Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby Even

My Cousin Philip and his Beautiful Girlfriend Hilde live in Norway. Philip is from Enland (where my Grandma was from) and is First Cousins with my Mom. Phil was on vacation in Australia when he met a girl (not Hilde) she was from Norway and he followed her there. Fortunately for Everyone things didn't work out with said Girl and Phil met Hilde :) Phil has lived in Norway for several years now and loves it. These two came to visit us in October of 2009 you can read about that HERE 10 years ago my parents took us on vacation to Europe and while in England I had the pleasure of meeting Cousin Phil and we instantly had a connection, he's so easy to talk to and then I met Hilde who's just as lovely. I was so excited for them when I found out they were expecting a little boy!
I got a email from Hilde on June 26th saying that the baby decided to make an early arrival like Gavin and Gage.

Meet...Even Morris...6 weeks early...weighing 3lbs 10 ozs
Phil and his Tiny Miracle Man
Proud Mama Hilde doing Kangaroo Care
Look at this Tiny Face...Love It
Even never had to be put on oxygen!!! He didn't need to sleep in the incubator and the pulse sock and oxygen monitors were removed after a few days. Even just needs to grow so he can go home to his parents :) I know how incredibly hard it is to leave your child at the hospital each day and not be able to take them home. I really wish I was there to give moral support or lend a helping hand...alas I'm here in the good ol USA and they are in Beautiful Norway. I pray for you daily Even and I can't wait to meet you one day XOXO

Beautiful Big Bear

This past weekend we headed up the hill to the cabin with my Parents! It was so Beautiful up there and the weather was perfect.

Saturday morning we woke up and drove around for an hour looking at all the garage sales...I was shocked at how many there were. I ended up buying a side table for $2.00 and Grant bought a bunch of DVD's for Gavin...My Mom bought at high chair for Gage to use at her house. After baragaining in the morning the boys golfed and we took the boys to the Discovery Center to Pan for Gold!
The Gold Pan Teachers were Old Man Volunteer's and Adorable

They kept putting their hats on the kids
Once you were done the lovely ladies would make you a necklace and give you a certificate
This tree is from the 1800's and shows all the things that happened in Big Bear until 2012
Mama and her Love Bugs
Grandma Carol, Gavin, Gage and Shalyn
Gavin and I in front of the Discovery Center
Making animal footprints in the sand
Grandma and the Boys
So hard to get everyone to look in the same direction
Daddy took the boys on a bike ride. I have been searching on Craigslist for a bike trailer that will hold both kids. Gavin needs to keep practicing on his bike but I know he wouldn't be able to keep up on his bike at the beach :)
We had to visit the village and get some ice cream :) Gavin ate his scoop of cookie dough ice cream and threw the cup away but saved the spoon, my Mom said Gavin why did you keep the spoon and he said well I'm not done yet I need another scoop LOL Of course being spoiled his Grandpa went and got him another scoop.
I Love My Little Crazy Tooth Smiley Boy
I love that the cabin is red...perfect for pictures
It's also very green and luch
I think we got some cute ones
Our little Diva with his hand on his hip lol
Love This Happy Boy
Stinky Face with out of control hair
My Favorite Picture
We had a Wonderful Weekend! We got to visit with Yvonne and Ross at their cabin and got to see all the awesome improvements Donna and Dan have made at their new place. I'm so glad my parents have friends that have now bought cabins in Big Bear too :)

Gavin started gymnastics yesterday and Thankfully he Loves it! Work has kept Grant and I both really busy and we're so Grateful :) I Hope Everyone has a Blessed Week...a lot of Special Babies being born right now...I will do a post on that very soon, keep all the new babies and families in your prayers...Jamie is delivering tomorrow so please pray for a safe delivery.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

 How cute is this guy? 13 months old...weighs 20 lbs at the 10th percentile for weight and 33 inches tall at the 50th percentile for height...the Dr said he's going to be tall!
 Gage is crawling super fast everywhere he goes and pulls himself to standing which scares me because he won't pay attention and falls.
 I Love This Sweet Little Face So Much
 My Little Cherub! Gavin told me last week that he just loves Gage's Smile So Much because it's so cute and reminds him of a jack o lantern LOL
Last Fourth of July we spent with our little guy in the NICU
 My Tiny Little Miracle
What a Difference a Year Makes! It's hard to believe Gage was that small.
Snuggling with Grandma Marsha
Like My Swim Goggles?
This little guy has been swimming almost daily in Grandma and Grandpas Pool I keep calling him a fish and he prefers mermaid lol
Jacob and Elisa having fun
Grant got this action shot of Dash getting everyone wet
Time for Baseball
Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Carol keeping Gavin Warm
Aidan is Adorable
Mia and Jacob
I wonder where Gage gets his crazy hair
Isaac trying to push Isaiah in the pool
Chloe kept trying to shave Amanda's Baby Belly
Mia thinks it's hilarious to shut her eyes in pictures
You're so Funny Mia
Mommy, Mia & Marsha
Gavin wanted to join the picture
Jill and "Magic" Joe lol
Amanda, Baby Frankie, Catrina and Chloe
Hurry Up Baby should be Any Day Now
Marsha and her Sister Brenda visiting from Indiana
Cutie Pie Aidan
Princess Ariel...I mean Princess Mia
Sharing Snacks
Spiderman and his Sparkler
She even poses cute with sparklers lol
Uncle Joe and Gagey Butt
Our Fourth was Awesome! The kids had a blast, the food was delicious and it was fun to sit outside and catch up with all our Friends and Family! Not bad for a Wednesday...getting up for work this morning wasn't fun though :( Big Bear this weekend with the Family...Can't Wait!