Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Braun Vox Box

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

As a Parent I know that I have 7 different kinds of thermometers to check for fevers when my kids are sick. I honestly have so many because I truly feel like none of them really work.

 I have the under tongue thermometer, armpit thermometer, forehead  thermometer and ear thermometer some of them I have at least two of and I feel like they never read the same temperature twice. It's very scary to be a parent of a preemie and not know if you're getting an accurate temperature  or if the fever is so high they need to visit the Doctor or take a cold bath.

I of course was skeptical when I received this thermometer in the mail but it's truly Amazing! It's so easy to use you just place it on you forehead in between your eyes and if there is a high fever present it flashes red, mild fever it flashes orange and no fever at all it's green. 

I highly recommend this thermometer #BraunTherm 


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Shannon Perkins said...

I've never tried any items of Braun, but the way I see and hear people talking about them, makes me want to. I still have owned an accurate non-contact thermometer on hand as of now and I can say that it's great to have it. I'm definitely going to try one of this and I will see what's the difference between this kind of thermometer and the one that I am using over a year.