Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kashi Hummus Crisps & BzzAgent

Hi Everyone! Have you heard of BzzAgent? I heard about them on a coupon website a few months ago and now I'm hooked. You take a few short surveys answering questions about yourself and your lifestyle and if you match up with a campaign they are doing you can become a bzzagent. They send you the product to try for free and you have to write a review, post pictures and spread the word or create a "Bzzzzz" and pass out coupons they give you to your friends and family! You get to try new products before they hit the shelves and it's so fun and exciting when you get the e-mail saying you've been selected!

I was selected for the Big Hugs Elmo campaign first and the boys both LOVE HIM! If you're looking for a perfect Christmas gift for ages 2-5 I highly recommend him and I can even send you a $10 off coupon.

I have recently been selected for the Halloween TruMoo campaign that should be arriving tomorrow and the new Saute Express Meals that will be hitting stores soon...I can't wait for both to arrive!

The Campaign I have right now is KASHI HUMMUS CRISPS You can read about them on Kashi's Blog HERE 

The classic taste combo gets a new crunch in our Sea Salt & Olive Oil Hummus Crisps.
Kashi™ Hummus Crisps deliver bold flavors like Caramelized Onion and Sundried Tomato Basil & Feta with a delightfully light crunch. Our air-popped chickpea crisps are made without partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial anything. And with at least 5g of whole grain, 3g of fiber* and 3g of protein** from each serving, you’ll serve up a little nutrition with every snack session.

The simple taste of hummus comes through in every crunchable bite of our Sea Salt & Olive Oil Kashi™ Hummus Crisps. Real sea salt brings out the delicate nuttiness only extra virgin olive oil can provide, adding up to a crisp that’s worth savoring.
*3.5g total fat per serving

**3g protein from chick peas and whole grains. Not a significant source of protein. 
They are healthy, have a light crispy crunch and the kids loved them. I tried the Sea Salt & Olive Oil and will be picking up the Sundried Tomato Basil next time I'm at the store! The kids loved them, Grant snacked on them watching Sunday Football and they are elegant and fun enough for a cocktail party! Go Get Some :)
 If you love the Kashi Brand Like I Do then you will Love this product and I will even send you a Coupon if you ask :)

If you are interested in becoming a BzzAgent click  HERE or email me and I'll send you an invite! It's fun to try new products and I think everyone with a little free time would really enjoy it :)