Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Party Time

So Everyone What's The Haps? Have you been watching the Olympics? We try to watch a little everynight...Love Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving, and Track and Field! My Grandma was from England and I still have a lot of family there and have been reading all their fun updates. Very exciting to have the Ceremonies in London!

My three boys with their Fancy English hats on ready for opening ceremonies
We've been going to the park a lot lately! These are from Prado park where they also have a water area along with a huge playground and a lake you can fish in or feed the ducks :)
Brianne and Wayne are having Twin Boys...Brayden and Bentley and they are already spoiled, look how many gifts they got!!! Doesn't Brianne look Amazing for being 33 weeks pregnant with twins :) Thank for inviting me to your lovely shower Bri, can't wait to meet the boys!
Dean Turned 4!!! The boys had a blast in the bounce house...Gage's First Time!
Lacey found clip in braids so we gave the boys rat tails LOL They painted that photo background on a shower curtain and had plenty of instruments for the kids to have their own Rock and Roll Band! While Dean opened all his gifts which consisted of cars, trucks and nerf guns (6 I think) Gage played with all the wrapping paper trash!
The Robers and The Donatelli Family Band

Happy Birthday Dean! Thanks for inviting us to your super fun party!!! We headed to Knott's after the party for a few hours of fun so we could check that off our summer To-Do list! Gavin went on 3 rides then we decided to go eat at Mrs. Knotts Chicken Restauraunt! Did you know Knott's sold their Boysenberry Jelly to Smuckers? I couldn't believe it...I bet they got a pretty penny for that one :)

Not sure if Knott's was the best idea...we all woke up tired with "Amusement Park" hangovers and spent most of our day doing this
Sunday is for rest and reflection


Marsha's Sister came to visit from Indiana so I planned a Hollywood Day!

First Stop...Once Again...The Beautiful Cemetary tucked in between giant high rise buildings that's so hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for. My Mom has never been to the cemetary before and was very excited...I printed out a map for everyone so they could find their Favorite Celebs

Mom and Marilyn...noticed all the coins and kisses
 Aunt Brenda and Farrah strange there are not dates on her tombstone and no quirky sayings or famous lines

Don Knott's, Natalie Wood (she could use a little freshining up there Robert Wagoner hint hint) and Merv Griffin it says "I will NOT be right back after this message". The trees are so gorgeous and peaceful
Aunt Brenda and Marilyn...the one to the left is where Hugh Hefner will be

 Next Stop...Diddy Riese! You pick two hot, fresh cookies and whatever ice cream you want for $1.75 it's The BEST...Right near the UCLA campus in Westwood
I had tickets for Jimmy Kimmel or Jay Leno...We decided on Kimmel because he had better guests and I Love that it's located right on Hollywood Blvd near the Star Walk. The guests were Jessica Biel (her bling was omg blinding) and Adam Richman from Man vs. Food who was promoting his new show looking for the Best Sandwiches. Jimmy was hilarious...he's so sharp and quick witted. They told the audience to ask questions and one person would win a $100 gift certificate to Omaha Steaks ...Guess Who Won...Aunt Brenda!!!
Hollywood was Awesome and I can't wait to go back...I want to take kiddos to see the crazies on the walk of fame :) Gavin would be in Heaven!

Roxi and I on Hollywood Blvd After Kimmel
One last group shot at Don Jose's at Brenda's Farewell Dinner
 We have family coming from England in October...You know I'll be taking them on my Hollywood Tour. The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce has a 30 minute trolley tour for 5 bucks down Rodeo Drive...we ran out of time but I will be doing that very soon :)

Mia is Four !!!

Happy Fourth Birthday To My Favorite Niece Mia Pearle Mendez
Mia had an Adorable Minnie Mouse Party to Celebrate the Big 4! Don't you just love the dress Grandma Marsha made her :)

While Mia opened gifts Gage was having fun with her shoebox :)
Frank and Little Frankie
Auntie Sabrina and Aiden
Grandma Carol and Gage
Lacey and Adorable Hazel
Surprise Guest Great Grandma Pearle!!!
Mia Mouse, GG, Gavin and Grandma Marsha
Marsha also made Gavin an Apron to match Mia
Grandma Pearle 95 and Gage 1
Gage borrowed Hazel headband to work out
The big kids were all on the huge waterslide all day
Love This Woman
Jacob and GG
Gwenett, GG and Grant
Happy Birthday Mia Mouse! Thanks for inviting us to your party :) You got so many Awesome gifts Gavin can't wait to come play!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One Year Ago

One Year Ago Today was the Happiest and Scariest Day of Our Lives, After 77 Long Days in The NICU We Finally Got To Bring Gage Home!!!
We Are So Grateful For This Blessing

We Were So Glad To Finally Be Together All Day And Night As Our Family Of Four! We Love You More Than Words Can Say Little Man XOXOX

Beachy Keen

Took the Boys to Laguna to search the Tide Pools

 Gavin Loves the water now and Gage is learning to love it once he gets past the cold
 Splashing and Kicking in the Waves is Fun
 Love My Beach Boys

Love the Beach....Hate The Sandy Mess when we get home. The tide pools were closed because of high tide...that just means we have to go again!

Year of the Dragon=Babies

Year of the Dragon aka Year All My Good Friends Have Babies!!! I wanted to introduce you to a few of the new precious babies that have joined this world. It's so exciting that all my good friends and Cousin all had babies within a few weeks of eachother...I'm so Happy for All of Them! Gage Finally got some new Friends :)

Emma Elizabeth Walsh
Welcomed by Tim, Rachel and Big Sisters Lilly and Hannah

Frankie C Gomez
 Welcomed as the First Boy to Dad Frank, Mom Amanda and Six Older Sisters...Anastasia, Lauren, Catrina, Sabrina, Chloe, and Vanessa

Brycen James Griswold
 Welcomed by Casey, Jamie and Big Sisters Alyssa & Ashley

Victoria London Bailes
 Welcomed by Kyle, Cindy and Big Sister Tabitha

Up Next.....Brayden and Bentley Willette
To Be Welcomed By This Hot Mama Brianne and Father to be Wayne...Can't Wait