Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Giving Thanks

It's been a long time since I've been blogging and I have tons to catch up on but wanted to post these pictures and hopefully work will stay slow so I can play catch up on all the fun things we've done the past few months! We headed to Big Bear for Thanksgiving Weekend and Enjoyed Every Minute!
 The Boys with Grandma & Grandpa
 It's Blurry but I Love It
 The Boys, My Mom and I went on a long hike and explored
 There were a few patches of snow
 Someone must have done the Ralph's Deal to get these trees! If you don't know about the Ralph's Deal it's too good to pass up...we've already done it 3 times...watch the video about it HERE
 Tired Boys Snuggling
 The Widel Family and Taylor's Beautiful Girlfriend Jes
 It was so Fun Visiting with Everyone! Uncle Greg and Family stopped by for Thanksgiving Dessert! Thankfully Marsha made the BEST Apple Pie!
 Getting the Breakfast Casserole Ready
 I wanted to take Family Pictures but it was soooo bright out...we all look squinty
 My Children never wanted to look at the same time
 The Dude's
 My Favorite
 Signature Pose...Don't think Grant will be able to do this much longer
 Caleb & Lauren
 Tree Lighting Ceremony in the Village
 Old Friends
 Oh Gagey Butt please turn around
The O'Mara's & Gerk's it was Great Seeing You Guys!
We stopped at Oak Glen on the way home
 It was the Apple Butter Festival
 Making Apple Butter
 We had to stop for mini donuts
 It was so Beautiful in Oak Glen
 My Loves
 Silly Boy
 Cheese Ball
 My New Favorite Picture
 Amazing Day with the Family
 Such a Perfect Way to end a Perfect Weekend! I am so Thankful for Our Families and Friends! Blessed to have a roof over our heads, food on the table and jobs!

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