge that night was NO DUH a NO DOUBT TRIBUTE BAND...We all know that I LOVE Me Some No Doubt so we stayed and they were AWESOME! I had never heard of them playing again until last week when Grant's friend sent him a facebook invite to see them play at a Dive Bar in Corona...We couldn't miss it with them being so close to where we live!

It said restauraunt on the invite so we decided to meet Jamie and Casey there a little early for dinner...that was until we drove by the bar and realized it was a BEYOND dive bar in the middle of an abandoned old shopping center so we were NOT eating dinner there...we met at Rodrigo's instead :) It was sooooo great hanging with Jamie and Casey we haven't all gone out forever and a good time was had by all! 

Twins...we kept joking with them all night about calling eachother before meeting up lol
 One would order a drink and the waitress would bring it to the wrong guy LOL
Lacey and Brandon were meeting us there along with two of their friends. When we got there they were already playing pool.
Date Night...Shay & Grant
Shalyn and Jamie...Best Friends since age FOUR
Casey and Jamie
The Lead Singer...Gwenabbe and Grant...Her shirt said SPEN lol
They did really good
We all had fun singing and dancing along...if I can't see the real No Doubt right now I'll settle for No Duh
Grant had a few to many drinks and was also singing and dancing to the music lol and screaming NO DUH after every song LOL There was also a really drunk guy that kept dancing crazy aka molesting himself and they brought him up on stage...he was hilarious and very entertaining
Sorry my camera was in my hospital bag so these are all cell pics
Love this girl :)
Grant and I with the BAND lol They were so nice and talked to everyone and took tons of pics!
Grant and Bubba...Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bombs LOL
We had a blast and enjoyed our last night out before Gage comes home! Thanks everyone for joining us :) Grant really enjoyed his hangover the next day LOL

So I'm having a hard time keeping up my milk supply for Gage even though I'm pumping every three hours religiously alot of times your supply will lower after 4 weeks and it has. I have tried all the vitamins, Fenagrek, mother's milk...I have tried the prescription Reglan which hasn't helped I think all of the above have actually decreased my supply so the lactation consultant told me about a prescription called Doneperidone that's illegal in the US so she told me to go to a compound pharmacy (I tried they don't have the active ingredient) or call Canada. I went online and ordered from Canada and thinking I was all good they called me asking for a Prescription...WTF Canada I thought you didn't need a prescription (I'm not ordering pain killers) Why does Canada always send you viagra emails if you need a prescription for it???? I called and finally convinced the Specialist the write the prescription and faxed it to Canada and they said it will be there in 10-14 days..ummm hello it's kinda urgent can I pay for overnight shipping...we don't do that it will be there in 10-14 days. I hate you Canada (besides your beauty) I finally got it last Friday and don't think it's working :( Sorry Gage I'm really trying.

I'm still upset with the verdict in the Casey Anthony you think she did it or believe what the media is saying now that it was her Dad? Either way that family is so messed up and it's going to be impossible for her to start a new should be behind bars.

Did you guys see that Brendon and Rachel are back on this season of Big Brother!!! Grant and Brendon have been friends forever and we're so glad they're back on the show...hopefully they come out on top this time!!! Go Team Brenchel lol
Can't wait for Gage to come home so we can start our routine and begin our new normal! I hope Everyone is having a Wonderful Week :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Boy

This little sleeping Miracle
Now weighing 4 lbs 5ozs
Is holding his own temperature and is in a Big Boy Bed!!!
Gage is awake alot more now and always looking around so one of his Nurses put up pictures for him to stare at :)
I just LOVE this face
This Smile Melts My Heart
Lacey and Dean came to visit last Friday! Lacey came to see Gage the day after he was born but wasn't able to see him in the NICU because they were putting in his PICC line and we couldn't be in the NICU when they were putting it in. It was better for her to see him now so she could hold him :) The playroom has daycare for certain times of the day for Siblings and Family so Dean and Gavin played and made crafts while we visited Gage!
Thumb Sucker
Big Brother holding Little Brother for the First Time
Gentle Kisses
Daddy feeding Gage his bottle! Gage has to be taking the bottle for all feeds before he can come home. Right now he's taking them for four feeds a day and is working his way up the protocol chart. Sunday afternoon the steroids wore off and he was struggling to finish his bottle so they decided to put him back on oxygen. I knew this was a possibility but with him being off it for 5 days I thought we were good to go...he's taking a different low dose steroid again and they were removing the oxygen this evening so hopefully this time he gets to stay off it.

Big Boy
Happy Mama
Happy Brother...Wants to hold him Everytime Now
Handsome Boy
Daddy Loves to hold him
Big Yawn
We are so ready for Gage to come home. I'm so done with driving to Orange everyday and need a serious break from the 91 freeway and my bank account needs a break from the FasTrak. Please Pray that he stays off the oxygen for good this time and continues with success at his bottle feeding. I will Miss the Nurses and Doctors so much they have become like Family and it will be strange to not see them Everyday. Once he's home it will be so nice to establish a routine and be able to hold him whenever we want to.  We began training for a new research exercise program this week and I've had to meet with the Nurses at 11am each day to learn the program we are going to be the guinea pigs for. The project will take a whole year to complete and I hope we can keep up with it and sending daily reports to the hospital. I feel that they have helped both my Children so much that I can help with this one research project...I do the March for Babies walk and fundraiser each year to fund projects and research so it's kinda nice to be on the receiving end and hopefully will help all Preemies with the findings from this new project. I feel so Blessed with all the Love and Support around us at home and with our new hospital family...Thanks Everyone. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Today I was told by Dr. Sills that he expects only two more weeks in room
This makes me very excited and nervous...I can't wait to have my little man home :)

Monday afternoon Josh and Anna met us at the hospital to meet Gage! Anna was super excited to hold our tiny little man :) Josh will wait until he's a little bigger LOL
They were so sweet and bought gifts for Gage and Gavin! Gav loved his gifts and is actually playing with his new color book as I type and Gage is wearing one of his adorable new outfits right now...I will post pics tomorrow :)
We brought a little flag and put Gage in his Red, White and Blue Baseball outfit!
Love Him Soooo Much
Future Angels Player
Gavin was using the stickers Anna gave him as tattoos :)
The Night Nurse made this with Gage's Hands...So freaking cute
We ate some BBQ for dinner, went swimming and blew up some fireworks of our own...Gavin liked the Sparklers! Gavin really hates loud noises so we didn't go to the firework show this year. We watched them in the distance and I was sad we didn't go but hopefully next year he will like them better :)

Happy Fourth of July Everyone

No Oxygen

I just got this in the mail :) I ordered it after Gage was born and I Love it!!!
Sunday morning we arrived at the hospital to this sweet face...notice anything different?????
Gage was put on steroids 5 days ago to help stregthen his lungs and he's finally off the oxygen and breathing 100% on his own!!! We couldn't have been more excited to see his sweet cheeks! The Nurses were all super excited too :)
Gage keeps touching his cheeks trying to grab onto the oxygen lol
Handsome Fellas
I hope to one day get a good family picture lol
We're so proud of how far you've come in six weeks buddy and we can't wait to bring you home!!!

Sunday afternoon some friends came over to swim in our lake dirty pool and BBQ
Swimming Lessons have made Princess Mia Brave
Beautiful Elisa
Jesse, Victor and Dori catching some rays
Thanks for coming over was fun hanging out :)