Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkins and Photographer

 Hi Everyone! I wanted to blog last week about the pumpkin patch but for some reason blogger isn't letting me post vertical photos...I was hoping it would resolve itself over the weekend but alas it hasn't and all the cute pics I wanted to post are just sitting on my computer :(  Last Saturday we visited the Pumpkin Patch with My Parents, Grandma Marsha and the Mendez Family!

Gavin and Jacob
 So Hard to get a Family Pic
 Cheese Ball
 Wagon Ride
 Aren't these Fairy Tale Pumpkins Magical...I want one
 We Got home and Gavin stole the are some pics he took
 Looking up at the key holder
 Picture Table
 Sprinkles for the Cookies
My Día de los Muertos Figures
 Daddy and Gage
 Self Portrait in Mirror Please Excuse My Messy Room
I think he may have some future photography skills here :) He really enjoys taking pictures!

So what does everyone think about all the new shows on TV this season? My new Favorites are Revenge (I just sucked Grant in this weekend making him watch all the ones on the DVR) Two Broke Girls, New Girl and last night we watched the premiere of Once Upon A Time...Loved It!!! I also have been really into Oprah's Lifeclass her new show on OWN network its' so Inspirational and leaves me in tears everytime I watch. Grant is really liking Terra Nova I don't really care for it but will watch it with him since I'm a Nice Wife lol

Since All My Children was cancelled and my Friend Stephanie and I don't want to support the new show that took it's spot we've been power walking during our lunch feels good and seems to break up the day and make time pass quicker.

I Hope Everyone is Doing Well and will update with pics from this past weekend sometime this week

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beach & Doctors Appts

What can I's been a crazy past four weeks and I have so many things I need to catch up on. 
Last Tuesday I got home from work and Gavin was screaming in pain with a earache...he's never had one before and since there wasn't a urgent care still open we spent our evening in Corona Emergency Room :( Thankfully it wasn't as long of a wait as I thought and we saw the Dr, picked up meds and were home by 9pm. This was the beginning of a super long work week full of late nights for meetings. Wednesday evening we had a CPR class at our office and I had to stay and grade the papers and lock up the office and Thursday evening we had a membership mixer in Brea at the Yardhouse (at least the food was yummy)

Big Brother likes helping with bathtime
 Sweet Clean Boy
 I Love You Daddy
 Last Saturday Grants company had a party in Huntington Beach, we ate lunch, played games and decided on a last minute beach trip to put our toes in  the sand :)
 Grant and his Boys
 Mama and Sons
 It was so Beautiful and Peaceful
 Gavin loves being thrown in the air
 We attempted a family photo with the camera timer
 Someone took this we didn't get a good one
 My Little Cutie Pie
Grant, Gage & Shalyn
 During the shot above Gavin was doing this
 Gavin was soooo happy, he loves the beach and was rolling around in the sand and playing in the mud...unfortunately we didn't have beach clothes so his pants got so heavy from the sand and water that they kept falling down
 Poor guy walked around holding them up
 Sleeping Listening to the Waves Crashing
 Yep..Pants Fell Off...Opps
 We had so much fun at the beach it was amazing...I can't wait to go back next summer when Gage can enjoy it too :)

Sunday Grandpa came over to watch Football...he did alot of holding this little guy :)
Friday morning Gage had his 4 month shots :( The Pediatrician right away told me that the left side of his head is too flat (a complaint I talked to the NICU Dr's about) he was on the CPAP for a long time in the NICU and was on his right side a majority of the time because of the cords and well now he's going to need a helmet to reshape that side of his head. The Doctor said it will only be a few months and to think of it like wearing braces...he explained that boys need perfect shaped heads because they shave them. It sucks but what can we do...I want him to have a nicely shaped dome and he will thank us later. Not sure when this will happen, waiting on insurance to approve it and then we'll have to visit the prosthetic Dr. Please Pray it's not on too long...poor little guy. Gage will also need surgery on his hernia when he's closer to one year old :( He's still adorable and I love him so much and couldn't picture our chaotic life without him. Gavin is such a great big brother and really enjoys him, I can't wait for him to be old enough that they can really play together. Gage now weighs almost 12 pounds!

I'll leave you with one last photo of Grandma Marsha and her Four Angels

I can't wait for Halloween and Fall Weather!