Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Showers, Concerts and Fathers...Oh My

Hi Everyone! I'm Finally done with babyshowers for the month (I've had one every weekend so far) and I'm exhausted and can't wait for all these babies to arrive :) I don't have any good pictures from Cindy's I just took them on my camera phone so I only have a few to share. Cindy loves Disney so a friend got a picture of the the babies name made written with Disney Princesess it's adorable and perfect. Her name is going to be Victoria Londyn Bailes they will be calling her Tori for short :)
 The 3 Beautiful Pregos...Brianne is having twin boys in September they are naming them Brayden and Bentley...Cindy in the middle is having Tori at the end of July and Rachel has Emma in her belly and has been dialated to 4 for two weeks now and is losing patience
 Small, Medium and Large
 The shower was tons of fun with excellent food and company
We dropped the kids off at My Parents and headed to the House of Blues in Anaheim that night to watch Ceasefire my Friend Brandon is the Bassist
 Stacy and Grant taking shots
 Brandon Killing It
 They had a photographer booth set up and you hold the remote and take pictures of yourself...I held the remote and was the only one who couldn't figure out the camera was up in the corner not on the screen I was starring at so all the pics it looks like my eyes are closed or I have a double chin and everyone else looks great lol
Check Out Ceasfire and Listen to their songs HERE
It was Our First Night Away from Gage since he came home from the NICU and I missed my snuggle buddy but I was very happy and grateful to sleep in. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching our precious cargo and keeping them safe

Sunday was Father's Day and Grant has been going golfing the past few years with My Dad and his Friends...this year My Brother joined them. Grant woke up to Gavins note that he left him. His answers to questions were Hilarious I am going to start doing this every year :)
 Grant and Genard Golfing
Grant and the Boys that made him a Father
Gavin and his Daddy
 Daddy's Present so he can make his own Ice Cream
Grant Thanks for Being the Best Daddy To Our Boys! We All Love You Very Much and Are So Grateful To Have Such a Hard Working Daddy That Take Great Care of His Family!

Happy Father's Day to My Dad Bruce! I couldn't ask for a Better Dad! Thanks for always being there for Us Dad we know we can always count on your for anything.
We Love You Very Much!
 You Always Make These Guys Feel Safe and Loved
A few weeks ago Grant went to a job at Urban Decay and while presenting a bill for things that he repaired he asked the guy if he could "hook him up" with anything for yours truly. To his surprise the guy can back with a bag completely filled with tons of new products. I was so shocked and elated to be surprised with a Urban Decay Goody Bag I Love It All! Good Looking Out Honey You're Always Taking Care Of Me :)
Anyone Else Playing the Game at Albertson's? I was so close to winning last time and swore I was going to win a million dollars...once again I'm one away from winning everything and was presently surprised to open this...I know it's only 2 bucks but I was so excited LOL
A few weeks ago the girls at work, Grant and I decided to try the Master Cleanse aka "The Lemonade Diet" You drink fresh squeezed lemon, cayenne pepper and Grade B Maple Syrup in a cup of water about 10 times a day and eat nothing. I lasted 5 days before my heart was acting weird and I was starving. I lost lost 4 pounds and Grant and I both went down a knotch in the belt buckle. One of the girls at work last 7 days and lost I think it was 12 pounds...it really does work but you're cranky and hungry the whole time. If you are interested in more info on the master cleanse click HERE

My work has a wine tasting event this weekend so we will be taking a bus from work to three different wineries in Temecula and getting a buffet lunch and winery tour this Saturday! We had a lower head count than anticipated and we had already paid for a certain amount of people so we get to bring our Husbands!!! Can't wait :) I Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Week!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Amanda's Babyshower

Saturday Afternoon We Celebrated the Upcoming Arrival of Baby Frankie!!!

Proud Parents To Be
Yummy Table
 So many good snacks
Blue Chocolate Fountain to dips all the goodies in
 Moon shaped rice krispy treats with star shaped marshmallows :)
 Such Cute Party Favors
 Delicious Cupcakes
 Cute Moon~Star Candy Jars

Ceviche Cups with Homemade Star Chips
Yummy Lemon Pudding with Star Pastry Puff
Adorable Decorations
 Taco Bar!!!
Getting into Trouble
 The Beautiful Grandma's
  Lovely Guests
 Tons of Gifts
 So Many Cute Clothes
 Craft Table with Cute Hats for the Kids
 Roxy drove from LA
 George, Sandy, Amanda (baby Frankie) and Chloe
Baby Frankie is Set....Now Hurry Up and Get Here Already :)

Jamie's Babyshower

Jamie will be having her little man soon and her Sister Laura gave her the most adorable shower :) Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures so here are the few I did get :)

Erika, Jamie and Kelly all due within a few days of eachother
 Side View Of The Beautiful Mama To Be

Laura had little photo props set up outside
Gavin and Nico Enjoyed Them Very Much
Silly Kids
 They Had So Much Fun
Gage and I Getting In On The Action

Laura hired a painter to come paint Jamie's Belly before the shower for photos it was Adorable! The woman hired to paint Jamie's belly ended up sendin a face painter :)
I was shocked Gage actually sat still through the face painting :) Gage got a shark and of course my little Princess Gavin wanted a Butterfly :)
 My Butterfly with his Chocolate Mustache
Laura did a Wonderful Job planning the shower and Jamie took home lots of gifts and essentials...now all we need is the baby!