Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grandpa's Birthday & Halloween

October 21st was My Dad's Birthday! 
Grant took him golfing on a chilly morning :)
Gavin wrote his first card :)

We made shredded chicken and beef burritos and yummy tortilla soup to warm up after golf and sang Happy Birthday!
Best Tortilla Soup Ever that I made with left overs from the crock pot chicken on the link below for recipe:) 
 Tortilla Soup Ingredients:

approximately 1 cup of leftover chicken taco meat
1 32. oz box of chicken broth
1 can of Milder Ro-Tel (tomatoes with chilies)
1 can of corn
2 tablespoons fresh chopped cilantro
1 tablespoon lime juice

Dump everything in a pot and simmer for about 30 minutes. Garnish with crumbled tortilla chips and shredded cheese (Mexican blend).

My work has an Annual Installation of Officers...always in October and usually at a Country Club in Newport Beach..depending on the incoming President. This Year Our President wanted a Luau in Anaheim at the Hilton :)
Along with Fire Dancers (Khal Drogo)
& Hula Dancers! They did different dances and have different costumes for five countries :) It was Beautiful and so Fun to Watch
Grant isn't one to wear Hawaiian Shirts...Didn't own one :( I searched High and Low for a Hawaiian shirt the day before the Installation. Let me tell you it isn't easy to find a Hawaiian shirt in October. My Boss and a Co-worker were prepared to bring him a shirt to borrow...I found this one on clearance at Quicksilver for 10 bucks and I thought he's going to hate it but I should get it just in case. Wouldn't you know he LOVED It and I mean really thought it was the coolest Miami Vice looking shirt ever :)

My Lovely Co-Workers
We Look Like Tourist
Stacy, Stephanie and I
The Luau was Awesome and I highly recommend the dancers we used so let me know if you ever need fire dancers :)

Time to care pumpkins
We went to a Halloween Party at Our Friend Tim and Jenn's House...I was Katy Perry, Grant was Mark Wahlberg from the movie TED...I wish he was the Mark Wahlberg in the Calvin Klein ads :) Gavin was Batman and Gage was Robin...we got to the Party and to our surprise Dean was Robin too :) Gavin and Dean were so excited and adorable!
Gage as Robin
My Fabulous Batman
Caught with his hand in the candy jar
Gage wasn't sure about the costumes and I couldn't get one good picture together

This was taken at Gavin's school carnival
I Hope Everyone had an Awesome Halloween!!!