Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Charger Boys

 As you all know Grant is a HUGE San Diego Charger Fan....which means these two little guys must grow up to be Charger Fans :) My Friend Anna made these Adorable shirt and onesie for the boys with these Charger Ties! I Love them and was so excited when they came in the mail!
 It's so hard to get them both to look or smile at the same time
 Wink Wink Mr Gavin
 My Charger Boys
We were excited to get the shirts in the just so happened to be Brennan's FIFTH Birthday and it was a Football Party! Happy Birthday Brennan!
 Isn't his Viking's Cake Awesome
 It was cold outside so we tried to keep Gage bundled up
 The Party was so much fun...they had a entertainer that did balloon animals and tons of games...he even through out pinata candy and did face painting! If you need an entertainer let me know, he was awesome and the parents didn't have to do any work LOL
 Purple Cake Tounge
 Gage was wipedown...the party was a TOUCHDOWN
Anna can make beanies, onesies, shirts, headbands of any team/character or color you want! Her prices are so reasonable and she has the prettiest flower headbands and even Christmas Ornaments. Thanks Anna for these outfits and the flowers I appreciate it so much :) You should check out Anna's Etsy Sight by clicking Here GRACEFUL BY ANNA

Monday, November 28, 2011

Halloween & Ellen

Gage's First Halloween 2011
 Gavin was going to be Batman and when I couldn't find it in his size he was Spiderman instead
 Gage is a match Batman...opps
 My Adorable Boys
 Grandma & Grandpa came by to Trick or Treat
 Family Photo
 Trick or Treat
We Trick or Treated around the block...Gavin was tired and the Chargers were playing Monday night football so we headed home and dived into the candy pile! Fun Fun Night

Gavin's school had a "Harvest Festival" and it was so much fun!
There were tons of games for the kids to play
The prizes were Awesome
 Gage enjoyed it too
 Isn't he cute
 Andrea was one of Gage's Primary Nurses
 Rarely do they get to see the babies once they leave the NICU
 Andrea's Beautiful Family
 We recently got tickets for the Ellen DeGeneres Show and I have always wanted to do the Warner Brothers Lot VIP Cousin Stacy works there and got us a discount on the tour.

Woods where True Blood is filmed
Town Square for Gilmore Girls and now Hart of Dixie
Loralei's House in Gilmore Girls
This Picture is for Gavin
Bat Mobile

Bat Bike
The Weasley's Car in Harry Potter
Central Perk
 Thelma, Shalyn & Lacey
Prop Room
Mom, Thelma, Shay & Lacey
Mom & Stacy...Thanks for the Hook Up Stacy it was Great Seeing You
The Ellen Show was Awesome!!! Guess what we all Won

 The new Motorola Droid Razr...Love It...Lacey Sold hers for almost $600 and we also got two Tickets each for the Katy Perry Concert. The Best part was my phone had shattered the day before while I was on a walk so this was such a Blessing :) Thanks Ellen! It was seriously the funnest day I've had in a long time and it was Awesome hanging out with Mom, Lacey and Thelma :) Can't wait to do it again soon!!!

Thelma & Gage :)

I am trying to catch up on blogging this week so stayed tuned for more postings!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

World Prematurity Day

My 2 Preemie Miracles
Gavin Paul Robers born 01/06/08 due 03/17/08 29.5 weeks weighing 2lbs 4ozs
Gage Phillip Robers born 05/22/11 due date 08/08/11 28.5 weeks weighing 2lbs 9ozs
Gage and GG
Gavin and GG
See How Much My Miracles Look Alike

When giving birth to a premature baby, parents still deserve the "Congrats!" other new parents get, but most people don't know what to say. If flowers or balloons are actually sent, they can't even share them with their baby as they aren't allowed in the NICU. They have to wait to hold their baby, sometimes for a month or more.

When they are finally discharged, they are like most new parents and ...want to show off their bundle of joy. But once again, their experience as parents is different in that they must keep their baby confined and make folks scrub like they are going into an OR before even touching the baby. Just because they are home doesn't make them instantly healthy. Many have continuing health issues, just because they look "healthy" doesn't mean they are, they are still fragile and sometimes, not even "due" yet.

For those amazing parents, babies, and NICU healthcare professionals, November 17th is World Prematurity Day!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011


I've been such a bad blogger....Life gets in the way to often...busy schedules are wearing me down...I can't wait until Christmas when Grant and I both have the week off :)
 Aren't these two Adorable?
 Gage is really starting to Smile and Giggle alot now
 Gavin stole the camera again
 This self portrait cracks me up
 Big Lips
 Not sure what face this is
 Sunday October 30th Grant's Uncle Gordon and Aunt Dorthy were visiting from Michigan so we all met at Uncle Greg's house in San Diego. GG was so excited to meet this guy :)
 Aunt Sue gave Gavin this Witches Hat
 Gavin was not in the mood for pics
 GG and  her Great Grands
 Bobbing for Apples
 Gage and Uncle Isaac
 Cheater Apple Bobber
 Mia was the champ

The Family
 Carving Pumpkins
 Trying on Wigs
 Jake and his Pumpkin
 Auntie G and Gage
 Uncle Greg and Gage sizing eachother up
 Gavin's Favorite Costume...Mia's Least Favorite
 Pearle and her Daughter's In Law
 GG and her Boys...Miss You Gary
 She Loved This Little Guy and Offered to Babysit Anytime lol
 I also got yelled at for patting his back to hard while trying to burp him
But would you want to argue with a 93 year old? I'm so glad that Gage finally got to meet his Great Grandma and Vice was Love at First Sight. Thanks for having us over Greg and Sue and for planning so many fun things for the kids to enjoy. It was Great seeing you Dorthy and Gordon.