Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend Fun

Last Wednesday this little bundle of Joy was Born! Meet Hazel June Donatelli...Lacey and Brandon's New Baby Girl and Dean's Little Sister isn't she a Doll
Friday afternoon Grant and I went on a date to the movies to see The Hunger Games which he loved and did a little shopping at Target. It was nice to get away for a few hours...Thanks for watching the kiddos Grandma Marsha and Sugar

Saturday morning we headed to the Donatelli household to meet Hazel! It was so strange holding a almost 7 pounder she seemed so light and tiny...hard to believe my little men were 3 times smaller than her. 

Gage hung out with Chad...he even let him play with his cell phone
 My Giant Boy and Little Hazel
 Hey there little lady
They had so much fun playing together
We headed to Knott's for a few hours after our lovely visit. 

Gavin and I on his favorite ride
Fun Weekend! Thanks for having us over Donatelli's!  Hazel is ADORABLE and I can't wait to hold her again you make Beautiful Babies :) Have a Great Weekend Everyone!


The day before Easter the boys and I went to Fresh and Easy for a few things (turkeys 50 cents a pound...I'll take two please) and then headed across the street to Albertson's for a veggie tray and we walked right into a Easter Egg Hunt :) Right Place at the Right Time it was for 5 and Under so Gavin was in Heaven and got tons of eggs with candy and stickers!
Easter was a blast! Gage didn't know what to do with his basket :)
The Easter Bunny brought him his own remote control so he can stop stealing ours
Gavin was besides himself with excitement and joy
Love Love Love These Boys
We headed to my Parent's house for more Easter Fun once we all woke up and got ready. Matching Easter Egg Hunt Shirts
My New Sister In Law...Sugar! Isn't she Adorable?
Grandma Marsha and her Grandbabies
Sneaky Mia
Gage & Daddy
My Family
Us with My Parents
The Mendez/Robers Family
Gage and Gavin with Grandma & Grandpa Feaster
Grandma Marsha and her Babies
Love This Picture! Gage looks like he's praying :)
Easter at the Feaster's was Fun as Always :) Thanks for having us over Mom and Dad! Thanks for all the baskets for the kids...these 4 kids are SPOILED :) I hope Everyone had a Wonderful Easter Weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Safari Park

  A few weeks ago we headed to the Wild Animal Park with the Mendez Family while Aunt Gwenett and Kiddos were on Spring Break! We went straight to the Butterfly Exhibit!
 The Butterfly's were everywhere...flying around and landing on everyone and all the beautiful flowers it was awesome!
 The Kids weren't really liking it though lol
 Gage kept trying to grab him out of my hand
Do you think Grant has a Twin? Mini Me
 Petting Zoo
 Brushing the Goats
 So Many Babies I Loved It
 Nursing Elephant
 Love These Boys
 High Five
 Tram Time
Nesting Vultures
 Best Friends
 This is a black Rhino..they are on the verge of being extinct :( There are 7 left in captivity and while the San Diego Safari Park has two sadly none in captivity are at breeding age so once they are gone....they are really gone
 I love spring time because of all the adorable babies
 Lazy Lions knocked out
 While trying to get off the ledge Jacob FELL OFF..OMG Panic set in because we were up high...really really high and we were sure he fell far...Thankfully we were able to reach him and he was OK just a little shaken. Someone was nice enough to walk the stroller that Gwenett left rolling to rescue Jacob...we can all laugh about it NOW and Thank GOD he was fine.
 Smelling the Flowers
 Matching Green Shirts
This picture is for you Isaac since you were so excited to see him so up close
 I'm sure this picture looks good on their camera :) It's so hard to get family pictures and bribery is always included in the bargain of smiles. Little Miss Mia doesn't like getting her pictures taken lately and did I mention won't take off her rain boots
 However she likes taking family pictures with us
 Gavin was crying when she left our picture
 Gorilla's are so fun to watch..this is the Big Daddy Silver Back
 This is the newest addition to the family and he was so fun to watch
 Gage thinks picturing taking is fun
 Happy Gage lol
 Feeding the Ducks
 Daddy Making Gage Laugh
This was such a Fun Day with the Family! The kids all got along great and had a blast. The weather was perfect with a breeze and all the animals were out and ready for pictures :) If you haven't gone to the safari park or the butterfly exhibit before...I highly suggest heading down there it's such a great place for the whole family!