Thursday, September 13, 2012

Safari's & Raspberries

Labor Day Weekend we woke up really early before it got super hot outside and went to the San Diego Safari Park :) We like going on the first tram of the day because they are feeding the animals so you  can see them really close.

Gage loved the tram ride and kept pointing out all the animals
 The kids cooled down in the water park
Our main reason for going was to see the newest addition to the elephants...3 days old and 209 pounds. The baby was adorable :)
Grant could have starred out her forever
 Picture of our Family Picture :)
Sunday we headed up to Oak Glen with the kiddos and Denisse to pick some Raspberries and get some cider :)

Berry Picking is always fun!
Family of Pickers
 Such Beautiful Scenery
 Fam Bam
 Gavin told me that his Best Friend Amy is Chinese just like my Best Friend lol
 Love Her...Can't Wait For Her Wedding
 They're Actually All Looking Woo Hoo
The Loot From Our Fun Day
Love This Pic of The Boys Hanging Out in The Front Yard that Grant Captured on his Cell I am going to print and frame it :)
Gage has been walking when he holds on to your finger or article of clothing from probably close to 6 weeks now but he Finally Officially let go and took his first alone steps on     September 5, 2012....Good Job Big Boy!!!  We are so proud of how far you've come, now you can chase your big Brother all over the house :)

Let's see what else has been going on...two sick kiddos with summer colds :( Work has been so crazy...I flew up to Sacramento last Thursday for the day with my girls from work and it was awesome we had a blast and learned a lot! I had a meeting Tuesday night and we have a board meeting and two day tech forum at the end of the month...October is also a crazy work month :( Lacey got us PIT Tickets for No Doubt in November and I can't wait...I have been waiting for them to go on tour and I haven't been "pit" close for years!!! Thanks Lacey it's going to be Awesome :) 

Remember the Baby Shower I went to a few weeks ago...Beautiful Brianne and Wayne Expecting Twin Boys...Yes there were two in that little belly
 Meet The Willette Boys...Brayden & Bentley
 In their custom Crossfit Crowntown Outfits...How Cute are they!!!
Congrats Wayne and Brianne on the Birth of Your Handsome Miracles...I can't wait to meet them and squeeze them :)

Happy Birthday Aunt Linda We Hope To See You Soon! I Hope Everyone Has a Wonderful Weekend and that the weather cools down...come on Fall!

Angel Game

Every year my work has a Special Event with the Angels! This year's Game was Angels vs Red Sox and Thankfully the Angel's Won!!!
 Carrie (far left) came down from Sacramento, she does membership recruitment and retention for California Dental Association and my Lovely Co-Workers/Friends
 My Babies
 My Boys
 I was so happy Josh joined us :)
Gavin & Grandma Carol
 Love Them
 Gavin loved the waterfall
 Being Silly
 Gavin wanted a huge foam finger
 Whose #1
 My Family...Wish Gage would start looking in photos
Grant and his Mama Marsha

It was a Fun Night! Angel's Won...All the Dentist's and Staff had a Blast and Gavin actually LOVED it this time :) Gage was enjoying people watching and I'm so glad Our Family was with us having fun :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pink Venice

Gavin went back to preschool a couple weeks ago. I had promised him that I would take his first day off work and take him to gymnastics then take him to school.

Gavin Loved's over now but I think we will sign back up unless he decides he would like to try another sport or class
Back to School
Gavin loves school, he's going 3 afternoon's a week now and couldn't be happier. He was very happy to have 3 kids move with him into the new class and 2 are his favorite girlfriends. They are now learning a new letter each week and have homework :)
I had bought a groupon for a month of gymboree and thought I would take our first class that same day. Gage loved loved loved it and it's a bummer that Tuesday afternoon is the only class that works for us because it's way to busy of a day with gymnastics and school so I don't think we will continue to go once the month is up. I will be looking for a new class for him...any suggestions anyone?
Lacey and I had a Mom's Night Out a few weeks ago. We got to the area of the event we were attending a few hours early so we decided to go kill some time walking around Venice checking out the crazies
Lacey and Van Gogh
I've always loved this painting
 Lacey and her mustach glasses lol
A few months ago I applied for VH1 Storyteller's with Pink...never thought I would get it but thought it would be Awesome to see any artist in that small intimate setting. I didn't get those tickets but they invited me to a mini concert the next evening that was being filmed (for what I have NO idea) It was only 350 fans and let me tell you it was one of the most amazing nights of my life. I brought my friend Lacey and Lord knows we both needed a night out and what better way to spend it than with Pink in the front row listening to her new album that has yet to be released :) It is going to be a Great Album and she's so down to earth with an Amazing Voice and so much Love for her Daughter and Family!
 So Excited!!!

Really did they just put us in the front OMG
Pink signed autographs and took photos with fans
Isn't she so Pretty
Amazing Night I will Never Forget