Thursday, September 22, 2011

Four Months Old

I can't believe my baby is 4 months old already! Gage has brought so much joy and love to our lives I can't imagine my world without this little snuggle bug.
 Gavin is the Best Big Brother and Loves and Protects his Brother
 Gage got to watch his first Charger's Game with Daddy...I think he Liked it
 Like My Eyebrow
 Love this Little Face
 The Sweetest Little Brother
 After weeks of insurance approvals and trying to make appointments we finally had Gage's Pneumogram appt at CHOC on Tuesday evening. Gage and I had to stay overnight, disconnect the oxygen and monitor his Saturation's overnight. I was so disappointed when I realized we were sharing a room with a family of four that didn't speak English. I really dislike CHOC it's so dirty, we had a bathroom with no lock to share and the sink wasn't even in the bathroom so if you were using it to brush your teeth or anything you were in front of the other family. Not to mention they had a two year old that kept playing with loud toys (piano's ect) and once the Dad and two year old went home after visiting hours were over the baby (prob 8 months old) cried all night and then the Dad dropped the little boy off at 6am so he could go to work so we were back to loud toys and screaming. Thank God it was only one night. Please pray for the baby I discovered when the Dr and translator came in to talk to the mother that he's having liver failure, his eyes and skin are yellow (I didn't really see him, just heard him) and the Doctor's can't figure out why it's failing, he's being transferred to UCI. I shouldn't complain because all the children and families there were in much worse shape then us and a silly sleep study...makes me so Grateful for my Beautiful Miracle Boys...Hospitals are so depressing.
 Giant Jail Crib
 My Bed for the night
I got NO sleep...they are building a new wing of the hospital and were jack hammering at 1am I was shocked.  Gage had his appt with the pulmonologist at 11am and thankfully the pneumogram results were ready and we can bid adieu to our friend Mr. Oxygen Tank!!!! Couldn't be happier :)

Gage weighs 10 pounds now and is the cutest little guy I've ever seen. He still talks up a storm and gets attitude every once in a while. Bathtime is his favorite and he also likes swinging in my arms in the backyard. 

Fall is in the air and I can't wait until Halloween!!! Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone and Happy Four Months to My Precious Little Man Cub XOXO 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bailes Wedding

September 10, 2011 
 I woke up to Thunder~Lightning and Rain
The Weather wasn't going to ruin Kyle & Cindy's Wedding Day...8 years Engaged...a Special Day we've all been looking forward to FOREVER

My Beautiful Cousin Chelsea and Two Friends came down to Riverside early in the morning to do everyone's hair, makeup and eyelashes

At 3pm we panicked when the Boys called saying ummmm Ladies Where Are You? We all rushed out the door and headed to the Chapel

Cindy was the most Beautiful Bride
I was Honored to be included in her Special Day
 This Dress was AMAZING
 Horse Drawn Carriage to Pick up the Bride & Groom
 The Dudes
 Gavin is in Love with all these Girls
 Kyle & Grant
 Look how big this dress is :)
 Us...can't wait for Gage to be big enough to enjoy weddings
 Can't get them both to smile at the same time
 Brandon & Melanie
My Handsome Boy
Hopefully the next to get Married...Hint Hint Denisse
 Don't wait 8 years to get married please
Love This Little Guy
 He was the ladies man
 He loves the attention
 Brian & Cindy
 Cutting the Cake
 Just a little on his nose lol
 Love This Guy
 Gavin & Princess Cindy
 David & Michelle...Soon to be 3!!!
 Deanne & Josh
 Best Friends
 Isn't She Beautiful
 Taking a nap
 Mr & Mrs Bailes
 Time to go Home
 Thanks for including us in your special day Kyle & Cindy! I will never forget this amazing day now go make some babies :) XOXO