Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games

 *Spoiler Alert...Don't Continue Reading If You Haven't Watched The Movie Yet*

Like Many of you I Read and Loved the Hunger Games Trilogy along with my Co-Workers and bought tickets to see it in IMAX (it's only in IMAX one week) a month before the movie actually came out. There was a big group of us that went to see the movie and Stacy made us these Awesome Mockingjay pins for our group to wear :) We got to the movie and waited in line a hour early and couldn't wait for the movie to begin!

Have you been to AMC Theaters? They have this awesome soda machine where they have so many strange combinations of drinks to try 106 options it's awesome! I had cherry vanilla coke but wanted to try the Raspberry Coke (I heard it wasn't great) and the Orange Coke which I heard was Awesome...anyways go check it out sometime. We bought tickets for the IMAX at the Block in Orange and it didn't even seem like IMAX...the screen wasn't that large and I was disappointed the Regal theatres have HUGE screens and theaters for IMAX I will not buy another AMC tickets for if I could only get Regal to get the Awesome coke machine
Back to the movie....all in all it got good reviews from all in attendance with our large group. There were many changes in the movie from the book and some of them were MAJOR. I found a website that listed 31 differences and the one that bothered me the most was number 1. I know they had to change some things to make the movie but the mockingjay pin was a huge deal in the book and shouldn't have been changed. I also know alot of the book was narrated by Katniss or in her head so they couldn't exactly have her talking to herself so if you didn't read the book you really miss out on alot so GO READ THE BOOK.

1) Mockingjay Pin procurement

Book version:
Katniss is given the pin by the Mayor's daughter, Madge. This comes as a surprise as she thought Madge didn't like her. The pin is explained to be a subtle dig at the The Capitol, as Mockingjays were the comical result of a bio-genetic spying program that the general public gradually became aware of and used against the government.

Movie version: Katniss finds the Mockingjay pin at a rummage sale, but there's no explanation of why the pin would be considered inflammatory towards President Snow and the ruling class.

Level of Change: Rather large as it doesn't set up District 12's Mayor as being somewhat human, and doesn't show why the Mockingjay symbol matters. Furthermore, it makes Katniss the driving force behind the symbol as opposed to the simply the wearer of it, making her complicit in its power throughout, as opposed to being swept up by events larger than her.

Good or Bad Change: Overall, not great. I get wanting Katniss to be in charge of her destiny right off the bat, but this cribs some of the momentum from the next two films.

3) Peeta's Dad Bringing Gifts on the Train

Book version:
Peeta's dad brings Katniss cookies, making her realize he liked her all along. She later throws the cookies off the train as she realizes she might have to kill Peeta to get back to District 12.

Movie version: Only Prim, Gale, and Katniss' mother are allowed to visit. Peeta's father is never even mentioned.

Level of Change: Minimal.

Good Change or Bad Change: Another cut for time, but the audience never really gets the idea that Peeta and Katniss might have to face off. From a screenwriting perspective, this was likely one theme too many, and there simply wasn't time to bring an audience back from that place and into a potentially romantic one. So again, a reasonable call.

6) Haymitch and Advice on Stylists

Book version:
Haymitch tells Katniss to do exactly what the stylists want, as they are there to help her attain sponsors.

Movie version: She's sent into "grooming" without any context whatsoever.

Level of Change: Moderate, because Katniss hating the make-over is a big part of her personality.

Good or Bad Change: Bad, especially given it would have taken minimal time to impart that Katniss wasn't big on appearances.

7) Cinna and The Holding Hands Advice

Book version:
In the book, Cinna shouts that they should hold hands in front of the opening procession crowd.

Movie version: In the movie, it's Peeta's idea.

Level of Change: Big, because it takes away one big character motivation from Cinna (that he's keeping the duo informed and alive), giving it to Peeta instead (making him "all about" Katniss right from the start).

Good or Bad Change: Neither, it's just a different way to go about it, likely because they needed to establish the Peeta-Katniss bond early and often.

12) No Avox Moments

Book version
: Katniss recognizes a red-headed Avox who is serving her.

Movie version: Doesn't exist.

Level of Change: Moderate, because the Avox story shows that people are attempting to flee the government, and that Katniss is haunted by not helping when she was younger.

Good or Bad Change: Understandable, clearly cut for time. My guess is they'll establish the Avox issue in the second film.

13) The Mockingjay Pin from Cinna as a Secret

Book version:
The Mockingjay pin "barely cleared the review board".

Movie version: Cinna smuggles the pin in.

Level of Change: Big, because the book version shows The Capitol can be somewhat unpredictable.

Good or Bad Change: Bad, because the book version sets up a more complex story, while taking the same amount of time.

16) Katniss Finds Water Immediately

Book version:
Katniss struggles for a full day before finding water. She asks, out loud, for Haymitch to send her water via a sponsor. He doesn't, which makes her think she's close to water … and she is.

Movie version: She finds the pond right after running away from The Cornucopia.

Level of Change: Moderate, especially as Haymitch tells her "water will be her best friend" in the film.

Good or Bad Change: Good, but only in the interest of time.

23) No Gift Bread from District 11

Book version:
After Rue's death, Katniss receives a gift from District 11.

Movie version: Doesn't exist.

Level of Change: Big, because the gift gradually shows other districts coming around to Katniss' heroism.

Good or Bad Change: Bad, for the same reason as the "open revolt" reasoning.

24) The Kisses Don't Play as an Act

Book version:
In the book Katniss believes the "romance" angle is an act to lure sponsors.

Movie version: It's not entirely clear that Katniss thinks they are pretending, and Peeta definitely doesn't.

Level of Change: Massive, as it sets up the ending better.

Good or Bad Change: Bad, because Katniss not understanding the dynamic between herself and Peeta provides all the tension of the story, whereas in the movie Peeta's sadness at the end doesn't come through as well.

25) Katniss Doesn't Trick Peeta to Sleep

Book version:
Katniss receives a sleeping potion from Haymitch, which she uses to drug Peeta so she can go get him medicine.

Movie version: Katniss doesn't drug him, but she does wait until he's asleep to head to The Cornucopia.

Level of Change: Minimal.

Good or Bad Change: Good, as it was clear Katniss was going to try to save Peeta regardless of his wishes.

26) No Goat Story or Recognition of Prim and Mom as Healers

Book version:
While Peeta is trying to recover from his cut, Katniss tells him a story about how she attained a goat for her family. The goat was sick (which was the only reason it was for sale), and Prim and Katniss' mom nursed it back to health.

Movie version: Doesn't exist.

Level of Change: Moderate, because this story shows how out of her element Katniss is at healing.

Good or Bad Change: Understandable, given the time constraints of a 142-minute film.

31) Peeta's Realization

Book version:
In the book Peeta realizes Katniss thinks they were "faking it" the entire time. He's heartbroken.

Movie version: In the movie Peeta merely says "he doesn't want to forget" and while upset, doesn't seem to be completely dispirited.

Level of Change: Moderate, because fundamental differences exist between movie Katniss and book Katniss in terms of motivation. In the film she's torn between two men, Peeta vs. Gale, but in the film she clearly falls for Peeta somewhat, where that's less clear in the book (though she does question her feelings often). Book Katniss is more ruthless, where movie Katniss is more lovable.

Good or Bad Change: Somewhere in the middle. The book does a great job of showing a young woman caught up in a whirlwind of events much bigger then herself, where the film conforms to a more "hero" narrative style.
If you want to read the 31 differences please click on the link below
I also wanted to add the hovercraft not picking up the dead in the film right away? The whole reason President Snow started disliking Katniss was because of how long she spent with Rue's Body after she died when she knew to get away from the body so the hovercraft could come get it right away. I really wish this was in the film. Rue's death was so emotional in the book...the part everyone tears up, I didn't feel that emotion in the movie it didn't show them talking strategy and building a good relationship.

Originally I didn't think Josh Hutcherson was a good pick for Peeta. I had someone different in mind when I read but I'm happy to say he did a great job and I didn't hate him as Peeta.  Woody Harrelson as Haymich is another story...I pictured someone that looked like meatloaf (the singer) or Professor Alastair Moody from the Harry Potter Movies so Harrelson didn't fit my look at all and I still felt that way watching the movie. I think Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss), Liam Hemsworth (Gale) and Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) were all PERFECT!

I also was upset it didn't really show the relationship Katniss and Gale shared and people who didn't read the book were confused and asking about that and more back story on Panem and the different districts but hopefully they get more into that in the second movie. I also loved and bought the sound track and they didn't play one damn song in the movie...I kept picturing exactly what parts in the movie they would play each song and they didn't even play them.  I can't wait for Catching Fire to be in theaters but from what I read it's not even in production and won't be in theaters until November 22, 2013 that sounds so far away :(

Here's the whole gang with our Mockingjay pins on...notice we get photo bombed by the guy in the back center with the zoolander face lol

Grant decided that instead of going with me to the movies to see The Hunger Games he wanted to be in Big Bear watching The Grenade Games (a snowboard contest) where The Dirty Heads played and he got to watch all the pros snowboard. We both had fun! Thanks Grandma Marsha for Babysitting the Boys for us :) 

This is what I came home to :)

So...what were your thoughts on the movie? I know there were things missing or that I didn't like but I really did like the movie and highly recommend it!

My Parents took the kids to Knott's Berry Farm today...they are having a blast :)
 Happy Boy
 Gavin looks like he's loving this ride!!!
I hope Everyone has a Wonderful Week!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone! I spent the afternoon at Lacey's Baby Shower watching her open up so many adorable baby girl clothes :) I didn't get photos so I had to steal these.
5 weeks to go
 While the girls were celebrating the baby and Mama....the boys were bowling! I met the boys after the shower at the bowling alley and took a picture of Gavin & Dean
St Patrick's day through the years
When Gavin was just home from the hospital 
 Gavin was one
 I can't find Gavin's Second St Patty's Day pictures but this was last year
 Gage was in my belly :)
Our Family of Four
Grant and his Irish Boys
It was freezing so I didn't get to wear my St Patty's Day Dress
Love These Boys Sooooo Much
My Little Irish Lads
We stopped by Wood Ranch for dinner (best salad ever) and did a little shopping at Trader Joe's...The Boys were having Fun!!!
Am I the only one waiting for this day?
I am so Excited to go watch the Hunger Games this Weekend! It's only in IMAX One Week and my Co-Workers and I bought tickets a month ago...I hope this week flies by! 

In other news 40 days left until we March for Babies...The walk is   
April 28, 2012
4800 Magnolia Ave Dept 1293
Riverside, CA  92506
Walk Distance: 6 miles
Registration Time:
7:00 AM
Start Time:
8:30 AM
Inland Empire Division
(951) 341-0903
We would be Honored to have you join us and walk with our team or make a small donation towards this wonderful cause. We have raised $365.00 so far thank to some generous donations and would love to reach our goal. Please click on the link below to walk or donate so one day all babies will be born healthy!
March With Us 
Have a Wonderful Week Everyone

Happy 95th Birthday GG

Friday March 9th I met Aunt Linda in Temecula at the Penny Pickles Children's Museum! I highly recommend this museum to those with younger children.
Aunt Linda and the boys on a hot air balloon ride
This place was all interactive and had so many little places for Gavin to explore. There was a glow in the dark maze he loved and wants to go back soon and show Daddy :)
Once we got out of the museum Stefanie met us in Old Town for lunch
 Gavin put on his sunglasses backwards trying to act cool like Daddy!
 The Museum was amazing...Lunch was delicious and it was so much fun catching up with Aunt Linda and Stefanie! Old Town is fun to explore I want to go back this summer for sure.

Saturday Morning we headed to San Diego to Celebrate GG's 95th Birthday!!! We stopped to watch Jacob's Game First! Jacob kicks butt and hits great!
Love this picture :)
Greg and Conor met us at Grandma's Nursing Home to Celebrate her 95th Birthday! We went out to eat pizza and the kids ran around playing games :)
Grandma Pearle didn't want to put this guy down
After lunch we headed back to Grandma's Home to enjoy her Birthday Cupcakes Marsha picked up...three different kinds of coconut...GG wanted one of each :)
Jacob loved that Gage was trying to eat him lol
The Birthday Girl...95 Years Young
GG and the Great Grands! Her eye is losing the muscle and has just folded over and waters constantly...the eye Dr say's she's too old to operate so they gave her eye drops :(
The Whole Gang
It was great spending the day with the family...poor Mia was so sick
The Mendez Family
My Family
Kisses for GG
Gavin and Grandma Pearle
Marsha and her Favorite Mother in Law
Happy Birthday Grandma Pearle! It was Lovely spending the day with you and we hope to visit again really soon XOXO

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beach Day

Two weeks ago Friday I was so grateful to receive a call from Gavin's physical therapy 30 minutes before his appointment telling me his continuation has not yet been approved so we didn't need to come in...WOO HOO I was so thrilled to actually have a Friday Free of appointments. I called my parents and we headed down to Laguna Beach for a picnic and ice cream :)
 Gavin was so excited he Loves the Beach and playing in the sand
 Best Picture I got of the Four of them
 Grandma and Gavin touching the chilly ocean water
 Running away from the big waves
 So Much Fun!!!
 Group Shot
 What is everyone looking at?
 Are you looking at this person from behind
 Or from the front....bearded lady? Transitioning? Good for Him/Her
 This Little Bat Gage Loved the Beach
 It was easier for him to stay sitting up while molded in sand
 We took Gavin to the playground and Gage and I Giggled
 We also put our toes in the sand
 Sunday I met Cindy and Denisse for a Bridal Show
 Guess who's getting married here?
 March 9, 2013 is the big day
 Denisse and DK will tie the knot!!!! This is where the reception will take place :) It's such a beautiful location...I can't wait
While I enjoyed some much needed girl time and possibly at quick trip to Casey's Cupcakes and perhaps a stroll through the antique shops. Thanks for babysitting Marsha!

Grant and Friends were golfing...when they decided to pull a fast one on and see

 My little man trying to balance and hold himself up
 This past weekend Grant and I had a date night for once and met up with Tim and Rachel at the Brea Improv to see Joe Rogan :) We ate a yummy pizza dinner and had so much fun laughing our butts off. Thanks for meeting us Tim and Rachel it was nice to have a NO KIDS night :)
 Good Bye Everyone! Have a Wonderful Week :)
 My Adorable Boy Waving Good Bye