Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gage is Home

Hi Everyone! Well it's been a crazy past month and so many huge changes have happened. I'm happy to say that after 77 LONG Days Gage Finally came home from the NICU on August 7th!!! Nurse Andrea called that morning saying we could take him home if we promised to come pick up his medicine from the pharmacy on Monday morning...we jumped at the chance to have him home a day early :) I was so happy to have my little man home and not have to make the drive to UCI everyday...we do Miss Our Favorite Nurses though :) I was given the option to bring him home on oxygen or let them take it off and do another five day trial without the oxygen and then take him home....and he may end up needing it again so we opted to take him home earlier on oxygen and take him to the pulmonologist.

My Sweet Boy a few days before he came home
 Daddy's Turn to Snuggle
Ready to go Pick Up Brother!!!
 Gage looks so tiny in his carseat
 Our Boys
 Brothers...This was the ONLY time that Gavin actually wanted to go to the hospital..he was thrilled to bring his Brother home
 Introducing Me :) Trying out his Bassinet
 He enjoys his swing for maybe 10 minutes
 Laying in the crib together
 They have a bond no one will be able to break
 Auntie Gwenett Snuggling
 Denisse was nervous to hold him
 Denisse and her Sister Danielle holding Gage...hurry up and get Married so Gage can have a little wasian friend :)
 Danielle was great with him...she even gave him a bottle!
 Love These Kids So Much
 Daddy and Gage
 Sleepy Boys
 Gavin started Preschool on Tuesday August 23rd...he's in the afternoon class for three hours and he cried  a little at first but really enjoyed it once he was there! The day after he started school he got the flu while at Disneyland and had to miss the second day of school :( Yesterday morning he was nervous again and shed a few tears but his teacher gave my Mom the thumbs up when she picked him up and he won't stop talking about all the fun things they did :)
 I really want to get a good family photo soon :)
The three weeks I was home with the boys was a blur...I forgot how hard it was to have a newborn. I forgot what it was like to not sleep. Gage likes to be held and sleep on you...I spent a week sleeping sitting up on the couch with him on me. I have since then moved to my bed where Gage and I sleep in 2-3 hour increments and Gavin and Grant sleep in Gavin's bed. I'm Lucky enough to have Friday nights off where I sleep with Gavin and Grant gets to stay up all night LOL We can't really leave the house since Gage is on oxygen so I occasionally break out and visit Target :) 

I had to go back to work this week...only three weeks at home with Gage was not nearly enough time to establish a schedule. Work was just the way I left it and it feels like I never left...I'm so happy to have internet again (need to get at my house) but I really miss the boys all day. We are so Blessed to have My Mom coming to our house to watch them...I know they are in Great Hands! Thanks Mom we Appreciate it more than you'll ever know. Mom also came to let me sleep a few hours when Gage came home and she would take Gavin to do fun things because we can't go anywhere I feel so bad for him being stuck in the house.

Last Friday I took Gage to CHOC for his Pediatric Pulmonology Appt so they could look at his lungs and determine if he still needs the oxygen. First of all I wanted to say that I though CHOC was going to be this beautiful super clean hospital and it was so dirty and they have one giant waiting room for all the clinics which I did not feel comfortable having my Preemie in. I had to wait three hours to see the Dr which is absurd. They took Gage off his medication but they won't do two things at once so they couldn't take him off the oxygen also...I'm allowed to remove the oxygen when we leave the house for short periods of time or when he's awake at home. I can't begin to tell you how difficult it is the drag this giant tank around with you everywhere and I really hope he can come off it soon. He constantly pulls it out and I have to re-tape his poor cheeks daily. The Dr said we have to spend the night at the dirty hospital and take the oxygen off and do a sleep test to monitor his Saturations to see if he can come off. The insurance has to approve this first so they will call me soon to set up appt and then we go back to the Dr in 5 weeks on Sept 30th. I'm praying he can come off it then for good :) I'm not complaining it could have been so much worse considering how early both my boys were born and I Thank God Everyday for Blessing Me With My Two Miracles :) I will be doing the March of Dimes walk forever now...I need some help coming up with a new team name now. It was DaGavinator's now I need a new name for Gage and Gavin...any suggestions? Team GaGa isn't going to work lol

I thought I had Pictures from Mia's Adorable Strawberry Shortcake Third Birthday and I didn't have any on my camera so I know this is way late but I'd like to say Happy Belated Birthday to Gwenett, Jamie, Mom and Mia :) I like to take the time to do a special birthday blog for my Favorite Niece and Nephew but due to circumstances this year I didn't have time...I promise next year Mia your B-Day Blog with be Extra Special XOXO

Cindy and Kyles Wedding is next weekend...I can't wait to see Cindy as the Blushing Bride!!! Everyone have a Wonderful 3 day weekend :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I'm super behind on my blogging's been really busy in the Robers Household :) I wrote this post a month ago and I promise I will be catching up real soon.
We had to say Goodbye to Christy...One of Gage's Primary Nurses last week because she went out on Maternity leave. We are so Fortunate to have met Christy and so Thankful that she chose to become one of Gage's Primary Nurses...Words can't express how Grateful we are that she constantly put our mind's at ease knowing she was taking Wonderful care of Gage. He Loved her and would look for her when he heard her voice :) Thanks for EVERYTHING Christy and Good Luck with Baby Alexa when she joins your Family!
Auntie Jenn gave Gavin a little elephant blanket when he was in his isolette and Elle is his favorite thing in the world and he still sleeps with him Everynight....She sent Gage this cute giraffe we named him Raffy :) Thanks Aunt Jenn!
Kisses from Grandma
Daddy's Turn to Give a Bath
Thanks for cleaning me up Daddy...You're the Best
Nice and Clean with my Fluffy Hair
Mommy, Gage, Gavin & Grandma
Andrea is Gage's other daytime Primary Nurse who is so Helpful and Nurturing...She reads his signs so well and knows exactly what he needs :) We are so Blessed to have you in our lives Andrea and Thankful that you chose to be Gage's Primary we hope to be lifelong friends :)
My Heroes...Dr's Diagnose and Prescribe but Nurses do ALL the Work :) We Love You Girls!
Shalyn, Gage & Grant
We had a Super Busy Week full of visitors :) Uncle Caleb and Tiffany FINALLY came to meet Gage
Trina and Roxi came to visit Gage on Wednesday (the pictures turned out super blurry :( ) and we headed to Alcatraz brewing company with the family to eat a delicious dinner and catch up with them. Thanks Trina and Roxi for ALL the Gifts you really outdid yourself and Gage is super spoiled already. Auntie Linda also came to snuggle with this little guy! He was so happy to meet his GREAT AUNT and can't wait to meet his Great Uncle David :)
Aunt Linda spoiled Gavin and took him to the playroom and cafeteria while I fed Gage
Thanks for coming to Meet Gage Aunt Linda and hanging out with us for the day :) Thanks for all the Wonderful Gifts we can't wait to wear all the adorable clothes and hang up our pictures in our new frames! Lunch was Yummy Too and Mickey Mouse sleeps with Gavin at night :)
This little guy turned Two Months old on Friday...can you believe that two months already
No longer wearing Preemie clothes...I'm a big boy in Newborn size now...5lbs 11ozs :)