Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy 5 Year Anniversary

5 Years Ago Today We Said I DO!!! Grant asked me to Marry Him on November 18, 2006 at the Wild Animal Park in San Diego :)  6 months later we headed to Mazatlan on Memorial Weekend with 50 of our Closest Relatives and Dearest Friends!
 We Explored The Beautiful City
 Lounged in the Pool
 Had Amazing Lobster Tail Dinners
 Went Deep Sea Fishing
 Danced the Night Away
 Jacob Loved The Pool
 The Ocean Was Just As Fun
Dinner With Family

Amazing Sunsets
Golfing for the Guys
Ceramic Painting For The Girls
Getting Ready for the Big Day
 Time To Jump In The Golf Cart and Get Married
 The Guys On Their Way
 Jacob Our "Scream Bearer"
 Dad Walking Me Down The Aisle
 The Beautiful Gazebo
 You May Kiss The Bride
 Mr & Mrs Robers
Grant's Side Of The Family
 Shalyn's Side Of The Family
 Pretty In Pink
 Don't Drop Him
Our Parents
 Grant and His Dad...Love This Picture
 Bruce and Carol
The View From The Reception
The Toast's Were Hilarious
 Cutting The Cake
 Maid of Honor and Best Man
 Our Music
 Gary and Marsha
 GG Thinks She Caught The Boquet...Truth Is A Few Flowers Fell Out And She Caught Them Midair She Was Thrilled To Catch It...I'll NEVER Tell
 My Honey
 The Sunset Was Amazing That Night
Too Much Tequilla...Dad HAHA
The Last Picture Of Those Still Hanging Out After Hours
Love This Picture
 Perfect Ending To A Perfect Day
We Couldn't Have Asked For A Better Day! Looking At These Pictures Makes Me Want To Go Back So Badly. I Love Everyone Who Came And Shared Our Special Day With Us :) Hopefully We Can Go Back (maybe our 10 year) And Take The Kids. 

5 Years Has Gone By In A Flash! Thank You Grant For Picking Me To Spend Your Life With And Giving Me Two Beautiful Children. I Am So Blessed To Call You My Husband And I Thank God Everyday For Bringing You Into My Life. I Love You More Each And Everyday. 
Happy Five Year Anniversary XOXOX

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Gage

Happy 1st Birthday To My Sweet Baby Gage!!!

It's been such a fun year and I can't imagine my life without you in it nor do I remember life before you. Sure you still haven't let Mama sleep through the night but I savor our night time snuggles and our 6am coffee/bottle and catching up on the DVR while everyone else is sleeping and I wouldn't change a thing :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011 @  5:03am 
2 pounds and 9 ounces you came out screaming...a sound we were so very grateful to hear during this scary emergency
Look at Your Cool Snowboard Glasses
 The First Time I Came To Visit You In The NICU I Thought You Were The Tiniest, Most Handsome Little Man I'd Ever Seen
Gavin Thought You Were Pretty Cool Too
5 Days Old...My First Time Holding You
 6 Days Old...Daddy's First Time Holding You
 No More CPAP
Our First Family Photo
Father's Day
 Kisses From Your Big Brother
One Month Old
First Fourth Of July
First Time Gavin Held You
After 77 LONG days in the NICU on August 7, 2011 You Finally Got to COME HOME!!!
 Your Big Brother Loves to Give You Kisses
You Love To Watch Football and Baseball With Daddy
Picking Out Your First Pumpkin
 First Time You Put Your Toes In The Sand
 You Fell Asleep To The Waves Crashing
Gavin and Gage
 First Halloween...Bat Baby and Spiderman
Gooooo Chargers!!!
 First Thanksgiving with Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Carol
Mission Inn @ Christmas Time
 First Picture with Santa and Mrs Claus
First Christmas
 Merry Christmas
 First New Years
First Trip to Knott's Berry Farm
First Trip To San Diego Safari Park
Very First Big Bear Cabin Trip
 First Moonridge Zoo Trip
Beautiful Pictures
 Mama and Her Baby Boys
Smiling Boy
First Museum...Penny Pickles with Aunt Linda
Great Grandma Pearle's Birthday
The Whole Family Celebrating GG's Birthday
First St. Patrick's Day
Hiking with Grandpa in Oak Glen
Wild Animal Park With Your Cousins
One of My Favorite Pics of You and Daddy
First Easter
Family Easter Picture
 Gage and Grandma Marsha
NICU Reunion with Dr Sills
 Dr Sills Helped Both Boys Come Home Healthy
 The Hospital You Were Born
Your First March for Babies Walk..We Raised $2,652
 Our 2012 Team
 Exhausted After Your First Walk
Mother's Day with Jacob & Auntie Gwenett
 Happy Mother's Day
Love You My Sweet Sweet Boy

Time has flown by...your first year has gone by so fast. We are so Glad to have our happy, healthy little man at home and oxygen free :) Your Brother is Your Favorite Person in the Whole World and you just started crawling and follow him around Everywhere! No one can make you laugh like Gavin and you love to snuggle up with him in bed at night :) You sleep best when you're in Mama's arms and snuggle next to me with your hand on my face at night. You love taking baths with Gavin and splashing everyone in the face, you think it's hilarious! You get so excited in the mornings when you hear the front door open and you know Grandma has arrived to babysit you for the day! You really don't like baby food anymore and prefer any food that anyone around you is eating. You're not picky and will eat everything...pineapple is one of your favorites :) You have this one adorable curl in your hair that everyone adores. You have four teeth coming in so far and haven't been very happy while teething. You love to watch sports with Daddy and he's your favorite person to stare at. You talk up a storm and your favorite words are Hey, Hi and Baba. and Dada! Your smile lights up the room and your laughter is contagious. Thank You for picking us as your Family We Love You To Pieces. Happy First Birthday My Little Miracle!
 I Love You To The Moon and Back