Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch

Saturday morning started off Amazing...Hubby Passed his Fire Life and Safety Test Woo Hoo! Such a Relief we are so Proud of Him and Glad it's behind him...all his hard studying paid off.

We picked up Grandma Marsha and headed to the Pumpkin Patch when Gavin says Mom I don't feel so good and proceeds to throw up all over himself :( My poor guy has Never done that before. Gavin kept saying he felt so much better and we pulled over to Walmart got a change of clothes and items to do a clean up in carseat one and then got back in the car to drive 20 more minutes to get a pumpkin. As we are pulling in he throws up again :( After that he felt better (car sick maybe?) we cleaned him up, sprayed him with febreeze and headed inside. My parents met us there :) Picture of the Gang!
 Our Sick Scarecrow
 Gage loved the toddler size Mickey Mouse bounce House
 Feeling Better
 Feeding the goat that kept harassing him
 Gage kept trying to stick his finger in the donkey's nose then he would laugh when the donkey tried to bite his finger off
 Give the Monkey a Dollar to shake your hand...Gage was unsure and didn't like it when he shook Grandma Marsha's Hand...he was so quick I didn't get a picture
 Why do they always pick the biggest (most expensive) ones?
 Tiny Pumpkin for Our Tiny Guy
 Mom...I want this one
 Grandpa and his Boys
 Future Farmer
 Loving the John Deere
 Riding the horse
 Soooo many pumpkins to pick from
 While Gavin found Frankenstein amusing Gage did Not yet he kept dragging Grandpa over to him and would run away screaming lol
 Grandma is a Pro Calf Wrangler
 Here's some Corn Mom
 Grandma Marsha & Gavin
 Grandma and the Monster's
 Smile Everyone
Gavin started not feeling well again and drove home with Grandma & Grandpa because the car smelt gross and made him feel worse :( Thankfully he felt 100% on Sunday.

We Love this Pumpkin Patch it has so many fun activities for the Kids  I just wish Gavin was feeling better and the drive wasn't so far. I hope Everyone is having an Awesome Week!


Where do I begin? September was a crazy work month for me and I am once again playing blogger catch up :) Here is the past month in photos not really in any sort of order.

Business Trip to Sacramento...Pic of Sunrise from the Plane 
 Stacy and I from the lunchroom at CDA...view of the Capital :)

 Dana, Shalyn & Stacy...My Peeps
 We had to work Thurs-Saturday and got to stay at the Hilton in Anaheim. It was fun and the food was AMAZING...make your own trail mix how cool is that :) The hotel is beautiful and the rooms are so comfy, my Parents kept the kids on Thursday night and Grant and I got to enjoy a nice quiet dinner date. Friday afternoon my Parents brought the kids down to the hotel to enjoy the awesome pool and they stayed the night. Unfortunately it was very busy for me and I didn't get to have fun at the pool all day but Grant and the kids did along with Stacy's Family :)
 To say I was exhausted from working 36 plus hours in 3 days was putting it mildly but we couldn't pass up a opportunity to get into Disneyland for Free and Check out Carsland! It pays to have friends that work at D-Land...Thanks for getting us in :) I was super excited to go on Radiator Springs and we got a swap pass (have you heard of a swap pass) when you enter the line with a child you ask the attendant for a Swap Pass and once you exit the ride you give it to your Partner and can go on the ride again through the exit with your child or one guest. How Awesome is that for those of us with small children? I'm sure people do it all the time that are just there with one child and go on the ride again later that day. Unfortunately for me Gavin HATED the ride so I didn't get to go on (didn't want to go alone) I did however meet up with my Friend Betsy and pass along the swap pass and fast passes we had for the ride. Until we meet again Radiator Springs...I know Gage will be my daredevil :)

 Happiest Place on Earth
 My Favorite Time of Year
 Gage's First Time!!!
 Daddy and his Boys
 Our Family
 Gage really enjoyed Goofy's House
 Peek A Boo
 I was shocked at how short Dumbo's line was
 By Far My Favorite Moment of the Day
Gavin Loves the Princesses and Ariel is By Far his Favorite! That smile could light up the room and he wouldn't stop talking about her all day :)
Last Friday I had lunch with My Favorite Baby Mama's! Gavin took this picture (a few actually) while standing on the couch and kept saying sorry Mom, You and Gage aren't making the cut hahaha 

Cindy and Victoria, Stefanie and Griffin (she babysits him), Sheries and Liam in her belly, Jamie and Brycen and half of my face with Gage lol
 Stefanie and Griffin who has the cutest dimple
 Cindy and Tori
 Brycen Bundled up and Snoozing
 Gage passed out
Griffin crawled away and no one wanted to look
It was so Wonderful Catching up with All My Girls and swapping Baby Stories I Love You Girls and Your Kiddos

Saturday my neighborhood was having a huge garage sale. Denisse was beyond excited to participate in her first sale and she was a good negotiator :)

Everyone kept wanting to buy this box
This past Friday Denisse and I headed to LA Fashion District to purchase my dress for her Wedding. It's so pretty and I can't wait for the big day! We had a yummy kabob lunch, bought some super cheap shirts and necklaces and headed home so she could get to work on time :) I am going back there before X-Mas so many cute stores I didn't get to visit and talk about cheap. Anyone want to go with us??? Below is a necklace I bought for a dollar that I thought my friend Stephanie would like...Gavin fell in love and said oh Mom you got me your heart to wear all the time around my neck I love it so much....sorry Steph I'll get you one next time
 We had a short break from the heat and the clouds rolled in for a couple days last week. This was my sky view on the way to work...so pretty
 My view on the way home....Double Rainbow
Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!