Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gage is 2

Happy Second Birthday To Our Miracle! 

We decided to take the kids to Disneyland to Celebrate Gage's Birthday instead of a Party. Mickey Mouse is his Favorite!!!
 Mama & Her Miracle Men
 We had breakfast with Minnie and I highly recommend this. $23.99 for adults and $11.99 for children (gage was free) all you can eat breakfast buffet and all the characters come to your table, take time for visiting and pictures it was awesome!
 Gavin & Dale
 Grant & Eyeore
 The crowds weren't bad so after breakfast we went on a few rides then made it to toon town
 Carousel Time
 Happy Boy
 My Loves
 Attempting to pull the sword from the stone
 We explored Pirate Island
 We booked Birthday dinner at Ariel's Grotto at California Adventure so we could have good seats for the World of Color
 So Pretty
 Dinner was Amazing and These Boys Loved It! I Highly Recommend the Pre fix 3 Course meal
 We watched Daddy go on the Rollercoaster Alone
 Playhouse Disney Show was Gage's Favorite
 World of Color was amazing even if Gage slept through it!
 We had a Fantastic Disney Experience! Thanks Emily for getting us in :)

Gage's Actual Birthday was on a Tuesday which also happened to be Crazy Hair day for Gavin's School!
 Purple Hair Boys
 My parents brought pizza over for dinner and we opened presents
 This kid was spoiled
 Yum Cake
 Love This Kiddo and I can't Believe he's TWO
 Everyone Get Uncle Caleb
 Couldn't get Everyone to Look
Hard to Believe Two Years Ago Today You Came Into This World 3 Months Early Fighting For Your Life At 2lbs 9ozs
 Your First Birthday
2nd Birthday
Gage you Amaze Me Everyday! You Love to give Kisses & Hugs :) Have a Soft Spot for Mama and Snuggle with me on the couch at night! This year you learned to walk and just started saying two words together! Your Brother is Your Favorite Person in this World and You follow and copy everything he does. You are so Friendly and Smile & Say Hi to Everyone! You love cars and balls and play with both all day. You like swimming and can throw a football so well. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Phineas and Ferb are your Favorite shows to watch. It's an Honor to Be Your Mama...Happy Birthday Gagey Butt I Love You To The Moon XOXO