Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's Going On?

How Was Everyone's Three Day Weekend? Mine was Awesome :) I just downloaded all the pictures off my camera so there are some old pics in here. 

A few weeks ago my Cousin and her friend Jenn came over to play beauty shop at my house and do all my Co-Workers hair! It was fun and they made some money...win/win in my book.
This Little Guy Turned 6...OMG How did that happen already?
 He's missing his front teeth and everything :)  Happy Birthday Jacob!
  A few photos from our trip a few weeks ago to the Wild Animal Park
 Happy Boy
 Daddy and his boys...sorry for cutting off your head honey
 Love the land and scenery here...feels like you're on a safari
 Lazy Lion Catching Some Rays On The Jeep
 This past weekend we headed to Big Bear for some much needed family time and fun in the snow
 Action Shot
 My Three G-Boys
  Grandma Marsha Multi-Tasking
Marsha made some delicious prime rib for dinner along with all the fixins!!! We headed to the Moonridge Zoo on Sunday! I didn't know it's a rehabilitation center and they only take in animals that are hurt, illegal pets or in trouble and about to be euthanized. Right now they are next to Bear Mountain on 2 1/2 acres but they just purchased 10 acres in front of the Bear Mountain golf course and will be breaking ground in May so the animals can be in bigger cages.
 Pack of Timberwolves...they were howling it was awesome
 Grandpa Bruce, Gavin, Gage and Daddy with Cowboy the Owl in the middle
 Watch out Gavin there's a Mountain Lion behind You
 Mama, Gage and Daddy
 Gage thought Mama and the Eagles behind him are funny
 Gavin didn't want to cooperate for a family pic
Gage is in deep thought lol
 This kid loves the snow he played for hours
 3 legged bear..hit by a car...eats standing up and walks with a cane
 Grandpa Bruce and Gage
 Mama and Gavin
 Love this little guy
 Gavin, Grant and Grandma Marsha
It was a fun weekend but I was glad to be home and tackle my 10 loads of laundry (why are snow clothes so big) the house is now clean and groceries bought. Have a Great Week Everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Doctor's and Wild Animals

Hi Everyone! Sorry for being such a horrible blogger lately...time is slipping away so fast and I am trying to enjoy these little boys before they move out and start college.

This is the picture Gavin and I took at his Mommy and Me day at his school! I Like It :)
 I'm Loving Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Mini Line at Target! Isn't he a Stud in his new shades?
Two weeks ago we decided in the early am hours to go use our Passes Aunt Linda & Uncle David got us for Christmas at the Wild Animal Park...we only stayed a few hours, packed a lunch...the weather was perfect! We took the tram ride at the perfect time because all the animals were feeding so they were very close to us. Gavin thought it was so cool :) Gavin loves the play ground there so we ate our lunch while he played for a while...that's why he's not in these pictures.
 This little guy was loving watching all the kids play
 We need to go back very soon :) I have more pictures to add but they're on my camera which is at home so they will be added soon since I know everyone loves animal pics lol

Gage's Developmental Evaluation was at CHOC last Thursday so I took the day off work and got a little extra snuggle time in the morning with these boys :)
 The day of the appt he should've been 5 months 23 days old...some things he measured under 4 months 10 days and some things older 7 months 20 days. The Doctor said he should be able to hold himself up at this age and his feet should send a signal to the brain telling him to use the muscle in his back to sit up straight...he's not quite there yet...hopefully soon. That is the area he scored low in...they also think he doesn't respond to his name well, which he does everyday on a normal basis but he was surrounded by 4 woman and Mom so he in true male fashion decided to stare at the prettiest one in the room instead of listening to Mom call his name. Since they have never seen him before they had to score him based on what they saw. Bummer since I know he knows his name...I should be getting the full report very soon.

 The exercise research project that Gage is participating in for UCI has been going well. The ladies came over Friday morning to teach us the new set of 6 month old exercises and the Occupation Therapist said she would talk to CHOC and tell them he does respond to his name and roll over with assistance. Gage's arms are very weak (they think because of his GIANT head) so we are working on his arm strength so he can learn to sit up on his own soon and crawl on schedule. They recommended PT and OT once a week for him and called our Pediatrician we are waiting for approval so hopefully that will help his arm strength soon. Gavin is also going to Physical Therapy every Friday for his tip toe walking (sign of prematurity) I wish he had all these early intervention appts like Gage does so they would've caught the problem earlier. No one said parenthood would be easy...I just hope the therapy helps them both and one day we can have Fridays Appt Free so we can do Fun Things Again :) I am so fortunate to have so many people involved and checking on Gage and while I complain about the appts and taking time off work I know how Blessed we are and how lucky I am to have two happy boys with no major health problems due to their early entrance into this world.

How can you not love this face?
So what else is going on everyone? I'm loving so many shows on tv right now that Friday is my dvr catch up day....Shameless, Suburgatory, Two Broke Girls, Once Upon a Time, Secret Circle, The New Girl...So Many Shows So Little Time! I'm excited that Survivor and The Amazing Race start this week...I've never watched The Amazing Race but thought we'd give it a whirl since Grant's Friend Brendon and his Fiance Rachel of Big Brother Fame are on it this season...Can't wait to watch the DRAMA unfold :) 

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! What are you doing to Celebrate?