Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photos With My Boys

My Amazing, Generous, Beautiful, Kind Friend...Freida Hall offered to take pictures of Our Family :) I was sad that Grant couldn't make it but didn't want to miss the chance to take pictures with my Handsome Sons!
I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!! Thanks so much from the bottom of my Heart Freida you caught some wonderful moments :) Please take a moment to look at her website Inspired By Bella and if you're looking to get photo's taken of your families call her, she's amazing!!! Her big goal this year is to take Wedding Photos at one of the wineries so if you know anyone getting Married please refer them to her website. Thanks Again Freida it's was so nice to see you and catch up a time we need to have a play date with the kids :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Birthdays & Knott's Berry Farm

Gavin is FOUR! Where does the time go? Grant and I decorated the house that night after he fell asleep! He was so Happily Surprised when he opened the door to a hallway covered in Balloons!
 My Handsome Four Year Old
 All he wanted to was a Tangled Cake
 Isn't is Pretty? I got it from Tasteful Cakes in Corona and Gavin couldn't have been happier...he loved the waterfall :)
Jamie stopped by to bring a gift and tell us the Good News....She's Pregnant!!! I'm so HAPPY for her and Casey! Congrats My Friend :)
 Making a Wish
 Saturday we celebrated at Knott's Berry Farm where we got passes to for Christmas! Thanks Mom and Dad :) The Donatelli's met us there for a few hours to show us the ropes!

Dean and Gavin...Cheeseballs LOL
 Dean, Lacey and Baby Sister in the Tummy
 Me and the Boys
 Gage just hung out

 Gavin's Favorite Ride
 Snoopy Time
Knott's was Awesome! I was shocked that on a Saturday afternoon there was NO LINES...I'm not used to that because Disneyland ALWAYS had long lines. I was surprised to run into my Friend Marika and Family when we first got there it was so good seeing them and we need to make plans to meet up there soon. I highly recommend getting Knott's passes $69.00-$89.00 for the entire year...however it's Jan-Dec so the sooner you buy them the better! We will be going back to Knott's very soon :) The perfect end to an Awesome Birthday Weekend for my FOUR YEAR OLD!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Gavin

Happy Fourth Birthday to My First Born!!! I can't believe you are Four years old already...time really flies when you're having fun and you are more than I could've ever asked for! I am one Lucky Mama to call you My Son!

January 6, 2008 my 2 lb 4oz 14 inch Miracle
 One Years Old
 Two Years Old
 Three Years Old
 Four Years Old

Look How Much You've Grown! I am Truly Amazed at how much you learn daily and you never cease to surprise me with your knowledge and wonder! You started Preschool this year and you love every minute of it...bringing home new art projects and teaching us new things. You are the BEST BIG BROTHER in the WORLD and Gage is so Lucky to have you...he worships you and you can make him laugh like no one else. Thanks for always being his protector and looking out for him I can't wait for him to get a little bigger so he can play with you and run around. You are My Best Friend and Constant Companion and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • You Love Ariel, Lalaloopsy, Tangled, Scooby Doo and Super Heros :) 
  • Your Best Friends at School are Emmy Grace and Randy
  • Your Teacher is Mrs Tansley
  • You Love Disneyland
  • You Love to Sing Coldplay songs with me
  • Bath time is your Favorite
  • Chicken Nuggets, Quesadillas, and Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough are your Favorite foods and ice cream  

We are having family over tonight for cake and ice cream and will be going to Knott's Tomorrow to celebrate this special boy :) Your Smile Lights Up My Life and I'm So Proud to Be Your Mama! We Love You Gavin Paul Robers....To The Moon

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas! Thursday before Christmas was Mom's Day at Gavin's School! They have a professional photographer take your pictures and so many fun crafts to do in all the classrooms :) I got to Finally meet Genn, I read her blog all the time and felt like I knew her so it was awesome to finally meet her in person! We got to spend time catching up with Gage's Nurse Andrea and her Adorable Daughter Stella!
 Stella & Andrea
 Gavin's New Necklace
 I Love his Preschool and it was so fun to spend the day with him :)

Christmas Morning was Fun! 
 Gavin asked Santa for Lalaloopsy Tree House
 Gage's First Christmas
 Wore Him Out
The Grandparents came over for Breakfast and Gifts
 Story Time
 Stud Muffin
 Family Photo
 After breakfast we headed to Gwenett & Isaac's for more delicious food! Marsha bought the kids all fun hats...I think Mom and Marsha enjoyed them.
 Gage & Aunt Amanda
 Turkey Time
 Grumpy Santa
 Grandpa & Gage
 Isaac, Joe and Aaron
 I can't believe I didn't get any pics of the kids all together on Christmas...I've been such a bad picture taker since I had Gage because he's usually in my arms. I hope everyone had a Great Christmas! I got a new kindle fire which is AWESOME and I immediately purchased Mockingjay the third book in the Hunger Games friend Stacy has been reading the books and passing them to me but hadn't finished the third book before our Christmas Vacation so I was very happy to make that my first purchase! If you have not read the Hunger Games go buy it's AMAZING and I can't wait for this movie to come out in March :) I also got Leopard Tom shoes, and Passes to Knott's Berry Farm and the Wild Animal Park/Zoo I can't wait to do all these fun things this year!!! 

One of the perks of my job is having the week between Christmas and New Year's off work PAID! Grant took it off this year too and unfortunately like Every Single Year for the Past Four Years I was once again Sick so we didn't gt to do anything fun like we had planned :( This year I got Laryngitis and was spent the day in Urgent Care getting a shot of antibiotics and a prescription. Thankfully my voice is back now and I no longer sound like Demi Moore or a phone sex operator

We did have a nice visit with Trina and Roxy on vacation! We went to Tom's Farms for some yummy pizza and picked up some guacamole and yummy snacks :) 

Love This Face
 Thanks for adding to his Ariel obsession Trina & Roxy lol
 Grandma has Ariel
 Come and Get Her
 Gage & Auntie Roxy (Chelsea do you see what he did with all the princess stickers you gave him...look at his wall lol)
 Roxy and the Boys
 Mom & Trina...BFFs
Thanks for spending the day with us Ladies! It was great seeing you and catching up :)

 New Year's Eve was Crazy at the Robers House...We were Popping Bottles All Night Long
 Or maybe just eating dinner and watching TV
 In bed early but we did toast at midnight (east coast time)
  It was nice being home twelve days in a row...the house was scrubbed and we checked many things of the to do list...time for a massive garage sale! I am in desperate need of a date night with the Hubby and it was nice to come back to work and get a little break from the kiddos as bad as that sounds. 

2011 was Amazing and we Welcomed Our Second Miracle Son into Our Lives...I'm Looking Forward to 2012 and the Many New Adventures It Brings! Happy New Year Everyone :)